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Community Opinion is back, which means so am I, Airspeed Prime here with Community Opinion number 8. I apologise for the long delay, there are a few reasons the first and main one being that when I requested opinions for this one a day or so later was the Korra SDCC panel, so everyone was distracted. Then once that died down everyone was quite busy in general, so this one is not going to be as long as usual, hopefully Community Opinion 9 will get us back on track.

Community Opinion Title

I had to get this one out no matter how many people replied as The topic which was suggested to me by fellow moderators Donna and Tracy.

Ursa's fate

Ursa, the biggest mysteries of Avatar revolve around her, we all are excited to finally discover her fate, but how would you do it ?

The Topic is:

How You Would Resolve The Mysteries Of Avatar The Last Airbender

To keep a similar format for the opinions I asked people to choose a few of the mysteries from this post and explain how they think each should be resolved.

So lets get Started

Airspeed Prime (Super Moderator/Facebook Administrator/Popular Post Writer)

Iroh’s Past and Spirit World Journey/

Iroh is one of the most universally loved Avatar characters yet we only know little pieces about his past, We know he was the Star General of the Fire Nation Army, his son was killed in Ba Sing Se, he travelled to the Spirit World and he was judged worthy by the masters Ran and Shao (Shaw), but we do not really know the order of these events or the exact details. Here is what I think should happen: It should be a mini Series of Comics, about 4-5 issues called simply Iroh’s Journey.

It would begin with Iroh in Prison as he is at the start of Book 3 and he thinks back over his life from Young boy all teh way to what brought in to the prison, with a big focus on the death of Lu Ten, Spirit World, Sun Warriors and his early relationship with Zuko.

More specifically I think Iroh’s wife died in child birth adding more emotion to why Iroh is so changed by the death of his son, I think his spirit world journey is heavily related to him dealing with Lu Ten’s death which makes me believe that Lu Ten appeared to Iroh during a solstice and brought him into the spirit world, Lu Ten tells him not to be so upset over him and that Iroh still has his niece and nephew to help. I would assume that his trip to the Sun Warriors was part of a large journey for Iroh where he studied the Waterbenders and invented Lightning redirection.

Toph and Her Parents/

This would be my only really complaint about ATLA on the whole, Toph needed to have a scene where she went back home to her parents and they finally accept that she is not helpless, it would have been a great emotional scene and some much needed development for Toph. As I said my thoughts on how it would happen would now have to come in The Promise comics (info on them here Just a scene in the recap on the year between 321 and the start of the story with Toph returning to her home and her and her parents hugging, she apologises for leaving ” behind there backs and they finally accept that she is not fragile and not defined by her blindness, they are proud of what she has done to help the world.

Aang’s influence on his classmates/

Aang (as Kuzon) showed the Fire Nation school kids how to have fun, I believe this had a lasting effect on them, they will not grow up to be loyal to Ozai’s way. In a way that group of kids will become the first of the new breed of Fire Nation people, they will want the peace that Zuko and Aang want.

I would like to see the kids play some role in the future, where they are helping to lead the Fire Nation away from Ozai’s regime and into Zuko’s way of thinking.

Ursa’s fate and Role in Ozai becoming Fire Lord/

The question EVERY avatar fan is asking, what is the fate of Ursa ?, I am sure many a fan cursed the name of Mike and Bryan when Zuko confronted Ozai about this and it was left there as a HUGE cliffhanger. Mike and Bryan hinted that it may be explored in the comics and with The Promise set right after the series that is the perfect time to FINALLY tell us her fate.

I think base on everything said about her in the show she has to still be alive out there hiding, I think Zuko needs to meet his mother again and have a heart to heart and nearly more important Ursa needs to make things right between herself and Azula, it may be Azula’s only possible path to recovery. I need to see a scene of the two teens and their mother hugging, a family in healing. She also would have to reveal exactly what she did to get Ozai the birthright, did she kill Azulon or did she and Ozai come up with the plan where he would kill Azulon and she would go into hiding putting the crime on her.

Sun Warrior Sun Stone/

I think it is a purple Dragon egg, simple as that.

Has Chit Sang put his criminal days behind him ?/

Chit Sang is such an EPICLY AMAZING character, he started a riot by holding a man above his head ! But have his experiences as part of Team Avatar turned him from his criminal ways ? In my opinion yes, he realises what he did was wrong and wants to be good now. I would love to see him pop up in the comics as an ally of Team Avatar and just be epic every time.

Chong and The Nomads, Where are they now ? /

I want a mini series just about their travels around the world, singing, annoying people like Sokka and riding Badgermoles.

Professor Zei’s fate /

I want to know about this so much I included my opinion on this in a the Fan Fiction I wrote (Avatar: Origins in the forums fan fic section), Basically I think Wan Shi Tong realises that Zei truly does want knowledge for knowledges sake, he realises that Zei is pretty much himself in human form. They take a while but eventually become friends and through Zei Wan Shi Tong learns that not all humans are like Zhao.

Starbender (Moderator)

I think with Ursa there should be a two part episode. One with all of Zuko and Iroh’s memories,while they are looking for her, they find her at the end of episode one.Episode two they explain what’s happened, they jouney back home, but fire nation rebels capture them.They have to escape by trusting each other.They barely make it and travel home where ursa meets the gang, at the end one rebel survives and tells the Ozai supporters.

Aang’s influence on his classmates.His classmates had been to the ceremony at the end of season three. They come back home and discuss what they think happen,someone says what happened to Kuzon,they think about what happened to the mysterious boy over the day,at the end of the day the Headmaster tell them that the Firelord and Avatar are coming to the school the next day.The next day Aang and Zuko come,Aang and Zuko tell about there journey including his time at the school.The students are amazed and awestruck that the Avatar went to their school.Aang and Zuko talk the Headmaster into having a dance, ironically in the same cave. Aang dances with Onji and Zuko dances with everybody that asks him.

Toph and her parents-the Gang take a govenrment trip to Toph’s home town, Gaoling. While Zuko and Aang do their government stuff Toph and Katara go and visit her parents,her parents rush outside and hug Toph,and ask what the gang did to her,unaware of the events prior to this.Toph and Katara explain in detail what has happened.Toph’s parents are outraged at Toph’s behavior.Toph is outraged at them for sending bounty hunters after her.They say it was for her own good.She says they are overprotective and storms away.Katara goes and talks to her that she shouldn’t act like that. She says she knows,but her parents are always going to be overprotective,then Katara has an idea.”Let’s ask your parents to do something you like”. Hey that might work Katara.They go to Toph’s parents to ask them to go to see Element Rumble 1.(I made this up,now all the benders show off their skills.) They agree.After its over they say “wow that was amazing! I want to learn to earthbend like that!”Well dad I could teach you” I would really like that Toph.” The end of that episode.

Airspeed Prime Note/ Starbender sent me this opinion a few weeks before the Korra panel, so he inadvertently predicted the Pro Bending Arena with his Element Rumble Idea, Good Job Starbender 🙂


Interesting question. I’ll give my best guess or maybe what I want to have happened for each one:

Iroh’s Spirit World journey:
After the death of Lu Ten, the spirits may have smiled down on him for having such a change of heart and invited him to the Spirit Word of their own accord to see him again. Seeing as it was many years ago, it could have been during the Winter Solstice when the Spirits are no longer bound to their realm and can cross over. Of course he also may have called on the Spirits himself, or even brewed a special tea like the post said and that helped take him over.

Toph’s Parents:
I don’t think Poppy or Lao Bei Fong would have much of a choice in changing their view on their daughter after she had been through so much. I’d like to think that once the war ended, Toph went back to their estate and made up with them herself. But really, after someone contributes to saving the world, I don’t think one would be able to think of them as innocent or fragile any longer.

Lightning Generation:
I think lightning generation is open to anyone to master, as is any technique to the respective elemental bender. Just depends on their training and willingness to learn- or, in Zuko’s case, inner turmoils. I think that Zuko would be able to generate lightning after he visited Ran and Shao; he just never attempted. This could be in part because he did not see a need; lightning is the cold-blooded fire, used as a last resort, and this is after Zuko learned that he needed to be far more careful and reserved with his bending (especially after burning Toph).

Sokka’s Space Sword and Boomerang:
I don’t know about this one I want to think they all tried to search for it, because both those weapons were incredibly valuable to him, both financially and sentimentally. But whether they all found it is purely up to chance. I want to think they did because I love optimism, but you can’t be sure.

I’m pretty sure she’s alive AND Zuko found her. After all he’d been through, I think Zuko would have caught onto her trail pretty quickly and used all his resources to find her. As the new Fire Lord with the Avatar being your best friend and pretty much the entire world allied with you (minus a few huffy Fire Nation people), finding anyone wouldn’t be too difficult. And once Ursa, in whatever corner of the world she was in, found out that Zuko was the new Fire Lord and was searching for her, she would probably race to make herself known and found also. Basically, there aren’t many forces stopping them anymore.

Dragon Egg:
I’m not sure whether or not it’s an egg, but I’m leaning toward yes. The only negatives I see are that it seemed a little too decorated and polished and shiny and metallic to be an egg of any sort. But (1) it’s Avatar; animals are weird, (2) the Sun Warriors themselves could have decorated it, (3) Zuko said it felt alive, that’s a big deal, (4) the last dragon egg would have much more reason to be defended by fatal traps than some random hunk of gold.

Jet’s death:
I see two things happening. One is rather morbid, the other hopeful.
The morbid: I can see more Dai Li agents pouring in after Long Feng and the other gaang escaping. Upon seeing foreigners in the secret tunnels, other Dai Li agents probably wouldn’t stop to ask questions before striking. They all could have gone down fast if that happened.
Hopefully, if none others had come, Jet may have died in peace with his best friends at his side, and then Longshot and Smellerbee, being somewhat ninja-like as they are, could have escaped.

Xin Fu and Master Yu probably died a rather painful and agonizing death. Not much hope for them. Unless a talented earthbender that felt like saving lives happened across them that could budge the metal. No one else could save them, and it’s not likely anyone else even came by them.
Then again, there’s a chance they could have bent themselves out of it, if they could manage striking the right moves.

I want to stay away from the Appa and Momo extinction idea because I see almost no way around it. I can’t bring myself to say their species went extinct, so I’m going to go with there’s a whole clan of Air Nomads living in the bottom of the canyon the Western Air Temple is built along, and they’re all thriving and ready to repopulate the world with their culture” :D

One more thing I want to know about is Professor Zei. I want to think he became a Spirit as the Library traveled through to the other realm. Wan Shi Tong ” judged his heart and found it pure, and made him his heir to the Library and top assistant. In charge of the Knowledge Seekers, let’s go with that!

Admin / Jordan

Tough question, for Ursa I don’t really have much ideas aside from what’s already been said.

I think one of the most interesting concepts for me would be the Firenation youth, I think in either the upcoming comics or Korra (but especially Korra) it will be interesting to see how the Firenation has changed in the aftermath of the war, i’m thinking they might actually be extremely productive to the Avatar world showing how people can change and become people who can help change the world, despite their past.”  I’m thinking the episode “Skeleton in the Closet” might have something to do with this but I guess we’ll see.

Other than that I think everyone else pretty much covered some good outcomes, I can’t wait to see how it actually turns out in the upcoming comics, and Korra.

Our Communities Thoughts

There you have it for Community Opinion 8, some great idea on how to solve the various mysteries of Avatar.

Have a read of this post and give us your ideas on how you would resolve the mysteries or unresolved plotpoints of Avatar in the comments below !

See you next Month for Community Opinion 9, if you want your Opinion in the next post then just be active on the forum, I am always looking out for new members who are very active. I will PM those whose opinions I want mid september. Also if you are a fan of the sites Facebook page there is a chance to get your opinion in there a few days before the post is put up on the site.

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  1. Tracy Said: Comment by Tracy on September 16, 2011 at 9:18 am | Permalink

    Really good job, everyone!

    I’d like to think Sokka found his Boomerang and Sword. 🙂

    I’d also like to think that the golden egg was a dragon egg. It may have been gold in color, they never said it was made of gold… Aang did call it the giant egg.


    Amelia Reply:

    but the Sun Warriors called it the Sun Stone……


  2. Starbender Said: Comment by Starbender on September 16, 2011 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    I got a smiley face!


  3. beebee Said: Comment by beebee on September 20, 2011 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

    I think the Question of Toph’s family is much more complex and much darker than anyone gives credit for. Toph Bei- Fong is constrained by wealth, tradition, and family expectations. I suspect that a joyful family reunion is not as easy as she might expect. Like Zuko, Toph’s parents motives are yet unknown to her. I always saw her parents stubborn refusal to accept her and her gifts as more than just extreme protectiveness. To me there seemed to be more lurking in the shadows. A family like hers is bound to have political ambitions. Ambitions that requires Toph to sacrifice herself on the alter of filial duty. If she were to return, her parents would do all in their power to make her subservient to their ambition’s.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Yes her parents are stubborn, but we have yet to see her parents reaction to her letter apologising to her parents, you also have to consider that because of Toph and friends they saved her parents positions of wealth by protecting the whole Earth Kingdom.
    Also we do not know a massive amount about the Bei Fong families position in the grand scheme of things, yes they are one of the most wealthy families in the Earth Kingdom, but what more could they do. They have to see what Toph has done for the world, her friends would stick up for her. Toph is now one of the greatest heroes in the world, that could do nothing but help her family. Before they kept her hidden to protect her from the world as they thought she was weak because of her blindness, yes there would have been a bit of keeping her hidden to not show any weakness of the Bei Fong Family, but that is not the case anymore now that she helped save the world.

    Coming back to that Letter, that will be big, she says sorry to them, that has to mean something. I do not think they will keep Toph’s parents as such stubborn people like Mayor Tong from Chion Village where he is just annoyingly stubborn.


  4. Christine Said: Comment by Christine on September 22, 2011 at 4:39 am | Permalink

    I think part of what needs to be answered, concerning Zuko and his mother, is why didn’t she look for him after he was banished which appeared to be worldwide news? ( I believe its episode “Zuko Alone” where he’s taken in by a family in a very small, rural earth kingdom town. And after revealing who is after a battle with thugs, someone shouts “Liar! I’ve heard you. You are not a prince, you’re an outcast!”)
    And then after Zuko stopped the war, why is he still having to try to coax his father out of a confession where she is? Is she going to be the only person on earth who hasn’t heard the war has stopped and that there is a brand new firelord named Firelord Zuko?
    I don’t know maybe that IS the thing that makes her come out of hiding and reunites them?


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Keep in mind that as far as people in the Fire Nation know she disappeared immediately after the death of Azulon, so she may have been the scapegoat for his death, at least a suspicion.
    So she had to stay hidden while the war was still on, no matter how much she wanted to see Zuko.
    Also it could be that she went into hiding on a isolated Island and as you say only hears about Zuko becoming Fire Lord.

    By the sounds of things Ursa will be resolved in “The Promise” comics, it is confirmed that we will see the end of that conversation between Zuko and Ozai from 321, so we shall see then.


  5. yellowdingo Said: Comment by yellowdingo on September 24, 2011 at 8:02 am | Permalink

    For me there must be a Avatar – Book of Air and they must make it for TV, not just comics.

    The future is a strange thing and for me there are so many forces actively determining the history of the world of the airbender. As you may have noticed the Fire sages keep the real history. They paint the Avatar as this lone – godlike figure who is recurring down the ages. They seem to keep the idea that the Avatar often has a spouse (male or female) and children and those children are the beginings of the bending nations.
    They want the Avatar to be a Messianic God where the priest caste is his go between when telling what the Avatar wants and thinks to the rest of the world and they cant accept that they are his/her descendants. Zuko is family, Toph is family, Katara is family…all of them descended from the thousand generations of the Avatar.

    This is really going to have an affect of aang’s family (and katara). In the end he will take his family and leave civilization.

    Ursa’s Fate: So Ursa disposed of the old firelord for threatening her children. I dont think it was Zuko who the firelord was talking about (despite him talking about suffering the loss of a firstborn). I think it was Azula and that will have an important role to play. Avatar Aang will take Azula away on a quest to find Zuko’s mother. She will be terrified of the idea that the Avatar who took her father’s firebending will have come for her. He must ultimatly touch her face and tell her he sees so much of her mother in her.
    Azula will come to learn that her mother killed Azulon to protect Azula and that will be part of Azula’s journey. Azula will discover that her mother would lay down her life to save her daughter and son.

    Avatar (or Auatar in indoeuropean) means ‘one who journies to be whole again’. That journey being about making people who they are meant to be.

    Katara the Waterbending Master and ultimatly Leader despite her insistance that its all about Avatar Aang saving the world – it in the end comes down to her defeating Firelord Azula.
    Sokka becomes a leader of men and great warrior and in time more.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah I wish it could be a series too, although I am glad they are at least releasing comics.


  6. David Said: Comment by David on September 24, 2011 at 8:29 am | Permalink

    I think it’s unwise to explain too much. Leave part of it to the imagination, and you will have a fertile world that people will wonder and speculate about for a good long while. If you want to unravel a mystery, do it partly (and never whole) or, pick one, and make it a multi-episode story line.

    You don’t have to explain everything, that’s Hollywood’s classical mistake. It leads to crappy foreshadowing, and tiresome contrived exposition-only lines.

    From the trailer of the new show I seem to get that this show has a new age group as target audience, so more time could be spent on mature themes and subtleties and nuance. So, you could work out a little more about the secret society with the lotus tiles. of course, again, never too much. (otherwise you couldn’t fantasize about it’s scale or power)

    Anyway: TL;DR
    The richness of a world is defined by what we don’t know, not by what we know.
    If you leave too little to the imagination, the world will seem small indeed.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah very good thoughts, I agree with you a lot of shows leave too little to the imagination, an important part of storytelling that Avatar does so well.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Well that is one way to look at it, but that is completely missing the topic that was set, to give our thoughts on how we WOULD resolved them, not IF they should be resolved.

    But I would agree in parts, yes do not explain TOO MUCH, but some of the mysteries mentioned here are really crucial.
    Toph and Her Parents – This is badly needed for Toph as she needed something else to give her more character development.
    Ursa – Such a crucial part of Zuko’s life, he needs to know her fate.

    and at least a bit more of explanation on Iroh’s past.

    A lot of the other ones, yes they do not NEED to be explained, but they are still mysteries or unresolved plotpoints, some would be cool to get an answer for to get some more technical details on the world (Fire Nation Royal Family and Lightning Generation) and some probably should be left out there to be discussed like (Is the Sun Warrior Sun Stone a Dragon Egg).

    It all depends on what the mystery or unresolved plotpoint is ?

    Some are important to know, others are not.


  7. yellowdingo Said: Comment by yellowdingo on September 24, 2011 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

    URSA’s FATE (cont)

    Actually if the Avatar gets Ursa Killed looking for her with Azula – that will drive a wedge between Aang and Zuko. They must despoil that ‘era of peace and love’ fantasy Zuko was spouting. Deep down you and Zuko know its a lie.

    Also I think Zuko’s Mother says goodbye to Zuko before confronting Azulon and causling his death. She is obviously sad at what she has learned from Azula – and likely has found out that he intends it to be Azula who is sacrificed. I wonder who to? Ko the Face Stealer – now that would be scary.


    Toph has one weakness – her blindness. She would have to feel a face to know which is why her mother will be taken by Ko the Face Stealer and Toph will be in great danger because she wont be able to tell the difference unless she listens to the way Ko the face stealer moves.

    I think Ko the Face Stealer isnt just a spirit world entity – it will also have a place in the real world and that is where Toph will encounter him.


  8. OG Sokka Said: Comment by OG Sokka on September 27, 2011 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    Ursa- I hoped she Murk’ed the old fiery bas***d for threatening Zuko not for Ozai to gain power, she could show up at the palace I’m sure she would hear her boy’s in charge now and I would also like to see her help Azula like Prime said.

    Dragon.- Yep Yep (pardon the pun) I’m with Prime again Epic Purple Egg.

    Nomads- I wish they would have been decedents of Air Nomads I mean a hippie is just a smellier monk with no teacher or purpose right?

    Space sword – I hope someone in Korra’s gaang finds it and doesn’t find out till late in the series it was once the sword of the mighty, brilliant…..

    O.G. Sokkka teehee


  9. yellowdingo Said: Comment by yellowdingo on September 30, 2011 at 5:31 am | Permalink


    The wedding of Katara and Aang. Aang has a conversation with Zuko about locating Ursa (Zuko’s mother). Aang informs Zuko that it is within his ability to find her – All things being connected. He is about to look for her when Zuko is forced to depart and deal with an issue of governance. Aang Promises to help Zuko find his mother in the morning.
    During the Wedding night after Katara is asleep, Aang uses his powers to make a connection to Ursa – he also notices Azula. He sees that Azula has nightmares about the Avatar coming for her – to drain her bending. Ko the Face Stealer Asks Aang if this is what he is to become. He returns to focus on Ursa but sees that Azula is so much like her mother. Aang realizes that he can heal her and restore Zuko’s family – not just leave it fractured.
    Aang vanishes the morning after the wedding night. He appears in Azula’s cage and touches her face telling her she looks so much like her mother. She cowers under his touch in absolute fear. Aang departs the Fire nation Prison where Azula is held taking Azula with him.
    Sokka gets a copy of the Fire Nation Library from Zuko. “A Giant Own Spirit knows my name and is angry with me; that’s not something I can live with.” Sokka and Toph depart for the Earth Kingdom to restore the Library of Wan Shi Tong’s lost Fire nation section and appease Wan Shi Tong the Giant Owl Spirit. On the Journey they will retrieve Sokka’s Sword, pass through The Cave of Two Lovers, Omashu, and finally arrive in the Desert in search of the Library where Sokka surrenders himself and the collection of fire nation books and scrolls to the Librarian Wan Shi Tong. While there he asks the great spirit of the Library for a book that Toph can read and would the Library Spirit teach her how to read. Wan Shi Tong Agrees offers to do so if Sokka will surrender his Space Sword. Sokka agrees and Wan Shi Tong metal bends the Sword into a scroll. He has Toph put her hands on the Scroll and metal bends raised lettering on the metal scroll teaching her how to read and ultimately how to write.
    After visiting the Library of Wan Shi Tong Sokka and Toph visit her family for a while inviting them to a wedding on Kyoshi Island and departing for the Island of Kyoshi where he will marry Suki. On Kyoshi Island Sokka learns that Aang has long vanished with Azula. Sokka and Toph also learn that Katara is with child.
    The Wedding of Suki and Sokka. Toph and Ty Lee get to talking about how they lost out to Suki on getting their hands on Sokka.
    Aang who has been constantly monitoring Ursa’s life has not been searching for her. He has been taking Azula all over the world in order to make her whole – to heal her spiritually so that she will accept that she is like her mother.
    Without the Avatar’s help Firelord Zuko is increasingly frustrated and concerned as to why it has taken so long for Aang to locate his mother. In the end it is down to Katara to work with Zuko to build a future for the World by creating the idea of a Republic City at the centre of the known World – somewhere near Haru’s Village. Katara continues to find that she is opposed by the Priest class (the Fire Sages) who have been erasing the families of the Avatars from history until the Avatar is more of a Demigod like figure rather than a lineage from which every bender is ultimately descended. Their false mythologies – The Creation Myths of dragons teaching Fire bending, Badger Moles teaching Earth Bending, The ocean and the moon teaching water bending, and the Sky Bison teaching Air bending in conflict with the truth that the first Avatar was an Energy Bender (a Telekinetic) and all bending nations and benders are descended from the Avatar lineage.
    Sokka and Toph go in search of Aang on the morning after his wedding night with Suki. Suki is very angry with him for sneaking off with Toph on an adventure abandoning her. A Pregnant Katara and Mei suggest that there is some sort of problem with their men collectively (Mei comments that Zuko did the same thing) and they all look at Zuko like he is guilty of everything. Ty Lee panics and paralyses Zuko. “Oops! Sorry I panicked.”
    Aang is on the Lion Turtle meditating with Azula. He is attempting to turn her into a Human being that both Azula and the rest of the world will be happy with. At this time he is teaching her Energy bending. She alone seems to have a natural talent for it that simply requires a greater degree of happiness and good in her life to make her a better person.
    Soka and Toph visit June the Bounty-huntress and learn that Aang and Azula are gone from the world. Sokka concludes that they are both together with the Lion-turtle. He realizes that Aang is seeking to teach Azula Energy bending. They can only locate Ursa and they go to find her.
    Aang convinces the Lion-turtle to teach Azula Energy bending – the ultimate form of her lightning bending. Consequently Azula’s children will be born randomly as fire benders, Earth benders, Air benders, and Water Benders.
    Now Aang and Azula journey to find Zuko’s Mother.
    Katara is on the verge of giving birth to her first child in the care of Suki. An Assassin sent by the fire sages to wipe out the Avatar’s family is unable to kill Katara but when the Assassin kills Suki, Katara tears the water from the Assassin’s body killing him and goes into labour. Zuko and Mei take Katara and her un-named child to the Southern Air Temple leaving half the Kyoshi Warriors to guard Katara. Zuko, Mei, Ty Lee, and the remaining Kyoshi warriors return to the Fire nation in search of the source of the Assassin.
    The Assassin’s source is revealed and Ursa who has been found by Aang, Azula, Toph, and Sokka is also killed by an Assassin in order to drive a wedge between the Avatar and friends and Zuko. Crushed by what has happened, they seek to return to the Fire nation with her body.
    Zuko hears that his mother is returned. He rushes to spot a Woman who looks like his Mother. It turns out to be Azula. The Avatar and Friends are escorting the Body of Azula and Zuko’s mother home. Aang, Sokka, and Toph learn of the assassination attempt on Katara and the Death of Suki. Azula begs the forgiveness of Ty Lee and Mei and Zuko. They see she is a very different Azula.
    The Wedding of Zuko and Mei is tinged with both happiness and loss.
    Toph takes the remnant Dai Lee to Republic City which is little more than a building site filled with increasing numbers of refugees with a plan to establish a police Force to stop the fighting between factions of benders in the city.
    Aang travels to the Southern Air Temple with Sokka and the Kyoshi Warriors to visit Katara and Aang and Katara’s baby Son: Tenzin.
    Sokka, Ty Lee, and the Kyoshi Warriors go to Kyoshi Island. While Sokka stares out at the Sea next to Suki’s grave, Ty Lee returns to training Kyoshi Warriors who will all be trained as chi blockers to take the bending abilities from all benders and make everyone equal…



    David Reply:

    This reads like a fanfic, which is not that strange, because it is.

    Remember that this new series does not deal with the story of Aang, except maybe in the background.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah the new Korra series wont, there is an official comic series being released that will cover events shortly after season 3:


    yellowdingo Reply:

    Its still how I would resolve events…and they can go to the effort of animating a fourth Book the way they did with Robotech: Sentinels which was a coninuation of Robotech: Macross following the original characters in their later years…


  10. Pieman Said: Comment by Pieman on October 16, 2011 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

    I reckon Appa was a lady bison, and was pregnant. It’s about the only way I can think of their existence as of Korra’s generation.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    I believe the creators mentioned that Aang found a lost herd.


    Airbender Prodigy Reply:

    They did, it’s a shame that they have different fur patterns though.


  11. TrackBeast Said: Comment by TrackBeast on October 17, 2011 at 6:12 pm | Permalink

    I think that Avatar The Legend Of Korra will reveal ALOT! of secrets alot of use avatar fans have been dying to see 🙂 but i want to know wat happens to all the old masters of the white lotus clan??? I want to see king bumbi again becuase even though he sounds(and looks) crazy he is basically right most of the time.And will we get to see Katara and Sokka’s dad or there whole village again or no?Plus wat going to happen to the Kioshi Warriors?!!


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah it’s certainly exciting, I can’t wait to see more about it.


  12. Amelia Said: Comment by Amelia on October 19, 2011 at 8:16 pm | Permalink

    Here’s what I think Could’ve happened

    Ursa (Zuko’s mom): Where we left off Zuko was visiting his father in prison trying to get more information on his mother’s banishment. What I think is that Oazi might have some sort of idea on where Ursa could (or could’ve) be/been, what I think is that she could/could’ve either be/been traveling the world, wandering around the Earth Kingdom, or maybe she settled in one place like a small village or maybe even a city. Whether or not she’s alive, I really don’t know. Seeing how Zuko was like 10 when she was banished, and assuming he’s 16 now, it really hasn’t been that long since her banishment so there is a chance that she might’ve survived, but then again with all the chaos that went on in the world during the war, and especially since she’s fire nation, she might’ve been killed.

    Toph and her parent’s: Toph really hated her relationship with her parent’s. They were overprotective of her and treated her like she was helpless. That’s why she became the Blind Bandit, and ran off with Aang and the gang. But in “The Runaway” she sends them a letter apologizing to them and telling them how she’s been (well that’s what I think might’ve been in the letter, I can’t really be sure) but what happened when the war was over? What I think might’ve happened is that yes, she eventually went home to tie up loose ends with her parents, which since Toph did so much fighting and shit in the war and did a lot to help, there’s really nothing they can do, their daughter’s a hero. It’s impossible that they could shield her from the world again. Though seeing as Toph is the rebellious little girl we all know and love, I could be wrong. She could still “hate” her parents and never make contact with them again, maybe travel the world alone, or assist Aang and Zuko in rebuilding the world as a peaceful utopia.

    Jet: When I read that section of the article my first thought’s were “He DIED!?!? That blow to the head killed him (well maybe not head, he could’ve been hit in the chest) but he’s DEAD!?!? Now whether or not his death was peaceful or morbid, I’m gonna have to go with morbid because when Team Avatar took The Earth King to Lake Laogai, they found the Di Le’s secret lair was completely destroyed, so what I think happened was that the Di Le started to “destroy the evidence” while Smellerbee and Longshot were still inside giving them only a short amount of time to escape, then again seeing as they’re Ninja-like they could’ve made it out in time.

    Sun Stone/Dragon Egg: When Aang and Zuko when to the Ancient Sun Warrior’s temple they came across a strange object sitting on a pillar, which Zuko picks up and said it felt “Almost alive” but then of course it’s booby trapped and it start’s spewing out a glue-like substance, but what is it exactly? I’ve heard that it could’ve been a Dragon Egg and Aang even calls it a giant egg, but the Sun Warriors call it their sacred Sun Stone. What I believe is, it’s a stone. First off, if it were an egg then why would it be all shiny and fancy-like? Yes I get that the animals in the series aren’t the, well the most normal (Badger-mole, Platypus-bear, 5 ton 6 legged flying bison) and yes they could’ve decorated it, but I seriously don’t think that a dragon egg is just naturally that fancy, and if they did try to decorate it, wouldn’t they be a little nervous of it cracking or breaking when it was being decorated seeing as dragons are almost extinct? Secondly, they call it a stone, they’re the ones who own it so they would know what it is in the first place. Lastly I have an explanation on why it felt alive. The sun harnesses the energy firebender’s use for their bending, and that stone could symbolize the sun’s energy fueling the firebenders. Whatever that stone is composed of has so much energy that it feel’s “alive” I’m guessing it’s a magnet, if not then some sort of rare, radioactive element.

    WHAT HAPPENED TO HAWKEY!?!?!?: It wasn’t in the article, but I’m sure we’re all wondering what happened to the messenger hawk Sokka bought in “The Runaway” which he named “Hawkey.” At the end of the episode Toph uses Hawkey to send a letter to her parents all the way back home. Whether or not he actually made it to The Be Fong Estate, I don’t know. He could’ve, but it would’ve taken him a long time considering the fact that they were traveling the fire nation and her parents live all the way in the earth kingdom. He might not have made it, he could’ve gotten worn out, or injured, or fell in the ocean and drowned. I’m not entirely sure.

    These are all my opinions on what might’ve happened. I could be wrong, I could be right, who knows? All I know is my idea’s are based on what happened DURING the series and what I’ve read on various websites. Please do not leave any comments saying that I’m completely wrong and this happened and blah blah blah, I don’t care no hate mail, but please tell me what you think. Thank you and have a great day (or night depending on where you live in the world) live long and prosper, and be excellent to each other 🙂


    Pieman Reply:

    If you were a sun warrior, and someone broke into that place, and tried to steal it, would you call it an egg, when firebenders kill dragons for the fun of it? If it is an egg, I doubt they’d tell trespassers that it is.

    In regards to Toph helping to create the utopia, that’s pretty much what she does. She created the metalbending police of Republic City, and her daughter is head of them in TLOKorra.


  13. Me Said: Comment by Me on October 27, 2011 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

    I’d like to see what Ozai’s stoty was? What was his obsession towards ruling the world driven by? Why-how could he be so cruel to his children and especially his own son? How could he have become so heartless? Ozai needs a backstory as well, no one is just born that evil, things drive them to act that way. Even Hitler, had a drive, even though it could never justify his actions, it was still a drive, and Hitler had a messed up family. Perhaps Ozai was never loved, so in turn, he never learned how? I’d like to figure these things out.

    I really wish they’d answer all these questions in an hour long special or something, rather than a comic. It just won’t have the same feel and emotions. But, this should suffice.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I would not agree about a comic not having the same feel an emotion. I think that is often said about comics and is not true.
    Especially a story like Ozai’s backstory where there is a clear focus, I think would be a great comic story.

    I agree that I would prefer it to be animated, but for me anyway Comics can be just as good.

    As for Ozai’s backstory, it is clear that he is the way he is because of his father Azulon, and Azulon the way he is because of Sozin. Azula is the way she is because Ozai effectively raised her alone as more of a tool to get him more power than a daughter. I think the same is probably true for Ozai, it is the cruel history of Fire Lords starting from Sozin.
    Since Sozin, the fire lords only thought of power and winning the war.
    Iroh as we see was fairly cruel, not as much as Ozai, until the death of Lu Ten when he was changed as a person becoming more spiritual.
    Zuko was raised more by his mother, in a way saving him from the influence of Ozai, as we see in the War meeting he stands up for what is right. It is ultimately Ozai’s treatment of Zuko banishing him that makes Zuko the way he is when we see him in 101.

    Basically it is all about how each person was raised, Sozin is the start of it all really, as for where his cruelty comes from and the reason he decided to start the war. Well it started with his delusion that he needed to spread the prosperity of the Fire Nation at the time to the other nations and went from there.


    Tracy Reply:

    You know, I constantly question what went wrong with Sozin. At first, he was a thoughtful, playful young man. When the Sages showed up, his first concern was that something happened to his father. Later, he gives that special crown to Roku. Did his power corrupt him? It’s just something I’ve pondered because it is such a sad tale.


    Airbender Prodigy Reply:

    Actually, I think he might have gone bad because of Roku. Think about it. When he pitched the idea to Roku at the wedding, I’m sure he wasn’t thinking about invading preoccupied land. He was probably thinking about what was best for his nation, and expanding it’s markets and territories worldwide would make the nation itself thrive for many generations. But then Roku said no, and aggressively at that too. We all know how some people react to authority. Especially young adults and teenagers. They just want to do their own thing and rebel. Maybe his in his state of power as Firelord, he felt that no one of his nation should be above him, like when he says “Usually people bow before me” or something like that. So as a rebelling act, he did exactly what Roku expected him to do, he took others land. I guess he started out with one, possibly just to urk Roku, not really meaning to start anything, but got a taste for it. And eventually, he came to incorporate that whole thing into his plans.

  14. glumbiemon24 Said: Comment by glumbiemon24 on October 29, 2011 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    The fact that Aang called it an egg and that Zuko said it felt alive leads me to believe that the treasure is a dragon egg. It is well guarded from intruders because of the fact that it can only be opened on the Soltice and that you have to understand the ‘Dancing Dragon Dance’ statues to be able to bring it out of the ground. I thunk the last dragon egg deserves that type of security. However, one point against this that most people have stated is that the egg is to fancy and gold. I believe that this is a gold case around the egg that adds another layer of protection. Also it is believed through mythology that dragons love gold so this could be a way to incubate the dragon egg.


  15. Veronica Said: Comment by Veronica on November 17, 2011 at 4:52 am | Permalink

    Iroh’s Past: I would enjoy reading a bit about his past but.. It’s not a main concern of mine and Im not NEARLY creative enough to think up what could have possibly happened to him..

    Toph and her Parents: Again, not one of my main concerns.. but I think I would like it more if she DIDNT make up with them. I dont really know why.. I just think it would be really awkward for Toph to actually have a good relationship with her parents. Whether or not she saved the world, she is still a child. Would she live at home? If she did something bad, would they ground her? Like.. I just cant picture Toph even HAVING parents.

    Zuko’s Lightning Redirecting: Okay so.. again again, not too important to me.. but I feel like they might add this in the comic. One thing I think about A:TLA is they really dont leave a lot of loose ties. Considering Zuko DID struggle with lightning, I think its likely they will mention SOMETHING about it, even if its just like.. something simple.

    Sokka’s Weapons: In full honesty, I can not BELIEVE that he lost him.. They had an episode about Sokka feeling bad that practically everyone was a good fighter but him and they made the sword his THING. And what the hell happened to ‘Boomy always comes back’!?!?!? I have no idea how they will come up with a believable answer to him getting either weapon back but I really hope he does. I cant imagine how worthless he must feel without them…

    The Fire Nation Children: I feel like Aang probably had an influence on them but I dont really think we’ll see A LOT of them in the comics. Maybe though, since if any generation has potential to rid the Fire Nation of its bad reputation, it’s the up and coming one.

    Swamp Benders: Im sure we’ll see a bit of them but.. I dont personally find them too relevant.

    Ursa: Okay, I have to admit, when I saw the ending of the Avatar series, I wasnt actually that upset. The way they ended it.. I mean there was absolutely NO WAY that was the true end. The way that the entire series had always resolved every loose end it was just totally unrealistic to think we wouldnt find out what happened to her so.. I was pretty excited knowing more Avatar was on the way. 🙂 When I heard that we werent going to find out about her in the show though I FREAKED OUT. I was like.. HOW. OMG. WHAT IF I MISS IT!? But just like it was said, we’ll eventually find out. So Im super anxious. As for what I think actually HAPPENED to her? Im sure she’s alive.. I mean all this build up about her and they’re really gunna kill her off? I just cant bare to think they would do that to Zuko. With all the shit he’s been through, he deserves this. I dont really think much will happen in the way of.. like.. finding her and after finding her and stuff.. To me actually FINDING her seems like the story in itself.. but I guess something further happening with her role in the story other than just ‘being there’ would be good. I sort of think all the previous suggestions on here are kind of unrealistic though… I mean someone said maybe it was Azula who was supposed to be killed. Im prettysure that in the actual show ‘child Azula’ says that Ozai was supposed to feel the pain of losing a SON.. but the whole idea about Ursa helping to heal Azula is really good. Its clear from the campfire on Ember Island and from Azula seeing Ursa in her mirror when she cuts her hair, that Ursa favoring Zuko really bugged her. The thing I really loved about this show was how incredible of a character Zuko is.. He’s SO broken and all the emotion he goes through from changeing bad into good feels so strong and poweful. Azula has potential to be the same if we get more into her emotional side. We mainly see her putting on a tough front through the whole show. Now that she’s basically defeated it would REALLY make me happy to see HER emotional struggle.

    Dragon Egg: I dont know WHY people are freaking out about it being gold.. This is a show about people controlling elements and riding 4 flippered penguins and talking to big dead owls with monsters that steal your face. Laying a golden egg seems INCREDIBLY realistic next to some of the things that happen in this show. Appa can be born with a freaking arrow on his head and a DRAGON (WHICH IS A MYTHICAL CREATURE BY THE WAY) cant lay a golden egg? I hope it’s a dragon.

    Jet: I really wish he was still alive.. but thats cuz Ive been converted to a Jetko fan… I dont really want to know how he died unless its incredibly important cuz otherwise its just a bunch of sadness and blaahh.

    Also, I have something to say about Yue. I think it would be super interesting if some old man comes forward, saying he has some of the moon spirit in him and wants to trade places with Yue since he’s going to die soon anyway. I just really want Yue back. I do like Suki quite a bit, but I think Sokka was so much more aloof and himself when he was with Yue. Even though he was awkward he was still obviously dominant. Suki is a really strong fighter too and I think Sokka needs someone he can be confident he is stronger than and that he can protect and stuff. Suki clearly doesnt need his help. Especially since she freaks at him for trying to be protective when they’re crossing Ser..Serp..How do you even speall that’s Pass. Plus. He cant kiss Suki when the moon is out, and he was openly sulking about her when they were watching the play of themselves. Like he didnt even TRY to hide his feelings from Suki. He never really got a chance to get over Yue so it would be nice if they either somehow got back together or if Suki at least confronts Sokka about being all weird when the moon comes out and not even denying the feelings he has/had for Yue.


  16. yellowdingo Said: Comment by yellowdingo on November 18, 2011 at 7:26 pm | Permalink

    I still don’t see Sokka as anything but a tragic figure – Yue dies, so will Suki, then Ty Lee (His inevitable next girlfriend) and even Toph who is a potential girlfriend once she gets old enough will have second thoughts about a relationship with Sokka if he looses three girlfriends.

    I think that Azula is redeemable (once she is spiritually and psychologically healed by travelling with the Avatar awhile – likely during the pregnancy of his wife Katara) and potentially a future wife of Sokka once she accepts she is a lot like her mother.


  17. waterbender rissa Said: Comment by waterbender rissa on December 12, 2011 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    this is all awsome stuff….
    but with the relationship of Zuko and Aang
    Aang is speritually Zukos greate grandfather
    because as Iroh mentiond in the episode “The Avatar an the Firelod”
    Ursa’s grandfather was Avatar Roko!!!


  18. shippo Said: Comment by shippo on December 17, 2011 at 3:17 am | Permalink

    very simple, pay Jun to find her


  19. XMomoXisXepicX Said: Comment by XMomoXisXepicX on January 26, 2012 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

    I hope in “The Promise” they say what happened or where Zuko’s mother is. Let’s just say for now Ozai turned her invisible….. lol


    Avatar Yangchen Reply:

    lol!!! 🙂


  20. Avatar Yangchen Said: Comment by Avatar Yangchen on July 4, 2012 at 6:42 pm | Permalink

    there are too many questions that need answers. how will we find out all of them???



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