Free Comic Book Day 2018 Korra Comic Announced


Big news, for Free Comic Book Day 2018 on May 5th 2018 we will be getting a free Korra Comic. It will be Dark Horse’s silver free comic alongside a Nintendo Arms story.

The story will be Written by Mike and art by a new artist Jayd Aït-Kaci with colours by Vivian Ng.

The description reads

Avatar Korra pairs up with an unlikely sidekick for a super-important, top-secret mission to track down a pack of lost pets

The cover clearly shows that this sidekick will be Meelo.

My Thoughts

While I am very pleased to see another Avatar free comic offering after none this year and while I think this will more than likely be a very fun story once it is released, I cannot help but feel a little underwhelmed with what the scope of this book seems to be. Are we just getting a Korra version of The Tale of Aang from 215?, Korra and Meelo as the character dynamic?

I think it will be enjoyable and I am interested to see if Meelo gets any development beyond just using him for comedic effect, but we get so few books each year and so much ground still to cover. 2016 nailed it with “Friends for Life” it was a short, but sweet story, the key was that it told a story fans wanted to see in how Naga and Korra met. I don’t think many fans have been clamouring for more Meelo and Korra time together.

The other angle on this is that this may act as a test for the new artist, we know after Turf Wars we are in need of an artist for Korra comics if they are continuing, this could be a way to introduce a new artist in a less pressure filled way.

So in conclusion I will definitely be heading down to my local comic store in May to get this book, but unless one of the animals they are after is a Dragon or a Lion Turtle I don’t think this will be a particularly notable story.

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