Synopsis of Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes


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Avatar Book 1 : Water

# Title Director(s) Author(s) First Air Date Summary
0 “Unaired Pilot” Dave Filoni Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko Unaired Avatar Aang, Kya and Sokka are fleeing from Prince Zuko’s Ship, He fires Fireballs at them but disturbs a Giant Sea Serpent which proceeds to Attack his Ship, Allowing Aang and friends to escape. They land on an Island, Kya begins to practice Waterbending and Aang gives her some tips. Sokka goes out hunting and is captured by Fire Nation Soldiers.Aang brings Kya on his Glider to search for Sokka, They spot him being brought into a base. Kya tells Aang to wait outside as she goes to get Sokka, Aang impatient goes anyway. Sokka is brought to Prince Zuko who has the Sea Serpents head with him, Kya is also captured. Suddenly Aang appears to everyone’s surprise.

Sokka and Kya are thrown into a pit, Zuko and Aang battle atop Scaffolding around a unfinished statue of the Avatar, Aang is losing so he throws himself off the statue to enter the Avatar State. He blasts Zuko off the statue but saves him from death. Kya uses Waterbending to fill the pit allowing them to escape. They leave on Appa.(Airspeed)

1 “The Boy in the Iceberg” Dave Filoni Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko February 21, 2005 While out Fishing,Sokka and Katara unintentionally find a huge Sphere of ice trapped under the sea,Katara Cracks it open and a column of light shoots up into the air and they Discover Aang, an Airbender and his Flying Bison Appa. Aang denies he is the Avatar.The light has alerted Zuko and his Uncle Iroh ,Zuko thinks it came from the Avatar.
Meanwhile Katara and Sokka bring Aang back to their village.Aang has a dream about him and Appa crashing into the sea and Aang saving them in a ball of ice.

Aang wakes up and Sokka is suspicious of him,Aang offers to fly Katara to the North pole so she can learn waterbending.They go Penguin sledding and discover a Fire Navy ship,they go in and set off a trap alerting Zuko. (Airspeed)

2 “The Avatar Returns” Dave Filoni Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko February 21, 2005 Katara realises that Aang been frozen in ice for the last 100 years.When they return to the village everyone is angry at them for endangering the village,they banish Aang and ready themselves for the Fire Nation.Zuko’s ship arrives and they immediately take control of the village.Zuko demands to see every elderly person as he looks for the 100 year old Avatar.Aang arrives just as Zuko is about to burn the village and reveals he is the Avatar.After a short fight Aang says he will go with Zuko if he Leaves the village.

Katara and Sokka decide to go and save Aang,They get on Appa and find out that he Can fly.Meanwhile Aang escapes Zuko’s Ship using his Airbending which the guards are not used to but Zuko stops him.They Fight and Aang is knocked in to the water,as Katara ,Sokka and Appa Arrive Aang Goes into the Avatar State and forms a column of water and sends everyone on Zuko’s ship overboard.Sokka.Aang and Katara escape on Appa,Iroh and Zuko fire a combined Fireblast at them but aang uses Airbending to redirect into an ice cliff which falls on Zuko’s ship damaging it.The gaang decides to go to the Northern Water tribe.(Airspeed)

3 “The Southern Air Temple” Lauren MacMullan Michael Dante DiMartino February 25, 2005 Aang is very excited about visiting the Southern Air Temple.Meanwhile Zuko Docks at a Fire Nation Harbor to Repair his Ship,Commander Zhao arrives and is suspicious of how Zuko’s ship was damaged,they lie and Zhao invites them for a drink.The Gaang approaches the Patola mountain range and Katara warns Aang that The Air nomads may have been killed by the Fire Nation.One of Zhao’s soldiers informs him that Zuko had the Avatar in custody.In the air temple Aang becomes disheartened after seeing no one.Katara covers up evidence of the Fire Nation.Aang then has a flashback about happy times with Monk Gyatso.Aang opens up the Air Temple Sanctuary .Zhao tells Zuko he shall be continuing the hunt for the Avatar.In the sanctuary they discover it contains Statues of All the past Avatars they are then distracted by the arrival of a winged lemur.Sokka and Aang give chase.

Zuko furious with Zhao challenges him to an Agni Kai. Aang and Sokka chase the lemur to a room and Aang discovers Monk Gyatso’s Skeleton, Aang Crying Goes into the Avatar State as he is so upset he begins Airbending violently Nearly blowing Sokka the mountain. Zuko and Zhao begin their Agni Kai, Zhao is easily beating Zuko and eventually knock him down,Iroh tells Zuko to -Break his root” and Zuko then takes control ,with Zhao at his mercy Zuko doesn’t finish him. Zhao attacks from behind and Iroh blocks as Iroh an Zuko leave Zhao in disgrace. Katara Calms Aang down by telling him how she lost her mother and that She and Sokka are his Family now. The lemur come back and join their group Aang names him Momo. (Airspeed)

4 “The Warriors of Kyoshi” Giancarlo Volpe Nick Malis March 4, 2005 Iroh tells Zuko that he has no idea where the Avatar is,Aang attempts to show Katara a new trick but she ignores him.They land on a earth kingdom island and Aang starts to ride an Elephant Koi soon the unagi attacks Aang sprints back to shore.They are ambushed by a group of warriors who turn out to be Girls much to Sokka’s dismay.Oyajii suspects they are Nation spies,Aang tells them he is the Avatar but Suki Doesn’t believe him,Aang Airbends proving his story.The Island named after Avatar Kyoshi pampers the gaang.News of the Avatar being on Kyoshi Travels to Zuko who departs for Kyoshi Island.Aang starts showing off around the girls from Kyoshi they chase him around.Sokka goes to train with the kyoshi warriors and show them how good a warrior he is,but he is easily bested by Suki,he leaves embarrassed.He returns and apologises to Suki for dismissing her for being a girl and asks to be trained,he has to wear the warrior dress,he soon improves and even knocks Suki down.

Aang still trying to show off to Katara says he is going to ride the unagi ,Katara jealous of Aang’s -fan girls” refuses.Aang is waiting in the Water as Katara Shows up and admits she was worried about Aang’s safety Aang admits he was showing off and decides to not ride the unagi just as the unagi appears and knocks Aang Out,Katara Saves him and spots Fire Nation Soldiers.Meanwhile in he village Zuko and his men begin to burn it down searching for the Avatar ,The Gaang and the Kyoshi Warrior defend, but Katara says they must flee,Sokka says goodbye to Suki and Suki Kisses him.As they Leave Aang dives into the water and emerges atop the Unagi he makes the unagi spray water dowsing the burning village and escapes on Appa.(Airspeed)

5 “The King of Omashu” Anthony Lioi John O’Bryan March 18, 2005 Aang and his Friends arrive at the Earth Kingdom City Of Omashu.Katara tells Aang to disguise himself,so he uses Appas fur to make a wig and mustache and uses his staff as a walking stick.They arrive at the walls of the city as a Cabbage Merchant is refused entry because of rotten cabbages.Aang introduces himself as Bonzu Pipinpadaloxicopolis The Third and calls Katara and Sokka his grandchildren,as they enter the city. Aang shows them the post delivery system consisting of massive chutes and tubes, as he has a flash back to Himself and his Friend Bumi using them as a slide.They go Down the chute and are almost killed as they destroy some of the city,and are arrested.They are shown to the King an Ancient old man,who throws them a feast instead of a punishment.He asks where they are from Aang says Kangaroo island,The King cracks a joke(amazing) and throws a chicken piece at Aang who Airbends ruining his disguise.The King tells them Aang will face 3 deadly challenges to win their freedom.When Aang wakes up he finds Katara and Sokka are being held captive and have creeping crystal on which will soon encase their bodies.

The First challenge is to get a key hanging within a waterfall, Aang tries and fails a few times but being very clever he uses a stalagmite he airbends it and pins the key to a wall next to the king.The Second Challenge is to get his pet Flopsie back, Aang spots a Bunny but it escapes and turns to see a Gorilla-Goat running at him Aang realises this is Flopsie as it licks him.The Final Challenge is a batle an he chooses the King,who turns out to be an extremely powerful Earthbender.The King takes control as Aang just Defends, Aang takes control as he creates a Tornado launching the kings rocks back at him.The king soon concedes defeat.But he asks Aang to name him, Aang realises it is his old Friend Bumi. He and Aang have a slide down the chutes and destroy the Cabbages Again.(Airspeed)

6 “Imprisoned” Dave Filoni Matthew Hubbard March 25, 2005 Aang and Friends awake to loud noises and go to see what it is,They find a young Boy Earthbending,but when Katara tries to Talk to him he runs away.They follow the boy to a small Earth Kingdom town under Fire Nation control.They find the boy and his mother in a store.He tells them he is called Haru and that the soldiers have taken away all Earthbenders including his Father. Haru and Katara are talking when they see an Old man trapped by a mine cave in, Haru uses his Earthbending to save him despite the fear he could also be taken.The next day Haru’s mom tells Katara that the old man told the soldiers about Haru and he was taken to the mining rig.Katara decides that she needs to help Haru,and she makes a plan to get aboard the rig by pretending to Earthbend, Aang Airbends a rock into the Air and Katara is Arrested and taken to the rig.There she meets the Rig Warden a slave driver and very cruel.He says that the whole rig is Metal with no Earth so there is no hope for a rebellion.

She meets up with Haru and his Father Tyro and inquires about their Escape plan,Tyro tells her they don’t have one and they just want to survive.Katara attempts to inspire them to have hope by giving an impassioned speech,but she fails.Aang and Sokka arrive to get Katara out but she tells them she wants to help the Earthbenders.They come up with a plan to give them Earth,closing the vents to redirect the coal onto the deck.The warden discovers their plan and tells them to surrender just as the coal bursts out of the vent. Katara tells them to fight but no one does.The Warden turns Away happy their spirits are broken as a piece of coal hits him on the head,This sparks the Earthbenders into life and they all attack the fire nation soldiers and are soon victorious.Tyro and Haru thank Katara for reigniting their hope, then Katara notices her Necklace is gone.Then we see Zuko picking up Katara’s Necklace on the rig.(Airspeed)

7 “The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1)” Lauren MacMullan Aaron Ehasz April 8, 2005 Aang and Friends come to a Forest that has been burned down by the Fire Nation, Aang feels responsible for letting it happen but Katara tells him it will grow back and hands Aang an acorn.A man arrives and asks Aang for help.They go to Senlin Village and find it in bad shape after a Spirit known as Hei Bai ruined it.The man says only Aang can help as he is the Avatar the bridge between the worlds.That night Aang waits for the spirit,when it arrives It wont listen to Aang and Sokka runs to help but is taken by the spirit.Aang chases after them but the spirit goes into the spirit world.Iroh is relaxing in a pool of Water when Zuko tell him they are leaving,Iroh reveals he is naked and Zuko says to take a few minutes.Iroh falls asleep and is Captured by Earth Kingdom Soldiers who berate him for his failure at the 600 day siege of Ba Sing Se.Zuko finds his Uncle’s sandal and goes in search.Aang soon realises he is in the spirit world, he spots a dragon heading towards him, it is Avatar Roku’s dragon Fang.It takes Aang to a statue of Roku on a crescent island.The dragon tells Aang he has to come back there to See Roku During the winter Solstice.Fang takes Aang back to his body,Aang suddenly realises that the spirit is terrorizing the village because his home the forest was burned down. At Sunset Aang confronts the spirit again and show it the Acorn,it leaves and all the captured people including Sokka return.

On the way to Ba SIng Se Iroh Spots Roku’s Dragon.Iroh then attempts to escape by burning his chains and making the soldiers touch them,he fails and the soldiers decide to crush Iroh’s hands,just as its about to happen Zuko arrives and together they defeat the soldiers.Aang reveals to Katara and Sokka that he has to go to the Fire Nation to speak to Roku.(Airspeed)

8 “Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2)” Giancarlo Volpe Michael Dante DiMartino April 15, 2005 Aang doesn’t want his friends to come as they might get hurt,but they insist and leave swiftly,that night Zuko enters the village asking where the Avatar is.On Appa, Katara spots Zuko’s ship trailing them and Zuko fires missiles at them,Soon the Gaang and Zuko both spot a Fire Nation Blockade and both decide to run it,Commander Zhao(in charge of the blockade) opens fire on Appa and Zuko causing Zukos ship to smoke heavily, Appa and the gaang make it through while Zhao allows Zuko through so he can follow Zuko to the Avatar.Aang and Friends make it to the crescent Island and they enter the temple but are confronted by five Fire Sages who start to Attack, Aang flees but is cornered by one but he tells them he is on Aang’s side.The Sage named Shyu tells them how the Fire Sages are supposed to be loyal to the Avatar but now only he is.He brings them to the door guarding the statue but it needs Five Firebenders to open.Sokka come up with a plan to use bombs as fireblasts but it fails,though it looks like it worked and Katara comes up with a new idea.

Shyu tells the other Sages that Aang is inside and together they open the Doors
, but before Aang can enter the room Zuko Appears with Aang captured,The door is about to close when Aang escapes and enters the room.the door shuts and cannot be reopened. Aang meets Avatar Roku. Zhao arrives and Arrests Zuko and says he is just going to Wait until Aang comes out.Roku explains to Aang that A comet is returning ,the same comet that gave the Fire Nation the power to start the war, he tells Aang that he must Master the other 3 elements before Summers end when Fire Lord Ozai will use it to finish the war.Aang doesn’t think he can do it but Roku tells him he has done it before and that danger awaits him outside the doors and Asks if Aang is Ready, Aang says he is and his Avatar State activates. The Doors open and Avatar Roku emerges and melts all the chains and brings the temple down.Zuko escapes and Zhao retreats, Roku is covered by wind and Aang emerges,They escape on Appa.(Airspeed)

9 “The Waterbending Scroll” Anthony Lioi John O’Bryan April 29, 2005 Aang is nervous about having so little time to learn 3 elements, but Katara tells him she knows some Waterbending.On Zuko’s Ship , Zuko finds out that Iroh has Redirected the ship to port to find a replacement White Lotus Tile.At a waterfall Katara teaches Aang the little Waterbending she knows but soon becomes jealous as Aang instantly masters the moves she took months to learn.They go in to town to get supplies and Aang buys a Bison Whistle, they go onto a ship and find a Waterbending Scroll but also that the sellers are Pirates who stole it.They leave but are chased by the pirates.Katara Reveals she took the scroll and thats why they were chased.Aang and Katara use the scroll to learn the Water Whip but Katara gets angry when Aang gets it straight away and she doesn’t,she realises its making her crazy and gives Aang the scroll.But that night she takes the scroll .Zuko and Iroh Arrive at the same place Aang and friends went shopping.Sadly Iroh cant find a new Lotus tile, but when they go on to the same ship Aang was on they discover Aang is close.Zuko joins up with the Pirates to hunt Aang and they find Katara at night secretly practising with the scroll,they capture her.

Soon Aang and Sokka are captured too.But as zuko is about to trade the scroll for Aang, Sokka tells them Aang is worth more and the pirates refuse to trade ,this starts a battle.While Zuko and his men are fighting the pirates Aang, Katara and Sokka escape on the pirates boat.While the pirates steal Zuko’s ship and chase.The battle continues and Katara learns the Water Whip, but this is interupted when they notice they are heading for a Waterfall.Aang and Katara use waterbending to slow them down but the pirates smash in to them knocking them over the Waterfall, As they fall Appa arrives and saves them.Iroh finds his lotus tile up his sleeve. Katara apologises to Aang, Katara vows to never steal again, except from pirates.(Airspeed)

10 “Jet” Dave Filoni James Eagan May 6, 2005 Aang notices that Momo is missing so he, Katara and Sokka go off in search, they come across Momo in a trap,Aang and Sokka get them down.Sokka says they are Fire Nation Traps and says they should Walk rather than fly,he leads them directly into a fire nation camp.They are about to be captured when a group of kids appear and along with Aang and Katara defeat the soldiers, Sokka is sad he didnt take out anyone.The leader Jet says they are Freedom Fighters and introduces them as : Sneers, Longshot, Smellerbee,The Duke and Pipsqueak. Katara has a big crush on Jet and the Gaang immediately befriends the fighters.They go back to their hideout.Jet explains that the Fire Nation have taken the village of Gaipan and they are doing what they can to free it.Jet tells them he lost his parents to the Fire Nation.Jet asks Aang and Katara for their help but Sokka refuses saying they have to leave, but Katara wants to help ,Jet asks Sokka for his help on a mission.He and Jet wait in the Trees and when an old man comes Along Jet ambushes him Sokka appalled stops Jet.Sokka tries to tell them about what Jet did but they wont listen.At night Sokka follows Jet and discovers the real plan: to fill the reservoir then blow it up flooding the village, Sokka is captured and lead into the forest by Smellerbee and Pipsqueak.

Jet gets Aang and Katara to fill the reservoir using Waterbending and tell them to go back to the hideout after,they finish and follow Jet.In the forest Sokka leads his captors in to Fire nation traps and goes to stop jet. Aang and Katara spot the blasting jelly and realise Jet’s plan, but as Aang goes to stop it, Jet appears and attacks Aang.They fight through the forest and Aang is dazed after being thrown in to a tree branch Katara arrives and Uses waterbending to freeze Jet to a tree.But they can only wait to see if Sokka stops the plan.Longshot blows the reservoir and the town is flooded at that moment Sokka arrives on Appa and tell them he evacuated the town.They leave after Katara and Aang say sorry for not listening to Sokka.(Airspeed)

11 “The Great Divide” Giancarlo Volpe John O’Bryan May 20, 2005 Sokka and Katara are arguing about putting up the Tarp or not, Aang ends he fight using his Avatar problem solving powers.They are about to leave on Appa to cross the biggest canyon in the world when a man from the Gan Jin tribe appears and says he was there first and he needs the canyon guide for his tribe, Then the Zhang Tribe appears and say they are ready to leave with the guide.The rest of he Gan Jin tribe arrive and the contrast is clear between the neat and tidy Gan Jins and the dirty and untidy Zhangs, They tell Aang they have been enemies for 100 years.The Canyon Guide arrives and the two tribes argue about who is going first, Aang says they are all going across together and Appa will fly the sick and elderly across.The guide says not to bring food down. Soon they are attacked by a canyon crawler Aang scares it off but not before it breaks the Guides Arms making him unable to Earthbend. The two Tribes argue again and Aang says they should split up with Sokka going with the Zhangs and Katara with the Gan Jins.Both tribes reveal they brought food in because they knew the other would also.Tee tribes tell conflicting stories about why they hate each other, The Gan Jins tell Katara that their tribes forefather Jin Wei was robbed by Wei Jin of the Zhangs ,while the Zhangs tell Sokka that Wei Jin was Wrongly imprisoned for helping Jin Wei.

Nearing the exit of the Canyon the two tribes Fight again and it escalates in to Violence, Again Aang stops them but reveals their food.Canyon Crawlers Attack and the two tribes are forced to work together to ride the Crawlers out of the canyon. Aang ends the two tribes feud by telling them a made up story about Jin Wei and Wei Jin being twins and just playing a game.(Airspeed)

12 “The Storm” Lauren MacMullan Aaron Ehasz June 3, 2005 Aang has a weird dream About Sokka and Katara flying and himself plunging into the sea. At the market Aang and Friends realise they have no more money so Sokka get a job fishing on a boat, but when the fisherman finds out Aang is the Avatar he tells him he is responsible for what has happened to the world, Aang flies away to a cave upset and Katara gives out to the fisherman and finds Aang in the cave just as a storm is brewing.Aang tells Katara his story, he tells her of the day he was told he was the Avatar.He was left out by all his friends and had to do extra training, but most of all he was to be separated from Monk Gyatso so he runs Away with Appa but is caught in a Storm and is about to Drown when his Avatar State activates and seals them in Ice for 100 years.Aang feels really guilty but Katara Assures him that he gives hope to the world.On Zuko’s ship Iroh says there will be a storm, but Zuko says the Crews safety is not important, lieutenant Jee says Zuko knows no respect and is spoiled, Zuko Leaves and Iroh tell the crew Zuko’s Story.

Zuko younger with no Scar goes into a war meeting.One of Ozai’s generals says they should use the 41st division as bait, upon hearing this Zuko speaks out against this, Fire Lord Ozai gets angry and says Zuko is to fight an Agni Kai.Zuko agrees and turns to face not the General but his father, Zuko wont fight and Ozai burns his face. Iroh explains that Zuko must capture the Avatar to redeem himself, Aang gives Zuko Hope. Lightning strikes the ship and Zuko rushes to save the helmsman with the help of Jee, Iroh redirects Lightning.Meanwhile Aang and Katara rescue Sokka and the fisherman but are crushed by a wave, Aang goes into the Avatar state and saves them.They escape but spot Zuko, Zuko decides to help his crew rather than chase the Avatar.(Avatar)

13 “The Blue Spirit” Dave Filoni Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko June 17, 2005 At a Fire Nation Fortress Commander Zhao and Colonel Shinu are talking and he denies Zhao’s request to take some of the Yu Yan Archers with him.Just then a Hawk arrives and Zhao finds out he has been promoted to Admiral.He now has control of the Archers. On the roof a person in dark clothes and A blue mask listens in. Sokka is sick from the storm and soon Katara Falls ill also , so Aang leaves to get medicine, Thre is lightning so Aang goes on Foot.On Zuko’s ship they spot One of Zhao’s ships the soldiers inform them that all information about the Avatar must be given to Admiral Zhao and they cannot pass through this area, Zuko says he has no information and tells them to get off his ship. Two Fire Nation lookouts spot Aang as he sprint by and blow the horn to signal a sighting of the Avatar.Aang arrives at the Herbalist and he finds out he needs Frozen Wood Frogs to cure his Friends. Zuko is mad that Zhao has more resources to hunt the Avatar with and he could lose Everything if Zhao Captures Aang. Aang gets some frozen Frogs, but is Ambushed by the Yu Yan Archers and after a short chase is captured and brought to the Fortress. Zhao enters and attempts to break Aang’s Spirit by mentioning all the dead Air Nomads Aang blows Zhao into the wall and Zhao leaves. The Blue Spirit enters the Fortress by sneaking onto a Supply Cart. Zhao makes a speech to the Fortress about capturing the Avatar and Winning the War.The Blue Spirit make his way to Aang’s cell and breaks him out. They sneak through the sewers as Zhao finds the bound guards and sets off the Alarm.

Aang and the Blue Spirit fight the Soldiers as they attempt to break out, they make it onto the wall and use ladders to get over the exit but thee last one is set on fire and they fall.Trapped between the walls and the whole fortress of Firebenders Zhao appears and tells them not to kill the avatar, upon hearing this The Blue Spirit puts his swords to Aang’s neck, Zhao tells his men to open the gates and The Blue Spirit leads Aang out. Zhao tell a Yu Yan Archer to Knock out the Spirit. He falls to the ground and Aang creates a dust cloud as the soldiers approach, he takes off the Spirits Mask to reveal the face of Zuko, Shocked he escapes bringing Zuko with him.In a forest Zuko wakes up and sees Aang talking to him, he tells Zuko they could be Friends and Zuko blast him but misses.Aang escapes and gives Sokka and Katara the Frozen Frogs curing them. Zuko back on his ship in bed turns away from the Fire Nation Flag.(Airspeed)

14 “The Fortuneteller” Dave Filoni Aaron Ehasz & John O’Bryan September 23, 2005 Aang makes Katara a new necklace and when she puts it on he realises that he now has a huge crush on Katara. They spot a man being attacked by a Platypus bear.He calm and Aang scares off the bear, he tells them that a Fortuneteller called Aunt Wu told him he would be safe. Sokka doesn’t believe in fortunes and they all go to visit Aunt Wu. There Aang meets her Assistant Meng ,who has a crush on Aang as Aunt Wu predicted she would marry a guy with big ears. Katara goes to see Aunt Wu first and Aang worried about if he is in her future goes to eavesdrop.he finds out she will marry a Powerful Bender which makes Aang very happy. Aang has his done and she tell him about his massive battle for good and evil but Aang just wants to know if Katara is in his fortunes. She tells sokka he will make himself miserable.Aunt wu then does a prediction on if the volcano will destroy the town, she predicts it wont and everyone believes her much to Sokka’s dismay. Aang attempts to impress Katara by getting her a Panda Lily and while doing this ignores Meng who is tyring to impress Aang, he finds a lily atop the Volcano but he and Sokka see the Volcano will erupt.

No one believes them and they go to find Aunt Wu’s cloud reading book to bend the clouds in to the Volcanic doom cloud. Aang finds it and Meng appears and admits she likes him and that she knows its Katara that Aang likes, Aang assures her that she will find someone who likes her. Aang and Katara use Water and AirBending to bend the clouds while Sokka gets Aunt Wu to predict Again. Aang, Katara and Sokka with the villagers begin to build trenches to redirect Lava. The Vocano erupts and is about to overflow when Aang uses some very powerful Airbending to cool it down and Save the village.Katara Realises that Aang might be the Powerful Bender she will Marry. They leave after Sokka tells them not to rely too much on fortunes and Meng jealously calls Katara a Floozy.(Airspeed)

15 “Bato of the Water Tribe” Giancarlo Volpe Ian Wilcox October 7, 2005 In a forest Aang finds a Water tribe weapon, Sokka thinks it must be nearby water tribe men and they follow the trail.It leads them to the beach where they discover a water tribe boat from Sokka and Katara’s Dad’s fleet. On Zuko’s ship a bounty hunter named Jun on her Shirshu wreck his ship and capture a Stowaway. She explains that her Shirshu named Nyla tracks by smell. Aang and friends are camping beside the boat, Sokka remembers the day his father left them for War and asked him to look after Katara. Just then Bato a water tribe man and a friend of Hakoda(their dad) appears, he brings them to an abbey where he was healing after the rest of the group left him.Aang begins to feel left out when Bato is talking to Sokka and Katara. Zuko hires Jun to track Aang using Katara’s Necklace. Aang leaves and is given a message for Bato about the location of Hakoda and his fleet, he thinks his friends will leave him if he show them the message so he doesn’t. Bato brings Sokka ice Dodging with Katara and Aang to help, they easily pass this test and Aang reveals that he had the message all along. Sokka gets angry and leaves with Katara to find their dad. Sokka soon realises they have to help Aang after remebering how he felt when his dad left. Mother Superior warns Aang that Zuko is in the Abbey.

Zuko, Jun and Iroh find Katara and Sokka and use Aangs scent to track him. They arrive and Aang takes the Shirshu down, Zuko fights Aang and Aang spots that he has Katara’s necklace, so he avoids Zuko’s attacks until he gets the Necklace back. Sokka gets Katara to pour all the perfume on the Shirshu confusing it, it starts paralyzing everyone.Aang and friends escape as Zuko, Jun and Iroh who is pretending lie paralyzed .Aang returns the Necklace to Katara and She kisses Aang on the Cheek.(Airspeed)

16 “The Deserter” Lauren MacMullan Tim Hedrick October 21, 2005 Aang and Friends go the Fire Days Festival so Aang can see some Firebending up close. They disguise themselves with Masks and enter. A performer Malu brings Katara on Stage and starts to Firebend, but Aang jumps in and Airbends to protect her revealing he is the Avatar. They flee and are helped by a man called Chey. He explains that he and his Master Jeong Jeong are the only two men to leave the Fire Army and live. Aang asks Jeong Jeong to teach him Firebending , but he refuses as Aang has not learned Water and Earthbending yet, Avatar Roku Appears and demands he teach Aang.Jeong Jeong teaches Aang very slowly ,but with no fire just breathing. He tells Aang he has no Discipline, and that without control Firebending is just Destruction and tells him about a previous Student with no Control. Aang apologizes and Jeong Jeong begins to teach him with Fire, but it is just keeping a leaf from burning. Jeong Jeong Leaves and Aang Creates more Fire, loses control and burns Katara. She runs away in tears and Sokka gets Angry at Aang.

Katara puts her hands in Water and to her surprise they heal, Jeong Jeong tells her she can heal with Waterbending. Suddenly Admiral Zhao attacks and reveals he was Jeong Jeong’s student. Aang is hiding and feels so guilty for Burning Katara vows to never Firebend Again, Katara finds him and tell him she is healed and that Zhao is attacking. Aang confronts Zhao and taunts him into attacking wildly, soon Zhao has destroyed all his ships in his rage and watches on furiously as Aang escapes. Katara heals Aang’s burn as they flee.(Airspeed)

17 “The Northern Air Temple” Dave Filoni Elizabeth Welch Ehasz November 4, 2005 The Gaang are listening to a story about flying people, Aang finds out there might be Airbenders at the Northern Air Temple.But when they Arrive they only find an Earth Kingdom Colony who have Gliders. They are led by An inventor called The Mechanist and his Paraplegic son,Teo. Aang is saddened that the temple has been changed by the Hot Air Pipes. Aang becomes friends with Teo when he realises even though he isnt an Airbender he has the Spirit of one. Sokka helps the mechanist to put a smell on a room of natural gas and fix his war baloon design.Teo shows Aang the Air Chamber, hte only part not ruined. But when Aang opens it he finds that the Mechanist has been making weapons for the Fire Nation. The mechanist tells Aang he had to because if he didn’t they would have burned down the temple.Soon War Minister Qin arrives looking for the new Weapons, but Aang confronts him and says they are not getting weapons any more, Qin says he is going to destroy the temple.

The Fire Nation Army Arrives as Aang and friends prepare for the battle. Sokka and the Mechanist fix the War Balloon and say they have Smoke, Slime, Fire and Stink Bombs. With Air power they push back the Fire Nation but are overwhelmed when they send in Tanks, Teo says the tanks use water to balance so Katara uses waterbending to destroy them. The War Balloon appears but the bombs don’t damage the tanks, Sokka tosses the fuel supply down a ravine with Natural Gas. The explosion sends the tanks plummeting down the mountain and the Fire Nation retreats. Unfortunately the War Balloon was taken down in the explosion and is found By The Fire Nation. They now have Air Power.(Airspeed)

18 “The Waterbending Master” Giancarlo Volpe Michael Dante DiMartino November 18, 2005 Aang, Sokka and Katara finally find the Northern Water Tribe. While they Tour the city ,Sokka Sees Princess Yue and immediately falls for her. Admiral Zhao realises that Aang is heading north to find a Waterbending Master, He knows it will be difficult to defeat the Northern Water Tribe and decides a Massive invasion force will be needed. At the celebration of their Arrival Aang is honoured, But it is also Yue’s 16th Birthday and now she can marry, Sokka asks her out awkwardly. Aang is introduced to Master Pakku his new teacher. Zhao boards Zuko’s ship and takes all his men, he asks Iroh to come too. Then he notices Zuko’s swords and realises he is The Blue Spirit, he leaves saying The Blue Spirit will be brought to justice soon.Katara and Aang approach Pakku to start Training, but he tells them that it’s Forbidden for Women to learn Waterbending and that Katara should get Yugoda to teach her healing. Reluctantly she Agrees. Zhao hires the Pirates to kill Zuko. After Katara’s healing class Yugoda notices Katara’s Necklace and asks when she is getting married, Kartara says its her mothers and Yugoda says she know that Necklace and tells Katara that her Gran Gran Kanna was from the northerern Tribe. Iroh tries to cheer up Zuko, but Zuko doesn’t care and as Iroh leaves the Pirates sneak on board and set a bomb. Zuko gets suspicious and notices the Reptile Bird as the ship Explodes. Sokka meets Yue and Yue says that it was wrong of her to come. Sokka suggests Aang teach Katara What Pakku teaches him. They immediately start but are caught by Pakku who tells Aang he is no longer his student.

Katara asks Chief Arnook to make Pakku take Aang back, he says yes if Katara Apologizes ,She refuses and challenges Pakku to a fight. He refuses but Katara water whips him. He fights back and Katara manages to give Pakku a challenge but is eventually trapped by icicles. Pakku notices Katara’s necklace and says he made it for Kanna, Katara then explains that she left because of the Northern tribes Stupid traditions.One Zhao’s ship Iroh talks to a guard who turns out to be Zuko, he tells him to stay hidden until they get to the North Pole. Yue runs away and Sokka follows, She tells him she is engaged. Katara and Aang are now Pakku’s students . Zhao’s huge invasion fleet is heading for the Northern Water Tribe.(Airspeed)

19 “The Siege of the North, Part 1” Lauren MacMullan John O’Bryan December 2, 2005 Katara is sparring against Sangok and easily beats him, Pakku comments that she has progressed at Waterbending very fast, Aang can also Waterbend well now.Sokka brings Yue to Meet Appa, Sokka takes Yue for a ride on Appa, they start to get close, but just as they are about to Kiss they notice Soot,Sokka knows the Fire Nation is coming. Zhao tells Iroh that they are writing history invading the Water Tribe, Iroh tells Zuko that they are almost there. Chief Arnook calls a meeting and he calls upon the Ocean and Moon Spirits to help them in the battle, he asks for volunteers for a mission Sokka is the first to join.On the outer wall they await the first attack, Aang spots a fireball heading for them and it causes massive damage to the city, Aang flies out on Appa to confront the Fire Navy. He lands on the first ship and takes out all the catapults as Waterbenders disable the ship with Ice, he turns to go to the next ship , but sees thousands of ships Waiting. Chief Arnook briefs the men on the mission, they will be infiltrating the Fire navy.Sokka meets Hahn and finds out Yue is engaged to him, Hahn is very arrogant and talks down to Sokka, Furious Sokka lunges at Hahn ,but Chief Arnook takes him off the mission. Iroh warns Zhao that the waterbenders will be too powerful under the full moon, So he halts the attack and says he is working on the moon problem. Iroh meets Zuko as he is about to leave on his mission to capture the Avatar, he tells him he thinks of him as his own son. Zuko steers his Kayak up to the outer wall and dives under the water to sneak into the city.

Aang returns and reveals he cant take all of the ships out himself, Aang realises the spirits could help and Yue brings him to the Spirit Oasis. Meanwhile Zuko has made it into the City. Aang starts to meditate, when he focuses on the two Koi fish in the pond he makes it into the Spirit World. Zuko appears and Yue runs to get help, Katara fends off Zuko as she protects Aang’s Body, She traps him in Ice, just then the Sun rises and Zuko melts himself out then knocks Katara out. He takes Aang,s body and escapes. Zhao resumes his Attack as they break through the wall. Katara tells Sokka and Yue that Aang was taken. Zuko carries Aang’s body through the blizzard.(Airspeed)

20 “The Siege of the North, Part 2” Dave Filoni Aaron Ehasz December 2, 2005 Katara, Sokka and Yue,on Appa, are searching for Aang. Aang is in the Spirit World, he finds Avatar Roku’s Image in the water. Zuko drags Aang’s body into a cave for shelter. Roku tells Aang that a Spirit named Koh will know where the ocean and moon spirits are, he warns Aang that Koh will steal his face if he shows emotion. Zhao reveals to Iroh that he is going to remove the moon spirit, He tells Iroh he found the location Spirit’s mortal form. Aang approaches the Tree Koh lives in, Koh appears and tells Aang a previous Avatar tried to kill him,but he doesn’t care now as Aang is a different person. Aang asks Koh about the Spirits, he tells him they are called Tui and La and they are in trouble. Aang realizes they are the Koi fish and leaves.Zhao enters the city in search of the Oasis. Hei Bai takes Aang back to the mortal world. As Aangs spirit makes its way to his body Katara spots it. Aang wakes up as Katara arrives, She easily beats Zuko aided by the moon. They escape but bring Zuko so he doesn’t freeze to death. Zhao reaches the Oasis and grabs the Moon Spirit, the moon turns red and no one can now Waterbend. Yue reveals how the Moon Spirit gave her life. Aang arrives and tells Zhao that if he kills the Spirit the world will fall out of balance, Iroh appears and echos Aangs words.Zhao puts the fish back but then kills it.

Iroh attacks Zhao and defeats his soldiers, Zhao escapes. Aang goes into the Avatar state and merges with the ocean spirit, he Attacks the invaders in the city and heads towards the Fleet. Zuko confronts Zhao about the assassination attempt, Zhao reveals he knows Zuko is the Blue Spirit. They begin to fight. Yue decides to give the Moon Spirit the life she was given, She transfers her spirit and her Body disappears. A Spirit image of Yue appears and kisses Sokka. The Ocean Spirit places Aang atop the wall and enters the city. Zuko and Zhao continue their fight, then Zhao is grabbed by the Ocean Spirit. Zhao refuses Zuko’s help and is pulled under the water for good. With the Battle over Pakku announces he is taking some benders back to the Southern tribe to rebuild it, He tells Katara she is a Master and she Should train Aang. Iroh tells Zuko he needs restand Zuko lies down Exhausted. The Gaang leave on Appa. In the Fire Nation Fire Lord Ozai gives Zuko’s Sister, Azula, an important task.(Airspeed)

Avatar Book 2 : Earth

#TitleDirector(s)Author(s)First Air DateSummary
1 “The Avatar State” Giancarlo Volpe Aaron Ehasz, Elizabeth Welch Ehasz, Tim Hedrick & John O’Bryan March 17, 2006 Aang has a Nightmare about the devastation he caused in the Avatar State. The next Morning, Pakku bids them farewell, he gives Katara Some water from the Spirit Oasis and gives Aang some Waterbending Scrolls. Zuko is very unhappy as he realizes that it is the Three year anniversary of his banishment. Princess Azula arrives in the Earth Kingdom as she attempts to Capture Iroh and Zuko.Aang and Friends arrive at general Fong’s Base, He tells Aang that he is ready to fight the Fire Lord, using the Avatar State. Aang doesn’t want to, but Fong convinces Aang in to helping him. Azula practises Creating Lightning, She tells herself she must be Perfect. Aang tells Katara he is going to help General Fong, She is opposed strongly to it and says she wont help. General Fong makes numerous attempts to trigger the Avatar state, but each fails. Azula Finds Zuko and Iroh and tells Zuko that their father wants him back. Katara tells Aang that it worries her when Aang is in the Avatar state in such a rage, She wont com and watch.

Zuko is delighted to be returning home but Iroh is suspicious. Aang has another nightmare and decides not to trigger the Avatar State. When he tells General Fong this Fong Attacks Aang attempting to put Aang in danger to trigger the Avatar State. As Zuko and Iroh board Azula’s ship a Soldier calls them prisoners revealing Azula’s plan, They begin to fight. General Fong uses Earthbending to trap Katara underground this Activates the Avatar State, However Aang begins to destroy the base and its soldiers. Zuko and Azula fight and as Azula is about to hit Zuko with Lightning Iroh redirects it into a mountain. Avatar Roku Stops The Avatar State and Explains it to Aang, He tells Aang that if he is killed in the Avatar State the Avatar will be no more. Aang and friends leave on Appa while Zuko and Iroh cut off their Topknots to disguise themselves.(Airspeed)

2 “The Cave of Two Lovers” Lauren MacMullan Joshua Hamilton March 24, 2006 Aang and friends are relaxing at a lake when a group of Nomads appear, Aang tells them they are heading to Omashu and Chong tells them(In Song) of a Secret Tunnel through the Mountain. They Follow the Nomads to the tunnel. Chong mentions that there is a labyrinth and a curse, he tells them that you have to trust in Love to make it through. As they enter Fire Nation Soldiers destroy the entrance trapping them. Sokka discovers that the tunnels are changing, Appa panics and causes a cave in separating Aang ,Katara and Appa from Sokka, Momo and the Nomads.Aang and Katara come across the Tomb of the Two lovers, they read their story, From feuding towns they met in secret and learned Earthbending from the Badgermoles, they created the labyrinth to keep their love secret, but the man died in the war and she Used Earthbending to end the war, the newly merged town was called Omashu. Aang and Katara’s torch is nearly out so Katara suggests they follow the advice in the story -Love is brightest in the Dark”, They move in to Kiss and the crystals begin to glow leading them out of the cave. Sokka and the Nomads run into some Badgermoles and after they play a song to calm them down and ride them out,They join back up with Aang.

Iroh makes some Tea using plants he found, this causes a huge rash, Zuko brings Iroh to a town to be cured, there they meet Song a girl who cures Iroh. She tells him about how the Fire Nation invaded her village and burned her, Zuko looks shocked, and seems to see how evil the Fire Nation are. But that night he steals Song’s Ostrich Horse. Aang and Friends Arrive at Omashu and are Horrified to find it under Fire Nation control.(Airspeed)

3 “Return to Omashu” Ethan Spaulding Elizabeth Welch Ehasz April 7, 2006 Aang and Friends enter Omashu but are confronted by Fire Nation guards, Sokka scares them off by pretending he has a made up disease Pentapox caused by purple Pentapus. Lo and Li tell Azula she shouldn’t take the Royal procession as it will slow her down, She decides to make a small agile team. In the city Aang Sees the governor and his Family walking around, His Daughter, Mai complains about it being so boring, just then Earthbenders throw rocks at them. Aang deflects them revealing he is the Avatar, Mai attacks him but they are rescued by the resistance.Azula tracks Down her old friend Ty Lee at the circus, Ty Lee declines but Azula stays to watch her show. Aang is informed that Bumi Surrendered the City, Sokka comes up wit ha plan to get them all out of the City by giving them all pentapox. The governor sees all the -sick” people and drives them out of the City. Flopsie appears and with Aang they go in search of Bumi. Meanwhile the Governors young Son Tom Tom goes missing. Azula scares Ty Lee during her performance by setting the net On Fire Afterwards She Joins Azula. The resistance realises they have one Extra Tom Tom. A Hawk arrives proposing A trade, Bumi For Tom Tom. Azula arrives In Omashu and Mai Joins her Team, She renames Omashu, New Ozai.

The trade begins with Aang, Sokka, Katara and Tom Tom on one Side and Azula,Ty Lee, Mai and Bumi on the Other. Azula says its not a fair Trade and calls it off, Aang runs to Free Bumi starting a fight. Sokka calls Appa, But Mai and Ty Lee soon defeat Sokka and Katara. Aang breaks the Chain suspending Bumi and they escape down the Postal system with Azula in chase. Appa Arrives and sends Mai and Ty Lee flying. They fly next to Aang, Aang attempts to get Bumi on Appa but misses. Bumi uses Earthbending with his face Stopping Azula, He Explains to Aang that he Must learn Earthbending from someone who has mastered Neutral Jing, and that he must wait for his moment to retake his city. Azula reveals they are now also hunting the Avatar.Aang returns Tom Tom to his parents.(Airspeed)

4 “The Swamp” Giancarlo Volpe Tim Hedrick April 14, 2006 Zuko and Iroh are Begging on the Street for Money, Iroh Sings a Song and Dances for a gold Coin, Iroh is furious at the man for humiliating his Uncle. Aang feels like the Swamp below them is calling to them, soon a Tornado appears and sucks them in Separating Appa and Momo from Aang, Katara and Sokka. Sokka begins hacking his way through tha swamp ignoring Aang and Katara’s warnings. Tho and Due two Swamp natives Hunt Appa and Momo.As the Human group makes camp a swamp monster attacks them separating them. Katara has a vision of her mother while Sokka has one of Yue, Aang sees a Young laughing girl with a flying pig and chases her. Appa and Mom flee from Tho and Due. Chasing the girl Aang slams into Katara and Sokka, They all tell of their visions as The Swamp monster attacks. It takes control smashing Aang and Sokka away until Katara uses Water blades to keep Cutting it revealing a man inside.

Aang reveals he is the Avatar and the Man reveals he is Huu, ge says he attacked them because Sokka was harming the swamp. He takes them to a huge tree and tells them he achieved Enlightenment under it. He gives them advice, he says Everything is connected and that Time and Death are illusions,as loved ones who die are never truly gone. Aang uses the Swamp to locate Appa and Momo. When they arrive ,They find out Huu is friends with Tho and Due. They enjoy a meal around a fire. The man who humiliated Iroh is attacked and his Swords are stolen ,It is The Blue Spirit.(Airspeed)

5 “Avatar Day” Lauren MacMullan John O’Bryan April 28, 2006 Aang and Friends wake up and are Attacked by The Rough Rhinos a Fire Nation Military Squad. As they leave Aang retrieves his Staff and Katara gets he scrolls, But Sokka’s Boomerang is left behind. They arrive in a Chin Village and Find out its Avatar Day, Three huge floats of Avatar Kyoshi, Roku and Aang are Burned Down Shocking Aang. Aang reveals his presence and asks why they hate the Avatar, He is told that Avatar Kyoshi Killed their Leader Chin The Great many years ago. Aang is put in Jail as Katara and Sokka now in a detective outfit search for evidence to clear Aang.They find a small footprint at the crime scene and then go to Kyoshi Island to further investigate. Oyajii reveals Suki and the Kyoshi warriors have gone to fight in the war and today is Kyoshi day the day Kyoshi Island was founded. They also find out Kyoshi had huge feet unlike the small footprint. In Jail Ang is talking to the Prisoners who give him love advice about Katara. Aangs Trial begins, but Aang messes up the evidence and is about to be convicted when Katara has an idea. Aang in Kyoshi’s clothes comes out and suddenly Kyoshi Appears.

She tells them that she did Kill Chin the Conqueror because he was a tyrant who was taking over the Earth Kingdom, She and her people lived on a peninsula and as Chin was about to invade she Separated it from the Mainland creating Kyoshi Island and Chin fell off the resulting cliff. Kyoshi disappears and Katara reveals he confessed, He is sentenced to be Boiled in Oil, But the town is attacked by the rough Rhinos and Aang is then asked to Serve the community as his punishment. Aang, Sokka and Katara attack and repel them, Sokka gets his Boomerang back.The mayor decides Avatar Day will Honour the Avatar. Zuko as the Blue Spirit steals money and items.Iroh tells him not to give up hope as it is something you give yourself, Zuko decides to Travel alone.(Airspeed)

6 “The Blind Bandit” Ethan Spaulding Michael Dante DiMartino May 5, 2006 Sokka buys an expensive bag and they find a flyer about master Yu’s Earthbending Academy. Aang goes to a lesson but immediately realises he is not the right teacher. Then they hear about Earth Rumble VI an Earthbending tournament. They sit down in seats near the front as Xin Fu explains the rules,Knock the other guy out of the arena. Sokka becomes a huge fan Of The Boulder who advances to the Final to face The Champion.The Blind bandit enters the Ring and it is a Small Blind Girl, She begins to taunt the Boulder mocking him and Laughing, Aang realises its the Girl from his vision. She waits for the Boulder to attack and then Strikes easily beating him, Aang is further convinced she is his earthbending teacher. Xin Fu offers a prize to anyone who can beat her, Aang enters the Arena and beats her using Airbending, Winning the money and the belt. She runs off and Aang cant find her. Later they ask around about her ,and think she may be from the Bei Fong Family. The Boulder thinks She lost on purpose to split the money. They arrive at the Bei Fong estate and Find her there, She calls the guards on them who reveal her name is Toph. Aang says he is the Avatar and is invited to dinner.

Aang fins out Toph is keeping her Earthbending a secret from her Family, They go for a walk and she explains that she can see by sensing vibrations in the Earth, suddenly they are captured by Xin Fu and the Earthbenders. Katara finds a ransom note. Toph’s parents pay the ransom and they let Toph go. they are going to give Aang to the Fire Lord. Katara urges Toph to help Aang, she agrees and enters the arena. Toph easily beats every Earthbender including Xin Fu. She attempts to explain to her parents that she is not helpless but they don’t listen, she tearfully says goodbye to Aang. As Aang and Friends are about to leave on Appa Toph arrives saying her father changed his mind. Her father presents a chest of gold to Xin Fu and Master Yu telling them to get Toph back. The Gaang now plus one leave happily.(Airspeed)

7 “Zuko Alone” Lauren MacMullan Elizabeth Welch Ehasz May 12, 2006 Zuko Struggles through some harsh dry terrain, but eventually comes to a village, he goes to as hop to buy Food for his ostrich Horse, As he is doing this two boys throw eggs at some Earth Kingdom Soldiers. They think Zuko did it and take the Food he bought and leave. The Boy who threw the egg thanks Zuko for not telling on him and offers to bring him home, Zuko accepts. He brings Zuko home and tells them he scared away the Soldiers, They offer him food, But Zuko only agrees if he works for it.
The Family explains that the soldiers are thugs who pick on everyone. As Zuko works on the roof he has a memory. He is with his mother feeding Turtle Ducks, as they walk back Azula gets Zuko to play with Her,Mai and Ty Lee, They get Zuko to fall on Mai as she likes Zuko, Zuko runs off and his mother tells him Iroh sent them gifts from Ba Sing Se a dagger for Zuko and a doll for Azula. Azula asks if Iroh doesn’t survive will their dad be the next Fire Lord, Ursa scold Azula for this.The next day as Zuko is about to leave the solidiers come and say that Lee’s Brother son was captured,Zuko remembers the news Of Iroh’s son Lu Ten’s death.Zuko gives Lee the dagger and remembers hearing the news that Iroh was coming home from Ba sing se after his sons death, They all go to an audience with Fire Lord Azulon, Azula shows off her new Firebending as Zuko fails at his, they all leave except for Ozai who asks to be the next in line to be Firelord and Skip Iroh, Azulon is furious and tells Ozai he will be punished. Azula who overheard the whole talk tells Zuko that their dad is going to kill him.

Lee’s mom tells Zuko that he was taken by the Soldiers and Zuko goes after Lee. He quickly beats all the soldiers until only the leader is left. He pulls out Two hammers and begins to Earthbend at Zuko taking command of the fight. Zuko is knocked over and remembers his mother telling him she did it to protect him and never forget who he is and then leaving. The leader is about to deliver the final blow when Zuko Firebends and quickly defeats him. Zuko reveals he is the Fire Prince but the villagers call him an Outcast, He then remembers waking up and Asking where his mom was, Azula tells him nobody knows and that Azulon passed away, He confronts Ozai about his mother, But he Doesn’t answer.Ozai is crowned Fire Lord.In the present day Zuko leaves the Town as they watch him hatefully.(Airspeed)

8 “The Chase” Giancarlo Volpe Joshua Hamilton May 26, 2006 Appa is Shedding, Night arrives and everyone but Toph helps set up camp, Katara explains that they all help,But Toph just says she carries her own weight. Katara Furious storms off. They hear something heading for them and Leave, They spot a large Tank Like machine following them, They fly for a while and set up camp but again Toph doesn’t help and Katara gets mad at her.They all go to sleep Exhausted, But are awoken by the machine.They decide to confront it and Mai, Azula and Ty Lee emerge on Mongoose Dragons, Aang and friends narrowly escape.They fly for ages, But are still followed by Azula and now Zuko. Appa soon falls asleep and Aang just barely wakes him up in time to keep them from crashing. Toph blames Appa’s shedding for them being followed and Aang snaps at her causing her to leave. They all realise they were just cranky from tiredness and clean Appa, Aang takes Appa’s Fur and Flies off as Katara and Sokka take Appa in the other Direction. Toph runs into Iroh, Azula follows the fur and Mai and Ty Lee follow Appa. Aang enters an abandoned Earth Kingdom Town and waits.

Katara and Sokka notice Mai and Ty Lee and make it across the river, but to their shock mongoose Dragon can run on water, Ty Lee defeats Sokka and Mai beats Katara but Appa blows them away. Toph and Iroh have tea and Iroh reveals he has been tracking Zuko and advises her to let people help her. She runs off to help Aang and friends. Azula confronts Aang, Suddenly Zuko appears and they all fight. Sokka, Katara, Toph and Iroh join the fight and soon corner Azula,Iroh distracted by Toph joining the Avatar is hit by a fireblast from Azula. Azula escapes and Zuko refuses to let Katara heal his uncle.They Leave and finally fall asleep.(Airspeed)

9 “Bitter Work” Ethan Spaulding Aaron Ehasz June 2, 2006 Aang finally begins his Earthbending training with Toph, She explains to him that Rock is a stubborn element and to move it you must be like a rock yourself. She begins by demonstrating how to move a rock, Aang copies exactly but instead Airblasts himself away. Iroh dreams about his Son Lu Ten and soon wakes up, Zuko tells him Azula Shot him and that he needs to learn more advanced Firebending to beat Azula, Iroh Agrees. Aang wonders why he failed and suggests a different approach, Toph replies that that is the problem he must face the rock Head-On.Katara suggests Toph Praise Aang and nudge him in the right Direction.He eventually Succeeds at Tophs training exercises but still can’t Earthbend. Out Hunting, Sokka spots an animal and pounces, unfortunately he lands in a crack in the ground, Stuck. Iroh explains Lightning Generation to Zuko, He tells him that it is Pure Firebending with no Aggression. He teaches Zuko the motion, but Zuko just creates an Explosion. Toph rolls a boulder down a hill at Aang and tells him to Stop it, Aang scared jumps out of the way. Toph gives out to Aang for being a wimp. Iroh tells Zuko that to create Lightning he must have inner peace and until Zuko deals with his inner turmoil he can’t create lightning, Seeing Zuko saddened by this he says he will teach him a move he made himself.

Katara explains to Aang that he is having trouble learning Earthbending as it is his opposite element. Iroh teaches Zuko about the four nations and how they can gain wisdom from different sources. Aang and Katara search for Sokka, Soon Aang finds him,Sokka introduces him to Foo Foo Cuddlypoops the animal he was hunting, They are then attacked by its mother. Iroh teaches Zuko to Redirect Lightning by channeling it from one arm and out the other through the Stomach, Iroh wont shoot lightning at Zuko so he goes off to find some. The mother Sabertooth Moose Lion charges at Aang, to protect Soka he stands his ground and repels the beast. Toph congratulates Aang and demands he Earthbends, To Aang’s surprise he now can. Zuko atop a mountain yells at a storm to strike him, It doesn’t and Zuko cries out in despair.(Airspeed)

10 “The Library” Giancarlo Volpe John O’Bryan July 14, 2006 The Gaang are all taking mini vacations, Sokka says they shouldn’t be waisting time and that they should be looking for information about the Fire Nation. Katara says they will after the MIni Vacations and she decied they will go to the Misty Palms Oasis.When they arrive the place is a mess, they enter a bar where they meet Professor Zei The Head of Anthropology at Ba Sing Se University. He tells them he is searching for a mystical Library in the desert, Sokka decides he wants to go there.They search for the Library from the Air and eventually spot a small tower, Sokka realises the library is buried under the sand, but Toph says its intact inside. Toph and Appa stay outside as everyone else enters. Inside they Meet Wan Shi Tong the knowledge spirit, he lets them look around if they don’t abuse the knowledge and donate something to his collection. Sokka searches for information about the Fire Nation but finds it all destroyed ,all but a piece of parchment about the darkest day in Fire Nation history. They find a planetarium and enter the date Discovering it’s an Eclipse.

Knowing Firebenders lose bending during an Eclipse Sokka is happy, The spirit appears and is Angry they are going to abuse the knowledge, he starts to sink the Library.Sokka and Aang go to the planetarium to find out when the next Eclipse is and Katara and Professor Zei head for the exit. Outside Toph keeps the library from sinking but Appa is captured by Sandbenders. Sokka discovers there will be an Eclipse in a few months. As they are about to leave Professor Zei decides to stay, Everyone else makes it out. The happiness about the eclipse is gone as they find out Appa was taken.(Airspeed)

11 “The Desert” Lauren MacMullan Tim Hedrick July 14, 2006 Aang goes off at Toph for letting the Sandbenders take Appa, Katara calms him down, but Aang goes off in search of Appa and Katara,Toph and Sokka begin to walk to Ba Sing Se. Iroh and Zuko stop to rest, and are surrounded by Colonel Mongke and the Rough Rhinos, they say Iroh is an Old Friend and attack, Iroh and Zuko manage to Escape. Katara, Toph and Sokka stop to Drink the last of the water, Sokka spots a cactus and cuts it open and drinks the juice inside and immediately begins to hallucinate. Xin Fu and Master Yu notice Wanted posters as Iroh and Zuko enter the town.Aang rejoins the group with no success at finding Appa. They rest for the night. Iroh and Zuko go into the bar and Iroh sees someone at the Pai Sho table who can help them, they play a game and he agrees to help, xin fu confronts Iroh and soon everyone wants to capture them, in the confusion Iroh and Zuko sneak out. Aang is getting angry at everyone and Katara tries to keep everyone together, Toph bumps into a sandsailer buried in the sand, they use it to get out of the desert. Iroh is revealed to be a high ranking member of The Order Of The White Lotus and goes to sort out a plan. Aang and friends realise they are heading for a huge rock in the center of the desert.

They get to the rock and enter caves on it, They begin to run out as they discover it’s a Buzzard Wasp Nest. Aang and friends fend off the wasps when suddenly Sandbenders appear and scare them off. Iroh tells Zuko they are going to Ba Sing Se as refugees. Xin Fu and Master Yu enter the room Zuko and Iroh were in as Pots are taken out, the room is empty and Iroh and Zuko pop out of the pots. The sandbenders confront Aang about the sand sailer, Toph realises that one of them stole Appa. Aang Furious enters the Avatar State and forms a powerful air ball destroying everything. Katara saddened by Aang’s rage ,Calms him down by pulling him into a hug, Aang goes out of the Avatar State and he is in tears.(Airspeed)

12 “The Serpent’s Pass” Ethan Spaulding Michael Dante DiMartino & Joshua Hamilton September 15, 2006 Sokka is looking at the maps about how to get to Ba Sing Se, he tells his friends they have to go through The Serpents pass. Three earth kingdom refugees greet the gaang and tell them to take the Ferry at Full Moon Bay as its safer. Zuko and Iroh are on a ferry already and meet Jet, LongShot and Smellerbee who agree to steal food from the greedy captain. Aang asks for four tickets but is refused as he has no passports, Toph presents her Bei Fong Passport and the woman immediately gives her four tickets. Sokka runs into Suki,who is now a guard. They tell her Appa is missing, just as the three refugees tell Aang their passports have been stolen. Aang decides to lead them through the Serpents Pass.Suki joins them as they cross the pass. A fire Nation ship spots them and begins firing at them, Aang deflects the blasts away as everyone finds cover. Sokka acts very overprotective of Suki. Zuko and the freedom fighters steal the food and give it out to the refugees. Katara confronts Aang about him not showing any Emotion about Appa, Aang doesn’t listen and walks off. Jet explains he is going to Ba Sing Se for a second chance, Iroh suggests to Zuko that he has one too. The group comes to a part of the Serpents Pass that is underwater, Katara and Aang bend a water bubble and guide everyone through, just then a sea serpent attacks bursting the bubble. Toph earthbends them above the water.

Aang distracts the creature as Katara makes an Ice Bridge, she then goes to help Aang. Toph falls in the water as she crosses and is saved by Suki. Katara and Aang create a whirlpool knocking out the creature. They make it through the serpents pass, suddenly the pregnant refugee goes into labor. Jet tells Zuko that they are both outcasts and that they need to stick together, Zuko says being alone isn’t the best path. Katara helps to deliver the baby, and as they think of a name Aang says they have given him hope again, they decide to name the baby Hope. Aang thanks Katara for helping him and they Embrace, he then flies ahead to Ba Sing Se to search for Appa. Suki tells Sokka she has to go back to the other Kyoshi warriors, Sokka kisses Suki. Aang ascends the great walls of Ba Sing Se, but is stopped by the sight of a massive Fire Nation Drill heading for the walls.(Airspeed)

13 “The Drill” Giancarlo Volpe Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko September 15, 2006 Inside the Drill are Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, War Minister Qin and fire Nation soldiers. Qin states the Drill cannot be stopped, just then Earthbenders Attack, Azula sends Mai and Ty Lee to take them Out. Atop the wall Aang meets General Sung who tells Aang he needs no help and sends his Terra team of Earthbenders to fight the Drill. Mai and Ty Lee easily take out the Terra Team, General Sung then asks for Aang’s help. Jet suggests Zuko joins the Freedom Fighters. Katara and Sokka come up with a plan to take down the Drill, from the inside. The plan begins.Toph creates Dust Cover as they tunnel under the drill, All but Toph enter the Drill, She attempts to slow it down outside. They steal the Drills schematics from an engineer and decide to cut through the braces holding the drill together. Jet gets suspicious of Iroh and Zuko when he sees Iroh heat his tea himself, he suspects they are Firebenders. Aang and Katara use Waterbending to cut one of the braces but nothing happens, they then overhear an announcement that the drill has made contact with the wall. Aang and Katara Weaken all the braces and are ambushed by Azula, Mai and Ty Lee. Aang is followed by Azula and Ty lee follow Katara and Sokka down the Slurry pipeline. Aang makes his way to the Top of the Drill where he is to deliver the final blow.

Katara holds back the Slurry with Ty Lee trapped in it, Toph appears and helps as the pressure builds inside the drill. Aang and Azula fight atop the Drill, Azula sends Aang flying into the wall nearly knocking him out. Azula approaches about to kill Aang when he makes an Earth Glove and pushes her back, Just then Slurry pours out of the wall sending Azula sliding off the Drill. She barely stops herself . Aang makes an -x” on the drill and Shapes a boulder into a wedge and puts it in the -x”, then he Air Scooters up the wall and Sprints down the wall assisted by Airbending and delivers the Final Blow, destroying the drill. Jet watches hatefully as Iroh and Zuko board a train.(Airspeed)

14 “City of Walls and Secrets” Lauren MacMullan Tim Hedrick September 22, 2006 For Stopping the Drill Team Avatar is given a House in the upper Ring of Ba Sing Se, A woman named Joo Dee tells them she has been assigned to guide them around and wont listen to them when they ask to see the Earth King about the war. No one will tell them anything about the war or Appa. Zuko and Iroh have got jobs in a tea shop and Iroh quickly becomes the best Tea maker in the city, Jet is spying on them constantly to see if they Firebend. Katara suggests they go to a party the Earth King is throwing, Toph says only Katara and herself would not stick out. Katara and Toph now in Formal dresses leave for the party after Aang compliments Katara on how beautiful she looks.They are refused entry but Long Feng escorts them inside. Aang and Sokka also get in disguised as servants. Joo Dee discovers them all and asks them to leave, But Aang is then found out to be the Avatar and they are all taken To a room where Long Feng is waiting. Jet rushes into the tea shop and accuses Zuko and Iroh, no one believes him and he draws his swords, Zuko takes a guards swords to defend himself. They fight and Jet is arrested as Longshot and Smellerbee look on. Jet is taken to a Room and starts to be Brainwashed.

Long Feng explains to Aang and friends that the war is not mentioned to preserve the culture and life of Ba Sing Se, he states that he is in charge of the day-to-day running of the city and the Dai Li and that the king is just a figurehead. Aang says he will tell everyone about the war, but Long Feng tells him that if he does he may never see Appa again. A woman comes in and says her name is Joo Dee but is a different person to earlier.(Airspeed)

15 “The Tales of Ba Sing Se” Ethan Spaulding Joann Estoesta, Lisa Wahlander, Andrew Huebner,
Gary Scheppke, Lauren MacMullan, Katie Mattila, Justin Ridge &
Giancarlo Volpe
September 29, 2006 The Tale of Toph and Katara/ The gaang are busy cleaning themselves, all except Toph who wakes up and her Hair is a mess. Katara Brings Toph to the Fancy Lady Day Spa, after a rough start Toph gets into it and they have fun together.They leave now with make-up and Toph is made fun of by three older girls, Toph laughs and Earthbends them into the water and Katara washes them Downstream.Toph tells Katara that appearances don’t matter to her as she is blind but those words still hurt.Katara tells Toph she is beautiful and Toph hits her on the arm in affection.
The Tale Of Iroh/ Iroh is out shopping and helps people, he sings a song to calm down a crying boy.Then in a alley he is threatened at knifepoint, he tells the man he is not the criminal type and gives him advice to sort out his life.Iroh then comes to a small tree and sets up a small shrine in honour of his Son Lu Ten, he says happy birthday and Sings the Song -Leaves from the Vine” as he cries.
The Tale Of Aang/ Aang comes across a small zoo with loads of caged up animals who all look sad. He offers the Keeper his help to find a larger area. Aang struggles to control the Animals as he leads them outside the city, eventually they all run off. Aang gives off a huge blast of his Bison Whistle and every Animal come running, he leads them out of the City and Earthbends them large enclosures .
The Tale Of Sokka/ Sokka falls into a window and comes across a Haiku class full of pretty girls, by accident he says a Haiku and everyone laughs. The instructor is mad that he is making Haikus look easy, she gets into a Haiku contest with Sokka. Sokka manages to win but in celebration he adds an extra syllable and is thrown out.
The Tale Of Zuko/ Zuko is asked out on a date by Jin a girl who comes to the tea shop a lot. Zuko not used to these situations is very awkward ,But Jin doesn’t mind. She asks Zuko Questions he can’t answer truthfully so he lies and says he is a juggler. He messes that up, but Jin drags him to her favorite part of the city. She is sad when the Lamps are not lit, Zuko asks her to close her eyes and firebends them to light them. She kisses Zuko, but he Quickly leaves.He tells his uncle he had a nice time.
The Tale Of Momo/ Momo finds a piece of Appa’s Fur and goes in search of Appa. He is soon chased by Three Pygmy Pumas ,which chase him until they are all captured and brought to a butchers. Momo frees them all and they lead him to a footprint left by Appa, he falls asleep in it.(Airspeed)
16 “Appa’s Lost Days” Giancarlo Volpe Elizabeth Welch Ehasz October 12, 2006 Appa is captured by the Sandbenders, They drag him to Ghashiun where they steal his saddle and everything inside. They sell him to some Merchants, Appa attempts to escape but is subdued by Shirshu spit darts, Appa wakes up in a cage, he soon realises he is in a fire Nation Circus run by a cruel man. Appa won’t listen to the man and is threathened by Fire causing Appa to obey reluctantly. Appa performs in a show, but when Fire is introduced Appa panics and escapes out through the roof. Appa flies to a farmhouse and falls asleep exhausted, he dreams of the day Aang chose Him to be his Bison and friend.At the same time Aang has that dream too.Appa is woken up by a Surprised farmer, Appa flees in fear. He flies by Zuko’s ship but Zuko is asleep, Iroh lies about it to Zuko. Appa lands in a forest and is attacked by a Boar-q-pine, he is struck by several quills but manages to defeat the Boar. The next day, The Kyoshi warriors discover Appa, Suki notices that Appa is frightened, She sells him that she is his friend and Appa allows them to remove the Quills and help him. As they finish ,Azula, Mai and Ty Lee attack. Appa escapes as Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors are defeated. Appa flies to the Eastern Air Temple where he was born, and discovers a man. He introduces himself as Guru Pathik and lies down to show he is no threat. As Appa sleeps Pathik reads his energy and realises what has happened to him.

When Appa wakes up he is given a note to give to Aang, Guru Pathik tells Appa where to Find Aang.As Appa heads into Ba Sing Se he is spotted by two Dai Li members. Appa hears a Bison Whistle and follows the sound, but it is not Aang but Long Feng. Long Feng captures Appa underground with Earthbending, Leaving only the Footprint that Momo found.(Airspeed)

17 “Lake Laogai” Lauren MacMullan Tim Hedrick November 3, 2006 Aang and Katara return to the house with Posters to help the search for Appa. A rich man offers Iroh his own Tea Shop in the Upper Ring of the city, Iroh seeing his life long Dream coming true accepts, Zuko walks outside and a Flyer about Appa falls into his hand, he now has to decide whether to chase Aang or not. As Team Avatar returns home they hear a knock at the door. They open it to reveal Joo Dee the first one they saw, she tells them she was on a vacation at Lake Laogai and that dropping Flyers is against the rules. Aang tells her off and says he is getting Appa back no matter what, they leave but are followed by the Dai Li. Long Feng tells Joo Dee he is disappointed she could not control the Avatar, he says -he Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai” , Her eyes go blank and she immediately accepts.Zuko and Iroh are discussing The Avatar, Iroh tell Zuko that if he chases the Avatar he could ruin the new life they have created. Zuko still wants his destiny and Iroh says he should think about what that means. Jet approaches Katara and says he can help, Katara attacks him and ins him to a wall as the rest of the Gaang arrive, Toph says he is telling the truth and Jet reveals he has information on Appa. He brings them to an empty ware house and a man there says Appa was taken to Whale Tail Island. They exit the warehouse and are distracted when Smellerbee and LongShot appear, they tell them that Jet was captured by the Dai Li, Toph says they are all telling the truth. They quickly realise Jet has been brainwashed. The Blue Spirit captures a Dai Li agent and demands some Information. Katara uses her Healing to find out where Jet was Taken, they discover he was taken to facility under a lake,Lake Laogai.

The group find the under ground tunnel and enter the facility, they see women being trained to be Joo Dees. Appa’s cell door is opened, not by Aang but by The Blue Spirit. The group confronts Long Feng and his Dai Li agents, a battle begins and Jet and Aang are separated from everyone else as they pursue Long Feng. They corner him, but Long Feng gives Jet the Invitation to Lake Laogai causing Jet to Attack Aang. Iroh confronts the Blue Spirit who he knew was Zuko and scolds Zuko for not having a plan, and tells him to look inside and find his own destiny. Aang manages to break the hold on Jet, and as Jet attacks Long Feng, he dodges and is hit with a deadly blow. Long Feng escapes , as the group is reunited. Katara tries to heal Jet but realises he is mortally injured, LongShot Speaks for the first time and tells them to leave as Jet is their leader. Aang discovers Appa’s cell is empty and they rush to the surface to stop Long Feng. They find themselves surrounded, until Appa flies in and helps the Gaang defeat Long Feng and his Dai Li. Aang and friends all hug Appa. Zuko and Iroh leave, Iroh tells Zuko he did the right thing. Zuko throws his Blue Spirit mask in to the lake.(Airspeed)

18 “The Earth King” Ethan Spaulding John O’Bryan November 16, 2006 Aang and friends decide to give the information about the Eclipse to the Earth King now that they have Appa back, they fly to the palace and break in after Fighting their way through the guards. Iroh is proud of Zuko after he set Appa free, Zuko says he Doesn’t Feel Right and collapses. Aang and friends enter the Throne room where the Dai Li and Long Feng are waiting beside The Earth King. They tell king Kuei about the war but the King knows nothing of a war. Aang explains further but Long Feng says Aang is Lying, they convince the king by proving Long Feng stole Appa. Zuko’s condition worsens as Aang tries to Show the King the secret base under Lake Laogai, they find it is now gone. Aang remembers the Drill and they Bring the King on Appa to See the Drill proving the conspiracy to control the King and the city. Long Feng is arrested by the Dai Li,and King Kuei says they will invade the Fire Nation during the Day Of Black Sun.Zuko dreams of a Blue Dragon that has Azula’s voice and a red Dragon that has Iroh’s voice, the blue one tells him to sleep and the red one tells him to get out. Aang is given the note Appa had, it tells him he must go to the Eastern Air Temple to learn to control the Avatar State. Toph is given a letter from her mother saying she wants to meet Toph. Sokka and Katara are given a report revealing the location of their dad. Iroh tells Zuko he is having a Spiritual Metamorphosis because Saving Appa went against his usual image, he says in the end he will come out as the Prince he was meant to be. The gaang decides they have to split up, Aang will bring Sokka to see his dad and then go to the Air temple while Katara will stay and help plan the invasion and Toph will go to see her mom in the city.

As they are all about to leave Aang attempts to reveal his true feelings for Katara but is interrupted. The Earth King informs them that the Kyoshi Warriors are arriving, Sokka says they are friends and the Earth king agrees to welcome them. Katara kisses Aang on the cheek and they all have a group hug before Aang and Sokka leave. Zuko wakes up and wases his face, but in the mirror he sees no scar and Blue Arrow tattoos, he looks like Aang. He actually wakes up then. In prison Long Feng is informed that the Dai Li are still loyal to him. Toph enters the meeting place and looks for her mom, but it is a trap and she is captured by Xin Fu and Master Yu. The Kyoshi warriors arrive and bow to the king as they get up we see it is Azula, Mai and Ty Lee in disguise.(Airspeed)

19 “The Guru” Giancarlo Volpe Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko December 1, 2006 Zuko wakes up and is surprisingly happy and very optimistic. Aang drops Sokka off at Chameleon Bay and continues on to the Eastern Air Temple. Sokka is greeted warmly and is directed to Hakoda’s tent where he meets Bato and his Father, they Hug. The Earth King reveals the invasion plan to Azula. Katara brings the Council Of Fives plan to the Earth King. Aang arrives at the Eastern Air Temple and meets Guru Pathik. Toph tries to trick her captors into freeing her, but they don’t listen. Azula tells Mai and Ty Lee of her plan to take down Ba Sing Se from the inside using The Dai Li. The Guru explains to Aang that he must open the Seven Chakras of his body to master the Avatar State. Toph focuses on the metal and sees tiny pieces of Earth left in it, She realises she can bend metal and escapes. Sokka bonds with His Father, and soon news of a fire nation attack comes through and Hakoda Orders his men to get ready, Sokka asks what he should do and his dad tells him to get ready too.Iroh’s New tea shop, The Jasmin Dragon is open and Zuko happily begins to make tea with his uncle. Mai and Ty Lee are talking about their disguises and are overheard by a Dai Li agent who goes off to inform Long Feng, Azula walks out and reveals it was part of her plan to reveal themselves. Katara goes into the Jasmin Dragon to get some tea, but is stopped by the sight of Zuko and Iroh, she then runs off to tell the King. Aang has unlocked the first six Chakras with ease, letting go of an emotion each time: Fear,Guilt,Shame,Grief,Lies and Illusion. He moves onto the last, which deals with Cosmic Energy and is blocked by Earthly attachments, Aang is against the idea of letting go of Katara his one attachment as he reveals he Loves her.

Katara enters the palace to tell the king about Zuko and Iroh, but realises that the kyoshi warriors are in fact Azula and her friends. Ty lee disables her and Azula wants yo see Zuko again. Aang attempts to give up Katara but as he is about to unlock the Chakra he senses that Katara is in danger and rushes to save her. Xin Fu and Master Yu go to check on Toph, But they are attacked and trapped by Toph in the metal cage. As Sokka is about to leave with his dad Aang arrives worried, Sokka says goodbye to his father and joins Aang. The Dai Li escort Azula to Long Feng, Long Feng reveals he knows she is Fire nation and offers her The Avatar for her Help. Iroh and Zuko are invited to serve Tea for The Earth King. Azula is taken away with a Evil Smirk on her face.(Airspeed)

20 “The Crossroads of Destiny” Michael Dante DiMartino Aaron Ehasz December 1, 2006 Aang and Sokka pick up Toph on their way back to Ba Sing Se. Azula has temporary control of the Dai Li in order to succeed with the coup, She controls them with fear. Iroh and Zuko arrive to serve Tea,they are surrounded by Dai Li agents and Azula. Iroh drinks some tea then breathes fire at them all allowing himself and Zuko to escape, But Zuko stays to fight and is captured. The Gaang return to their house and hear a knock at the door, they open it and find Iroh who asks them to help him get Zuko back. They agree. Zuko is thrown into the same cave as Katara, she snaps at Zuko revealing to him the death of her mother. He tells her they have that in common. Aang and friends now with Iroh go underground in search of Katara and Zuko. Iroh tells Aang he was wise to Choose love over power.Sokka and Toph see the Coup happening as each of the council of Five is arrested by the Dai Li, they enter the throne room and find out that Azula and friends are the kyoshi warriors, they are disabled after Azula threathens the King. Long Feng orders the Dai Li to arrest Azula, But they don’t as Azula explains they serve her now. Katara and Zuko now trust each other now,and she offers to Cure Zuko’s Scar just as Iroh and Aang appear. Azula and the Dai Li enter and trap Iroh and stop Aang and Katara from Leaving to save Toph and Sokka. Azula tries to manipulate Zuko into joining her as Iroh begs him not to listen. Aang and Katara corner Azula, but Zuko has decided to help her and attacks them. Toph and Sokka trap Ty Lee and rescue The King and his Bear Bosco.

The fight continues, and as Aang and Katara take control more Dai Li agents arrive. He and Katara are completely outnumbered so Aang decides to let go of Katara and Enter the Avatar State, he succeeds and rises into the Air but is blasted by Lightning from Azula before he enters the Avatar State. As he plummets to the ground, Katara creates a wave and catches him, She is surrounded until Iroh appears and holds off the Dai Li and Azula allowing them to escape. The Gaang, The Earth King and Bosco escape as Katara uses the Spirit Oasis Water to Bring Aang back to life. Azula assures Zuko he has regained his Honour, But Zuko is still unsure after betraying Iroh. The Gaang escapes from Ba Sing Se and The King says -The Earth Kingdom…has fallen”.(Airspeed)

Avatar Book 3 : Fire

#TitleDirector(s)Author(s)First Air DateSummary
1 “The Awakening” Giancarlo Volpe Aaron Ehasz September 21, 2007 Aang wakes up on a Fire Nation Ship and thinking he has been captured attempts to escape, he gets up on to the deck and runs into his friends, Bato and Hakoda along with Pipsqueak and The Duke all wearing Fire Nation Uniforms. Zuko reveals his inner turmoil about betraying Iroh and returning home, Mai tells him not to worry and Kisses him. Katara compliments Aang on his Hair and explains that after Aang was injured they met up with Her father and captured the ship. Aang meets Hakoda who tells them they are still planning and Invasion, just a smaller one. Katara is healing the wound on Aang’s back when he realises he was Gone and Katara brought him back, Sokka tells him that The Earth King and Bosco are travelling in disguise and that Aang is their secret weapon as everyone thinks he is dead.Lo and Li announce to the royal Plaza that Azula and Zuko together have taken Ba Sing Se and Killed the Avatar.A Fire Nation ship spots the Captured ship and soon figure out that fact, the ship takes heavy damage ,but manages to escape when the Sea Serpent attacks the Fire Nation ship. Azula questions Zuko about why is is still depressed and suggests it’s because the Avatar is still alive, Zuko remembers Katara’s Spirit Water and lies To Azula. Zuko goes to see his Father Who welcomes him back and congratulates him on Killing the Avatar, Zuko finds out Azula told Ozai that He killed Aang. He confronts Azula who tells him that she said Zuko killed the Avatar because if the Avatar was Still Alive Ozai would Punish Zuko and not her.

Aang tells Katara that he feels like he has Failed the World, He asks to be left alone and Katara leaves to get supplies. Aang runs off to attempt to make up for his failure by facing the Fire Lord. Katara returns and finds Aang gone, she runs to her Dad and tells him how much she missed him during the war and how Aang has now left to fight alone like Hakoda, He tells her how much he missed her, calming her. Aang flies through a storm and eventually loses his glider, he feels like he is a failure, suddenly Avatar Roku appears and tells him that He burdened Aang with the war as he did nothing to stop it beginning and tells Aang not to give up. Princess Yue(The moon Spirit) and encourages him, with the power of the Moon he creates a huge Tidal wave and washes up on a Crescent shaped Island. His friends find him and say they will all join back up with the Invasion just before it begins. Aang agrees to stay undercover for now.(Airspeed)

2 “The Headband” Joaquim dos Santos John O’Bryan September 28, 2007 Zuko wakes up and looks from afar at the Prison, but just walks off. Aang and friends are travelling using Cloud cover, they stop and take shelter in a cave. They steal some Fire Nation clothes to blend in, Aang covers his arrow with a headband. They head into town and Aang goes off on his own, he is caught by a soldier who brings him to a school as he is wearing a school uniform. In school Aang calls himself Kuzon after his old friend, and tries to blend in, he makes friends with a girl On Ji but her Boyfriend Hide is unfriendly to Aang.Aang returns to the cave and shocks everyone by revealing he was at school, he convinces them to let him go back as he is learning information about the Fire Nation. Zuko enters the Prison and goes to see Iroh, he tells Iroh he was stupid for not joining him, But Iroh doesn’t speak causing Zuko to get Angry and leave. Aang realises the Kids in school with him are not Evil, they are just being brainwashed by the teachers and the lies in the history books. Hide begins to fight Aang for talking to On Ji, Aang defeats him without touching him, but the Headmaster calls a Parent Teacher conference. Sokka and Katara pretend to be Aang’ parents calling themselves Wang and Sapphire Fire. Aang decides to throw the kids a Secret Dance Party to show them how to express themselves and possibly cause a change.

Zuko and Mai share a romantic picnic, but are interrupted by Azula who asks to talk to Zuko, she tricks him into revealing he visited Iroh. Zuko visits Iroh again , but Iroh still wont talk to him causing Zuko to get Angry again, Iroh saddened by his nephews Confusion cries as Zuko leaves. The dance party begins but none of the kids will dance, Aang demonstrates the dances and asks On Ji to dance. As they dance more people join in, Aang then asks Katara to dance, they do a unusual dance that involves some training drills and when they finish they lock Eyes, but are interrupted by the arrival of The Headmaster and the teachers. They search for
Aang by looking for his headband, but everyone is wearing one. Aang and friends escape on Appa, Katara kisses Aang on the cheek for helping the kids. Zuko hires a massive man with a Tattooed Third Eye to assassinate Aang.(Airspeed)

3 “The Painted Lady” Ethan Spaulding Joshua Hamilton October 5, 2007 The Gaang is floating Down a filthy river and decide to go to a local town to buy food. They arrive in Jang Hui where they find out that a Fire Nation factory is polluting the river, Alot of the villagers are sick and starving because of the pollution. They buy two disgusting looking Fish and Katara gives one to a young boy. Sokka decides they have to leave to keep their schedule, But the next Morning Appa is sick with a purple tongue. When they return to the village, they are told a Spirit called The Painted Lady came last night and gave them food.The Villagers are still sick, Katara suggests that Appa rests another day, at night the painted lady arrives and heals the sick. The next day the village erects a statue of the painted lady, Sokka notes that the village wont be able to fend for themselves as long as the factory is still there and suggests the Painted lady blow it up. That night the painted Lady is revealed to be Katara, she puts on the disguise and heads to the Factory, but Aang follows her wanting to meet the Spirit, He eventually catches her and recognises it is Katara. She tells Aang Appa just ate Purple berries and is fine, Aang agrees to help Katara destroy the factory. They get in and wreck the factory, shutting it down for good.

As Katara and Aang arrive back at the Village they find Toph and Sokka waiting for them. A squad of Fire Nation Soldiers from the factory arrives to destroy the town, General Mung accuses the villagers of stealing and begins to attack. The painted Lady appears as we see the whole Gaang helping to create the illusion. With Aang’s Airbending she drives off the soldiers. The Gaang helps the villagers to clear the river. That night Katara looks at the water and out of nowhere the Real Painted Lady appears and Thanks Katara before disappearing.(Airspeed)

4 “Sokka’s Master” Giancarlo Volpe Tim Hedrick October 12, 2007 Team Avatar is watching a meteor shower, when one falls to earth causing a huge forest Fire. Aang and Toph create trenches to stop it spreading while Katara waterbends to put it out, Sokka is just put in charge of Momo and cant help. In prison General Poon insults Iroh after Iroh eats the food of the ground.Sokka tells his friends how useless he feels as he cant help as much as them, they bring him shopping to cheer him up. In a weapon shop Sokka searches for a new weapon eventually spotting a beautiful Sword, the shop owner tells him it was made by Piandao a local swordsmaster. Sokka wants to learn the Art of the sword.He arrives at Piandao’s dojo, but his servant Fat tells him that the master doesn’t train anyone. Sokka tells Piandao how unworthy he is and surprisingly Piandao agrees to teach him. When the guard leaves Iroh begins to bulk up by doing many exercises. Piandao teaches Sokka by making him do unusual things Such as landcape Painting, Sokka soon improves and impresses Piandao with his unique approach. Piandao tells Sokka it is time for him to make his own Sword, Sokka decides to make his sword out of the meteorite and gets his friends to help haul it to the Dojo.

Iroh is now doing very difficult exercises and has gained a lot of strength. Sokka finishes his sword, it is All Black. As Piandao tells Sokka his training is complete Sokka confess to being Water Tribe, Piandao attacks Sokka and Sokka decides to fight him alone. Iroh reveals he has bulked up a lot and now has huge muscles and is no longer fat. Sokka manages to hold his own against Piandao using his youth, smarts and agility ,but soon Piandao has Sokka at Sword-Point. To Sokkas surprise he sheaths his sword and tells Sokka he knew he was Water Tribe, he gives Sokka a bag and inside is a White Lotus tile. Sokka gives Toph a piece of the Meteorite.(Airspeed)

5 “The Beach” Joaquim dos Santos Katie Mattila October 19, 2007 Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee are forced to go on a vacation to Ember Island wheer they will stay at Lo and Li’s beach house. Aang and his friends are relaxing in a quarry when he is spotted by some Fire Nation Soldiers who send a Hawk to Fire Lord Ozai, The hawk is spotted by Zuko’s Assassin and his Raven Eagle intercepts the message. Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee go to the beach, Zuko tries to impress Mai but fails while Boys surround Ty Lee. Azula gets them to play some Kuai ball and they easily defeat their opponents, They are all invited to a Party hosted by Chan and Ruon-Jian.They arrive and Azula attempts to compliment Chan but instead she says evil things, Zuko gets jealous of Ruin-Jian for talking to Mai. Azula calls Ty Lee a tease causing Her to start to cry, Azula says she said it because she is jealous that Boys like her.Ty Lee gives Azula some Tips. Azula begins to flirt with Chan and eventually they Kiss, but Azula then goes All Evil again and scares Chan off. Zuko loses his temper and throws Ruon-Jian across the room, Mai gives out to Zuko and they break up, Zuko is thrown out of the party. The assassin attacks Aang and his friends, they discover he can shoot beams of energy from his forhead that explode on on contact. Aang fends him off and they barely manage to escape.

Azula asks Zuko to come with her to the beach, they Sit down next to Mai and Ty Lee around a fire.THey all tell each other their problems: Ty Lee was one of six identical sisters and never got any attention, Mai was an only child but was controlled by her parents,Zuko reveals that he is angry at himself as he doesn’t know right and wrong any more, Azula reveals her mother didn’t love her. After this Mai and Zuko get back together and they all go and ruin Chan’s party, they are all friends again.(Airspeed)

6 “The Avatar and the Firelord” Ethan Spaulding Elizabeth Welch Ehasz October 26, 2007 Roku visits Aang in a dream and tells him if he goes to his old home he will tell him about his history with Fire Lord Sozin. They arrive and discover a village buried under volcanic ash, Aang meditates and meets Roku. Prince Zuko wakes up and finds a Scroll left for him, it tells him to learn about his Great-grandfathers death so he can find his own destiny. He asks Azula and she tells him that Fire Lord Sozin died in his sleep of old age, Zuko throws the scroll onto a lamp and discovers a hidden message which tells him to find the secret history in the catacombs.Zuko reads the history as Roku tells Aang, Roku and Sozin were childhood friends, but were separated when Roku found out he was the Avatar, Sozin gave Roku a Artifact of the Fire Nation Crown Prince. Roku learned Airbending at the Southern Air Temple with Monk Gyatso, he then learned Water in the Northern Water Tribe and finally learned Earthbending. After twelve years Roku returned to the Fire Nation where he Married his sweetheart Ta Min, Sozin was now the Fire Lord and attempts to convince Roku to help spread the Fire Nation to the rest of the world, but Roku tells him not to speak of it again. Years later Roku discovers that Sozin has taken control of some of the Earth Kingdom, Sozin Attacks Roku and Roku enters the Avatar state, destroys the palace and threathens Sozin’s life but spares him as they were once friends.

Twenty Five Years later Roku wakes up to see his island being consumed by a volcanic eruption he gets everyone else to safety and begins to fight the Volcano. Sozin Spots the eruption from miles away and Flies on his dragon to assist his old friend, they are beating the volcano when Roku is struck by a jet of volcanic Gas causing him to collapse, Sozin seeing his chance to make his plans possible leaves Roku to die. As Roku Dies Aang is Born into the Air Nomads. Sozin then attacked the Air Temples and exterminated all but a single Air Nomad. Zuko still confused Confronts Iroh, Iroh tells Zuko he was talking about his Mother’s Grandfather,Avatar Roku. Iroh explains that as Zuko is the descendant of a Fire Lord and an Avatar, it is why Zuko is so confused over his destiny, he further explains that Zuko has the power to restore balance to the world and gives Zuko the lost Artifact of the Prince. Aang comes out of his meditation and tells his friends the story, They all hug.(Airspeed)

7 “The Runaway” Giancarlo Volpe Joshua Hamilton November 2, 2007 Toph is fleeing from Someone and is captured in a net, she tells Katara that she betrayed her, Katara replies that she had no choice. Three days earlier, Toph and Katara are training Aang when by accident Toph hits Katara with a rock, this starts a fight between them, Aang calms them down and while Katara goes to clean up, Toph goes with Aang and Sokka to make more money by gambling on the street games and cheat at them with earthbending. Katara asks them to stop but they do even more scams and make loads of money.Katara confronts Toph about these scams and Toph says Katara is not her mother, and Katara suggests Toph just misses her parents. Sokka buys a hawk which he aptly names Hawky , he finds a wanted poster of Toph calling her -The Runaway”, Toph gets Sokka to keep it a secret by giving him money to male Armor For Appa. Katara finds the poster and gets into an argument with Toph, Toph tells Katara to stop acting like their mother and they stop talking to each other. Sokka talks to Toph to fix their friendship, They both agree Katara can be annoying but also compassionate and supportive. Toph says Katara cares more for her than even her own mother.

Katara overheard the conversation, and asks Toph to do a big scam with her collect -The Runaway”‘s bounty. Katara hands in Toph, but finds out it is a trap set by, as Sokka calls him, Sparky Sparky Boom Man. They are both put in a wooden prison, Aang and Sokka battle Sparky Sparky Boom Man, while in prison Katara makes herself sweat and uses this water to cut their way out. They arrive just in time to save Aang from Sparky Sparky Boom Man, who after getting hit in the third eye by a rock has had his chi blocked and his next attack explodes knocking himself back.Sokka renames him Combustion Man. Toph asks Katara to write a letter to her Parents and it is delivered by Hawky.(Airspeed)

8 “The Puppetmaster” Joaquim Dos Santos Tim Hedrick November 9, 2007 Team Avatar is camping around a Fire in the Woods telling each other Scary stories, Katara tells them a real story about a Little Water Tribe Girl, Nini, who was lost in a snowstorm. Toph tells the Group she can hear screaming under the mountain as Hama, an old woman arrives and offers them rest in her Inn. She also tells them people have been disappearing during full Moons. The Next day they all go Shopping and Hama sends them back to the Inn, When they get back Sokka suspicious as ever searches the house, he stumbles across a locked door in the Attic with a Box inside. They get in and as they are about to open the Box Hama arrives home and reveals she is from the Southern Water Tribe.At dinner she tells them that she is a Waterbender and the story of how she was taken from the South Pole. She tells them that The Fire Nation invaded and captured all the Water benders and that she was the last to be taken, and that she was the only one to escape. Hama offers to teach Katara everything she knows about Waterbending, She teaches her how to pull water out of the Moisture in the air and pull it out of plants, then says to Katara that there is a technique that can only be performed under a full Moon. Aang, Toph and Sokka start to investigate the disapperances, they talk to Old Man Ding who tells them his body was taken control of and he was walked to the mountain but he escaped when the Sun came up, Toph realises the screaming she heard is the missing people.

They discover all the missing people underground and they tell them that Hama was the one who captured them. Under the Full Moon, Hama tells Katara she escaped using Bloodbending a technique where you control the water in a persons body to control their actions. Katara horrified realises Hama has been taking People, but Hama Bloodbends her into submission before she can fight. Katara draws more power from the Moon and fights back, she takes control until Hama Bloodbends Aang and Sokka into fighting each Other. As Sokka is about to kill Aang with his Sword they pause, Katara used Bloodbending on Hama to stop her.Hama is taken away by the villagers as Katara cries after being forced to use the Evil technique.(Airspeed)

9 “Nightmares and Daydreams” Ethan Spaulding John O’Bryan November 16, 2007 Team Avatar Arrives at the Black Cliffs, the meeting point for the Invasion. Aang is extremely stressed and nervous as the invasion is four days away, he has a nightmare about confronting the Fire Lord with no pants. Zuko is beginning to enjoy royal life and His relationship with Mai improves. Aang tries to go to sleep again but has a similar nightmare. Mai mentions a war meeting and Zuko is surprised he wasn’t invited, he thinks he isn’t wanted.With Aang still very stressed his friends attempt to calm him down to little effect. Zuko asks Azula about the War Meeting, she says she was invited and that its so obvious that Zuko is meant to be there, Zuko stubbornly refuses to go. Aang now exhausted from lack of sleep has a daydream about himself telling Katara his feelings for her and kissing her. Zuko is informed that everyone is waiting for him at the War Meeting, Zuko is delighted. Aang has another daydream , this time about Appa and Momo talking and fighting.

When Zuko returns from the meeting he confides in Mai, he tells her he acted like the perfect Prince and his Father was nice to him but that he wasn’t being himself . Aang wanders around the camp and stumbles across a bed of Clouds, his friends tell him they made it for him from the Sheep’s Wool, They tell Aang that he is ready and he finally falls asleep and this time dreams of him confronting the Fire Lord with the fire lord not wearing pants.(Airspeed)

10 “The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion” Giancarlo Volpe Michael Dante DiMartino November 30, 2007 It is the morning of the invasion and Aang wakes up rested and confident he can take down the Fire Lord, Toph asks if he will use the Avatar State, but Aang explains that Azula locked his seventh Chakra and he cant use it. The invasion force arrives with many old faces :Hakoda, Bato, Huu, Due, Tho, Haru(now with mustache),Tyro, The Hippo,The Boulder, The Mechanist, Teo ,Pipsqueak and the Duke. Teo gives Aang a new glider. Ming, a prison guard gives Iroh breakfast and some tea, Iroh thanks her for her kindness.Sokka attempts to give the invasion plan speech to the troops but gets nervous and messes it up, Hakoda gets up and tells them the plan and inspires everyone. Aang shaves his head while Appa is given his armor. Aang assures Sokka that he can prove himself in the battle. The plan starts as the ships head under cover of mist towards the Great Gates Of Azulon, an alarm goes off and the gate rises, everyone gets into the Submarines and pass under the gate. Iroh tells Ming mysteriously that she shouldn’t be here later Ming confused agrees. The subs resurface for Air, Aang says goodbye to Katara and tells her he might not survive, he then Kisses Her and heads off to the Fire Lord leaving Katara blushing.

Zuko Leaves Mai a Note and gets ready to leave and do right. The invasion force arrives at the beach near the Royal Plaza, Earth Kingdom Caterpillar tanks lead the attack Aided by The other Warriors and Benders. Katara, Sokka and Hakoda go to destroy the battlements , Sokka and Katara easily take out one, but Hakoda is injured taking out the other. Katara tries to heal her dad, he will be fine but cant continue to lead. Sokka decides to lead the battle and orders a wedge formation and begins a charge. Aang sneaks in to the Capital and finds it deserted, he enters the palace and Finds it Empty. He cries out -Fire Lord Ozai, Where Are You ?!”(Airspeed)

11 “The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse” Joaquim dos Santos Aaron Ehasz November 30, 2007 Aang rejoins the rest of the Invasion Force revealing the capital to be abandoned. They agree to continue the Invasion, with Sokka, Toph and Aang searching for the Fire Lord while Katara leads the invasion force to the Palace. Toph senses a secret bunker in a nearby volcano and they follow the tunnels to reach the Fire Lord, they reach the chamber and Find not Ozai but Azula waiting for them who reveals she knew about the Invasion for months. Zuko enters the chamber where his father is waiting.The Eclipse begins.Zuko tells Ozai that the Avatar is still Alive, this makes Ozai Furious but as The Eclipse had started he cant firebend, Zuko pulls out his Swords and demands Ozai listen. Azula wont tell them where Ozai is , Aang and friends attack as Dai Li agents appear and defend Azula. The invasion Force take the capital city as Firebenders surrender. Zuko tells Ozai of how all he ever wanted was his love and always tried to please him, he berates Ozai for scarring him as a child to which Ozai replies it was to teach respect. Zuko tells Ozai that he feels the Fire Nation is wrong and should not be spreading their empire but spreading Peace and Kindness, Ozai says Iroh must have influenced Zuko and mocks him.Azula continues to waste time and tells Sokka that she captured Suki, Sokka demands to know where she is.

Zuko tells Ozai that Iroh was more of a father to him and that he is going to free Iroh and Join the Avatar, Zuko goes to leave but Ozai get him to stay by mentioning the fate of his mother. Ozai tells Zuko that he was asked to kill to kill him as punishment but Ursa came up with a plan to save him, he says that Ursa arranged Azulon’s death and was Banished for it, Zuko thinks his mother may be alive. Ozai senses the end of the Eclipse and shoots Lightning at Zuko, Zuko redirects the lightning back and escapes. Azula gets her bending back and escapes, they head outside and plan to escape, but are stopped by the sight of Fire Nation Air Ships which destroy the Subs. Zuko finds Iroh’s cell empty. Aang and his friends arrive back at the invasion force and they decide all the kids will escape on Appa while the rest will surrender. Aang decides to head to the Western Air Temple and Zuko follows in a Hot Air Balloon.(Airspeed)

12 “The Western Air Temple” Ethan Spaulding Elizabeth Welch Ehasz & Tim Hedrick July 14, 2008 Team Avatar now plus Haru,Teo and The Duke arrive at the temple. Zuko also arrives and remembers his last visit here, a week after his banishment he searched the Air Temples for the Avatar, he then practices what he will say to convince them to let him join the group. Aang and friends discuss a new plan, Sokka says its the old plan Aang masters all the elements and confronts Ozai before the comet. Zuko then reveals himself to the group shocking them.Zuko attempts to convince them to let him join them, but they wont listen, he tells them he freed Appa but lets slip that he Hired Combustion Man. They demand he leaves and doesn’t return. When Zuko leaves Toph tells them he was telling the truth about his change, and that they are stupid for not realising Aang still needs a Firebending teacher, she goes off to find Zuko. She finds Zuko asleep and he wakes up startled and burns her feet by accident, Toph runs off as Zuko wonders why he is bad at being good.

Toph arrives back and reveals to her friends that Zuko burned her, just then Combustion man Attacks, Zuko confronts him and tries to call him off, but he just Attacks Zuko. Aang and friends flee from the attacks and Sokka hits Combustion Man with his boomerang in the third eye, he attacks again but it explodes causing the platform to explode and Combustion Man falls to his death. Zuko gets up and Aang thanks him for trying to save them, Zuko explains how he now knows it is his destiny to help Aang bring balance to the World and apologises to toph for burning her. Aang accepts Zuko into the group but only if his friends Agree, They all eventually agree. Sokka leads Zuko to a room where he can stay and leaves him, Katara enters and confronts Zuko threathening him, saying if he hurts Aang she will kill him.(Airspeed)

13 “The Firebending Masters” Giancarlo Volpe John O’Bryan July 15, 2008 Zuko begins to teach Aang Firebending, but they find out neither of them can Firebend, Aang is too timid after he burned Katara the first time he firebended and Zuko is no longer fueled by rage and now has no inner Fire. Zuko tells the whole group and Katara Laughs at him, Toph suggests he learn from the original Source of Firebending and tells him about how she learned from the Badgermoles. Zuko says the Dragons were the original firebenders and they are extinct now, but he knows of an ancient civilisation, the Sun Warrior who learned from the dragons.Zuko and Aang take Appa and go in search of the Sun Warriors.They find the Sun Warrior Temple, and are almost killed by traps. Zuko tells Aang that his Uncle Iroh killed the last Dragon. They enter a room and discover drawings of an Ancient Firebending Form called The Dancing Dragon, they do the dance and a big Egg shaped gem rises out of the floor, but when Zuko picks it up the room fills up with glue pushing them against the bars at the top. Soon they are released by the Sun Warriors, they explain they have come to learn the true form of Firebending. Zuko and Aang are told to bring some of the very first fire up a mountain so they can be judged by the masters Ran and Shao. The chief tells them fire is not just destructive but also life.

They make it up the mountain, climb the steps and present their fire, But suddenly the mountain begins to rumble causing Aang to lose his fire, Aang panics and makes Zuko lose his also. Two dragons one red and one Blue emerge from the mountain and start flying in circles around them, Aang and Zuko do the Dancing Dragon and the Dragons breathe a whirlwind of Beautiful multicoloured fire around them. The Dragons return to the mountain and Zuko and Aang return to the Sun Warrior chief. They both realise that Fire is Energy and Life and now they can both powerfully Firebend. The chief explains that Iroh also learned the secret of Firebending. They return to the Air Temple and show everyone they can now Firebend again.(Airspeed)

14 “The Boiling Rock, Part 1” Joaquim Dos Santos May Chan July 16, 2008 Sokka asks to speak to Zuko Alone, he asks Zuko where the Captures Invasion force would have been taken. Zuko tells him they were probably taken to The Boiling Rock a prison in the middle of a boiling lake, Zuko suspects Sokka is going to go to save them and finds him getting on Appa that night. Zuko says he will go with Sokka and recommends they use the Hot Air Balloon. They leave their friends a note saying hey have gone fishing. In the Air, Sokka and Zuko are very awkward and eventually begin to talk about girlfriends, Zuko reveals he misses Mai and Sokka says that Yue turned into the Moon. They crash on the beach outside the prison.They steal fire nation disguises and infiltrate the prison. Sokka is ordered to detain a prisoner, Chit Sang, and put him in the Cooler, a cell that is freezing cold to prevent firebending. Zuko and Sokka meet up and Zuko tells Sokka there are no Water Tribe prisoners, Sokka thinks he has failed until he spots Suki out in the yard. He finds her cell and they are both very happy to see each other and kiss, Zuko sees a guard coming and warns Sokka, but it is too late Zuko fights the Guard and is arrested and brought to the Warden a cruel man who is also Mai’s uncle. Zuko meets up with Suki and Soka tells them his plan to escape, they are overheard by Chit Sang who gets in on the plan.

The plan is to use a cooler as a boat to get across the boiling lake. Zuko and Chit Sang stage a fight to get Zuko put in the cooler, Sokka gets Zuko out of the Cooler, who has used his breath of fire and unscrewed the Cooler. Unfortunately Sokka overhears Guards talking about new War prisoners that are arriving the next day, Sokka now is confused at what to do. they drag the cooler down to the beach and Chit Sang and his two friends escape as Sokka, Suki and Zuko decide to stay. Chit Sang by accident burns his hand in the water and alerts the guards to his escape, they are soon captured. Sokka watches on as the new prisoners arrive, Hakoda is the last prisoner out of the gondola.(Airspeed)

15 “The Boiling Rock, Part 2” Ethan Spaulding Joshua Hamilton July 16, 2008 The warden explains to the new arrivals that no one has ever escaped from this prison. Sokka reunites with his father in his cell. The warden interrogates Chit Sang about who planned the escape, Chit Sang wont talk so he is turned upside down until he talks. Sokka, Hakoda,Suki and Zuko plan another escape as Zuko is taken away to another cell where Mai is waiting. Chit Sang tell the warden a guy disguised as a guard helped him. Zuko attempts to explain himself to Mai, but she just thinks he betrayed her and their nation.Sokka tells Suki that the plan is to escape on the gondola using the warden as a hostage so they wont cut the lines, Suddenly Sokka is told the Warden need him, he is placed in a line up with the rest of the guards and Chit Sang is told to say who helped him, but he doesn’t point to Sokka but a guard he disliked. Azula and Ty Lee arrive and Azula says that the Guard didn’t help. Chit Sang joins the new Escape plan and Starts a riot as a distractin. Zuko escapes from the cell ,he locks Mai in it and goes to join the escape attempt. Suki goes off and on her own, takes the warden captive.

Everyone makes it to the gondola and as they get on their way Azula and Ty Lee Appear and chase. Ty Lee runs up the cable and Azula uses Firebending to Fly onto the Gondola. Suki fights with Ty Lee as Zuko takes on Azula, suddenly the warden breaks free and demands the cable to be cut. Azula and Ty Lee escape onto a different gondola as Mai appears and fends off the Guards about to cut the cable, Sokka, Chit Sang, Suki, Hakoda and Zuko escape the prison. Azula confronts Mai about her tretchery, Mai tells Azula that she loves Zuko more than she fears her. Azula is about to kill Mai when Ty Lee intervenes and uses her Chi blocking punches to disable Azula, they are arrested by Guards and Azula demands they be sent to Prison. Sokka and Zuko return with a captured Airship and Hakoda, Suki and Chit Sang.(Airspeed)

16 “The Southern Raiders” Joaquim Dos Santos Elizabeth Welch Ehasz July 17, 2008 Team Avatar is awoken by a bomb being thrown at them, Aang manages to deflect it. Some Fire Nation Airships rise into view With Azula in command. She continues to fire bombs, Zuko pushes Katara out of the way of one and then attempt a giant leap to board Azula’s ship. He misses and falls into the Abyss. Haru and Toph make an escape tunnel but Appa wont go in forcing the group to split up, Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki and Appa split from everyone else. As they fly away on Appa Zuko rises up atop an Airship and jumps at Azula again, he makes it and they Fight until they cause an explosion flinging them both into the abyss. Aang and friends catch Zuko and Azula saves herself.They land and make a camp, Zuko makes a joke and everyone but Katara laughs, he doesn’t know how he can make her trust him. Zuko walks into Sokka’s Tent which has been all prepared for some Romance with Suki, He tells Sokka that he thinks Katara is taking the loss of her mother out on him. Sokka tells Zuko about the day thier mother was killed, when Katara was eight and Sokka was nine there village was attacked, when they left his mother was gone. Zuko asks about the flag on the Ship and the flag Sokka Describes, Zuko knows its the Southern Raiders. He tells Katara that he knows who killed her mother and they go to get Appa, Aang confronts them and asks Katara to Forgive and not take Revenge. They leave.

On the way to a Firenation Outpost Katara tells Zuko of the day she lost her mother, She saw the black snow and ran back to her mom, Kya, She found her being Questioned by a Soldier and ran to get her dad, but when she returned Kya was Gone. They find the Lead Ship, sneak aboard and confront the captain. Katara Bloodbends him in her anger, But realises soon its not the right man, Zuko asks the captain who are they looking for and he tells them it is Yon Rha. They ambush him as he walks home and Katara demands he remember who she is, he remembers the day he killed Katara’s mom, he questioned Kya about the last waterbender in the tribe, Kya lies and says its her and he killed her. Katara reveals herself to be the last Waterbender and as she is about to kill him she Stops and realises he is just a pathetic Man who is empty. Zuko and Katara return to the camp, she tells Aang she cant forgive Yon Rha but that she can forgive Zuko and Hugs him. Aang tells Zuko Violence is never the Answer , Zuko replies asking Aang what he will Do when he faces his Father.(Airspeed)

17 “The Ember Island Players” Giancarlo Volpe Tim Hedrick, Josh Hamilton & John O’Bryan July 18, 2008 Team Avatar hides out in the Fire Lords Beach house, Suki and Sokka return with a poster for a play, The Boy In The Iceberg, about Aang’s journey. They all decide to go and see it. Aang wants to sit beside Katara but Zuko got there before him. Everyone is shocked by their portrayals in the play: Sokka just tells jokes about being hungry , Katara just tells overly emotional speeches about Hope, Aang is played by a woman and is an prankster, Zuko has the scar on the wrong side and crazy hair.As the play goes through the events of Book 1 Water the Gaang reacts to the portrayal of what happened to them, Zuko and Aang get embarrassed when the events of The Blue Spirit are Shown and Sokka cries when Yue gives her life to the Moon Spirit. The play takes an intermission with only Toph liking the play despite her blindness. The play resumes with the events Of Book 2 Earth, Toph is played by a huge muscular man who thinks Toph sees by Screaming loudly and sensing the Sound waves. Toph loves her portrayal. They react to the events of Book 2, noting how it was very unclear if Jet died, then the actors of Zuko and Katara are flirting with each other in the underground cave, actress Katara says she thinks of Aang as a brother causing Aang to leave the play. Zuko then feels guilty when he sees himself betraying Iroh.

There is another intermission and Katara finds Aang on the balcony, Aang tells Katara that after they kissed he thought they would be together. Katara says she is confused and that now is the wrong time, suddenly Aang kisses her causing her to run back into the play. Sokka has given the actor playing him some jokes which go down great in the play. Everyone returns to the play, and as they think the play is over Actor Ozai appears, Sokka thinks it must be the future. Zuko faces Azula and is killed while Aang faces Ozai who defeats him. The crowd erupts in applause as the Gaang look on shocked.(Airspeed)

18 “Sozin’s Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King” Ethan Spaulding Michael Dante DiMartino July 19, 2008 Aang is practising Firebending with Zuko when Katara brings out some watermelon juice, Zuko is appaled that everyone is just relaxing with Sozin’s Comet so close. Sokka starts a beach party and everyone but Zuko goes. Everyone makes sand sculptures when Zuko appears and starts to Attack Aang, eventually Aang Airbends Zuko back as everyone else arrives. Aang reveals he was going to wait until after the comet to fight Ozai, Zuko then reveals the plan made during the War meeting, Zuko said the Earth Kingdom would not yield as long as they have hop so Ozai and Azula planned to Burn down the entire Earth Kingdom during the comet.Aang is shocked by this news, but his friends say they have a chance as long as they fight together, they all have a group hug. Zuko teaches Aang how to redirect Lightning and tells him he must kill his Father. The group starts to train, they use a dummy called Melon Lord with Toph as the army and Attack. everyone but Aang distracts the forces as Aang swoops in but refuses to deliver the fatal blow. Aang tells the group how much pressure he is under with having to Kill Ozai, it goes against all Aangs beliefs. Aang runs off as no one understands.

Aang begins to Meditate and Falls asleep, he is then Drawn to a mysterious Island that has appeared Momo follows. Everyone else then goes to search for Aang but cannot find him, Zuko says he knows who can find Aang. Fire Lord Ozai orders Azula to stay in the Fire Nation and become the new Fire Lord, Ozai then crowns himself The Phoenix King and departs with his fleet of Airships. Zuko brings his friends to a tavern and Ask June the Bounty Hunter and Her Shirshu to help track Aang. Aang wakes up on the island in the middle of the ocean.(Airspeed)

19 “Sozin’s Comet Part 2: The Old Masters” Giancarlo Volpe Aaron Ehasz July 19, 2008 June’s Shirshu, Nyla, cant find Aang. June tells them that Aang Doesn’t exist. Aang and Momo climb to the top of the Island. Zuko then takes out Iroh’s old sandal and asks to find him, Nyla leads them to the outer Walls of Ba Sing Se and then leaves. They camp out there and are soon surrounded By Jeong Jeong, Piandao,Pakku and Bumi who greet them. Aang finds a Large hexagon on the island and decides to Contact Roku, Roku doesn’t know where he is but gives Aang some Advice, He must be Decisive.The Old people reveal they are members of The Order Of The White Lotus and that Iroh summoned them. They bring them to see Iroh. Aang Asks Avatar Kyoshi for wisdom, she tells Aang that Only Justice will bring peace. Bumi tells them of how during the eclipse he liberated Omashu alone. Aang then asks a Water Tribe Avatar, Avatar Kuruk for advice, he tells Aang that he was a laid back Avatar and let everyone work out there own problems, for this Koh dragged his Wife Ummi into the Spirit World, he says Aang Must actively shape his own destiny and the destiny of the World. Aang cant believe past Avatars are suggesting he kill Ozai.

Zuko arrives at his Uncles Tent, he is ashamed of what he did to Iroh and waits outside, Katara tells Zuko that Iroh will forgive him. Zuko enters and waits for Iroh to wake. Aang decides only an Air Nomad Avatar will know what he is going through and Asks Avatar YangChen for advice, She tells Aang that all life is sacred but that he is the Avatar and his duty is to the World, Aang says how the monks thaught him to detatch himself from the world so his spirit can be free. YangChen tells Aang that the Avatar can never detach himself as his sole duty is TO the world, she tells him that he must sacrifice his own beliefs and put the safety of the world first. Zuko and Iroh reunite and Iroh reveals he was never angry at Zuko just sad he had lost his way. Aang realises the island is moving and swims to the front of the Island. Iroh tells Zuko he must defeat Azula and become the Fire Lord, Sokka, Toph and Suki decide to take out the Air fleet. Zuko asks Katara to come with him to beat Azula, she agrees.Aang gets to the front of the Island and discovers it is a Lion Turtle, he asks it for its wisdom about how to defeat Ozai without killing him, the Lion Turtle puts its paw to Aangs chest and forehead and make it glow green. Aang is comforted by this wisdom and is no longer worried, the Lion Turtle leaves Aang on land to Wait for Ozai. The Comet arrives as Ozai’s fleet approaches the Earth Kingdom.(Airspeed)

20 “Sozin’s Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno” Joaquim dos Santos Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko July 19, 2008 Zuko and Katara approach the Fire Nation and worry about Aang. At the Palace Azula begins to lose it and starts to banish all her servants. Sokka, Suki and Toph arrive at the Air fleet amd Toph earthbends them onto one. Azula banishes her Dai Li agents for being a little late. Toph uses Metalbending to fight the Soldiers and they take control of the Ship, Sokka releases the Bomb bay causing all the crew to fall into the sea, he speeds up the Airship to catch Ozai. Lo and Li suggest Azula call of her corination, and hearing this Azula banishes them.The Order Of The White Lotus begins to battle to take back Ba Sing Se. Azula is looking in a mirror when she sees her mother, she tells Azula that she controls people with fear and that she loves her, Azula get smad and smashes the mirror. Ozai begins to Burn down the Earth Kingdom With amazingly powerful Firebending, Sokka knows they wont catch up when he apots Aang waiting. Using Earth and Firebending he disable Ozai’s Ship. Ozai uses Firebending to fly to confront Aang. The battle begins.

Sokka decides to take out the rest of the Airships using an AIRBENDING SLICE, he slams the ship into the rest, But Suki is separated from Sokka and Toph. There are still a few Airships Left. Zuko and Katara Arrive as Azula is about to be announced Fire Lord, She challenges Zuko to an Agni Kai, and Zuko accepts. The fight begins with tremendous Firebending which is destroying the whole city. Aang and Ozai are equally matched and neither manages to strike the other, Ozai starts to Shoot Lightning at Aang and Aang catches one. Aang has a chance to kill Ozai if he redirets it at him but shoot it off to the side, this has left Aang open and Ozai sends Aang Flying with a Blast of fire. Aang flees from Ozai. Zuko takes control of the Agni Kai and Asks why Azula hasn’t used Lightning, she begins to form lightning then spots Katara watching the battle and shoots at her. Zuko dives in the way and redirects most of the lightning but is badly injured. Aang creates a ball of earth around him, and Ozai begins to break the ball.(Airspeed)

21 “Sozin’s Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang” Joaquim dos Santos Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko July 19, 2008 Ozai continues to attack the ball of earth, Toph metalbends the rudder of the Airship which sends it crashing into the others, they jump onto a lower ship, but Sokka breaks his leg in the fall, Toph is hanging off the edge of the platform holding on to Sokka as Firebenders surround them. They resign themselves to death as Suki arrives piloting an Airship into the platform, saving them. Ozai unleashes a ferocious blast upon the ball shattering it and sending Aang flying into a cliff, Aang’s back hits a protuberance. Ozai walks over to Aang and goes to lift him out of the rubble as a Glowing hand shoots out grabbing Ozai, Aang gets up now in the Avatar State and Blasts Ozai away, he then creates a Sphere of Air around him and create rings of the other Elements around him.The Order Of the White Lotus has taken back Ba Sing Se. Ozai now flees from Aang. Katara avoids Azula’s blasts as she searches for cover, she spots a grate with a chain and Water under it and lures Azula Over it. Katara freezes both of them in Ice, frees herself, chains Azula up and runs to heal Zuko. She says Zuko will be fine as they see Azula crying uncontrollably and breathing Fire. Aang grabs Ozai with a water tendril and traps him with Earthbending, Aang in the Avatar State Voice tells Ozai he will pay the ultimate price and creates a spear of all the Elements and goes to strike, But Aang controls himself and exits the Avatar State stating he cant end it like that. Ozai then attacks him, Aang uses his seismic sense that he learned from Toph to sense it, he traps Ozai with Earthbending and Aang uses the Energybending the Lion Turtle thought him to take away Ozai’s bending.

Aang enters the Avatar State under his own control and makes the tides rise to put out the fires. Sokka, Toph and Suki arrive and begin to taunt Ozai. The next day Zuko is dressing himself before his corination when Mai appears and helps him, They Kiss reunited. All the Gaangs friends are present for the corination Ty Lee is now an official Kyoshi Warrior, Zuko and Aang talk about how different thing were a year ago. Zuko is crowned Fire Lord and then presents the Hero Aang to the crowd stating that this is the beginning of an era of peace and kindness. Later that Day Zuko visits his Father in Prison and demands to know where his mother is.

A few Weeks later, in the Jamine Dragon The Gaang now with Mai and Iroh are relaxing. Aang goes outside to the balcony and Katara follows him out, they both hug and then kiss passionately.(Airspeed)


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