Avatar Online Podcast Episode 135

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Avatar Online Podcast Episode 135 – June 26th 2016


Morgan (Airspeed Prime) is joined by no one this week! I go solo to discuss the newly announced Avatar colouring book and speculate about what will happen at SDCC for the Korra comics. I answer some listener questions before the main discussion topic, the K307 Original Airbenders Review.

Next week will be the Volron – Legendary Defender Podcast Special

In 2 weeks time we will review K207 Beginnings Part 1

Podcast is 1 hour and 10 minutes long

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Podcast is just over 70 minutes long

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  1. ThePreciseClimber Said: Comment by ThePreciseClimber on June 26, 2016 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    Has a solo podcast ever happened before?


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I believe there was one time I didn’t know which host would show up, this time Kelly, Greg and Lauren all told me well in advance they couldn’t make it. That time I got no messages and no one showed up, so I think I did a really short podcast just covering the news.

    That said I would have to check to make sure.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Found it Episode 50 was a quick solo podcast by myself.


    The episode that started the odd trend on the podcast where almost all important episodes are hit with recording/skype problems or hosts being unable to make it. Most of the comic review podcasts, awards results shows and end of season reviews have had some sort of problem.



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