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We have been waiting a long time, but at last we have a better idea about what exactly the Avatar Legacy book coming out on October 13th is. We now have 4 2 page spreads from the book giving us a look at the general art style of the book as well as the writing style.






Now for some thoughts. The intro piece by Aang to Tenzin gives me a lot of hope for this book, Author Michael Teitenbaum seems to have a good grasp on the way to write an older Aang and little things like Aang referring to Katara as “Your Mother” talking to Tenzin is really great to see. It doesn’t completely get rid of the fears I have for this book, in that it could still go either way with regards to if it will focus completely on recapping Aang’s journey from ATLA or if it will have some new moments from Aang’s life we have not heard about before.

The other 2 pages are fairly basic going over some nice, but simple facts about the water tribes and the Fire Nation. I really appreciate the book bringing up the fact that the Northern Tribe was the original water tribe and that the southern tribe was originally formed from people who left, it is something a lot of fans don’t know.

This book is 64 pages long with some pull out mementos and here we have 8 of those pages. It does not seem like there will be a massive amount of text in the book, but given the 15 pages between the water tribe section and the fire nation section I feel there is definitely room for some more detail when the book comes out.

So overall this preview has me a little more excited, but I need to see more to be super excited.


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  1. Aang Said: Comment by Aang on September 10, 2015 at 4:23 am | Permalink

    It looks interessting, but like you said it will mostly be to small. When I saw this I thought about a Book that has content like Hyrule Historia


  2. Firelord_Ozai Said: Comment by Firelord_Ozai on September 16, 2015 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

    Looking forward to this book.



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