Pro Bending Arena game Kickstarter is live

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We previously covered the initial announcement of the IDW Games Pro Bending Arena game and now the kickstarter campaign is live. Check it out here

The campaign page and video explain what you get and how the game is played.

The key points are that this campaign has no stretch goals so the reward tiers are just 65 dollars for the kickstarter exclusive deluxe edition of the game or you pay more for multiple copies of the game. A very simplified system.

The campaign will be live until September 30th so if you are interested in the deluxe edition then make sure to back it before the 30th or you will miss your chance.

The most interesting thing to me is the daily reveals they are doing to cover what the extra deluxe items you get are. So far they have revealed 2 things a pro bending in-universe poster and an additional team to play the game with, the Red Sands Rabaroos.

They have teased the other 13 reveals and it looks like we will get 3 more pro bending teams which means we will probably get the names for a lot of the characters on the other pro bending teams. They have also teased some other mini-figurines with speculation pointing to P’Li, Kuvira and perhaps Unalaq as being 3 non pro bender characters they are adding. The day 8 reveal is very interesting in that it seems to suggest the addition of 5 other figures with one of the outlines looking very much like Amon, so that should be a very interesting reveal. The other reveals are extra cards, tokens and other game related items.

While I won’t be doing daily news posts here on the site, I will probably cover the new character names as they are revealed. My speculation would be that we will get the Boar-Q-Pines, the Buzzard Wasps and either the Tigerdillos or the Platypus Bears and from all of these teams we only know the name of the Earthbender from the Boar-Q-Pines whose name is Chang, so it looks like we will get at least 8 new names.

The game has already been a success with the goal being met and at the time of writing more than 3 times over!!!

If you want my thoughts on the game I have covered my thoughts on the kickstarter and the first team reveal in these videos

What are your thoughts on the game?

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    cool, they made a game of the game mode i really enjoyed on korra game



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