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So this upcoming Saturday, May 2nd 2015, is Free Comic Book Day 2015. As has been the case the past few years, there is an Avatar comic available for free from Dark Horse Comics. I know not everyone keeps up with the comics, so this post is here to explain how FCBD works and to give some advice on how to make sure you get the free comics you want.


The first thing you need to know of course is what the comic you are after looks like, above is the cover for the Avatar Free Comic. Note the blue, black and white Free Comic Book Day Logo, only comics with this logo on them are free, everything else you still have to pay for.

This years comic is focused on Ty Lee with Toph also involved, it seems to revolve around Ty Lee making a decision on whether to remain with the Kyoshi Warriors or not, probably giving us a hint as to her involvement in Smoke and Shadows.

The Avatar comic will only be around 7-11 pages long, so don’t expect anything crazy here, there are still other Dark Horse comic stories in this book too.

Now that you know what you are looking for, you next need to know where to get it. You need to head over to the official Free Comic Book Day Store Locator and find where your nearest participating comic store is (Not every comic store participates).

You now know what and where, now it is all about the time. GO EARLY, this is important, this is far and away the busiest day of the year for any comic store where regular customers will be present plus a massive amount of others drawn in by the allure of free anything. Comic shops still have to purchase the free comics from the publishers, so they don’t order in an unlimited amount. If you do not get to your local store early you may miss out on the specific books that you want.

From personal experience, I have had to arrive at my local store about 40-50 minutes before they even open to get a decent spot in the queue, this may vary for you depending on how big and popular your local store is.

That is all of the main info that you need, most stores still need to scan the free comics through the register so you can also buy comics, merch and graphic novels during the event.

But I can’t attend, how can I read this story?

Don’t worry we will have you covered. Assuming I can get the book, I will put the pages up on this site for everyone to read just like I did for last year’s book.

The pages will be up in the same post that I review the story in, I will also have a video review for the story and on Sunday we will be doing a podcast review of the comic.

Even if I miss out on getting the book, scans will be available somewhere over the weekend, you won’t miss out.

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