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Pakku Waterbending

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In an effort to best gauge and analyze reactions to M Night Shyamalans’ The Last Airbender I interviewed 3 different types of Avatar The Last Airbender Fans, namely:

  • People who have never watched the cartoon before
  • Mediocre fans (off and on watchers of the show)
  • Avid to Extreme fans

It was very interesting to see the reactions from these different types of people, and interesting enough all 3 mentioned similar things which will be discussed in this review.

This review is meant as Constructive feedback for M Night Shyamalan and to inform people what to expect for the movie.

**SPECIAL NOTE** If you have never heard of Avatar The Last Airbender before, this review is about The Last Airbender (the Movie) it is” NOT a review of the cartoon show which is one of the greatest works of art (on all levels) ever made. Check out our Avatar Episodes page to Watch Avatar Online


  • A movie of many firsts for M Night Shyamalan
  • Mistakes with The Last Airbender Movie
  • Things The Last Airbender hit Spot on!
  • Conclusion

A movie of many firsts for M Night Shyamalan

The Last Airbender was a movie that required Night to do things he had never done before; His first movie which he didn’t write the original storyline, first movie that required CGI special effects, his first Action Adventure, and first family film.

Compound this with the fact that Nights movie is compared with the best of the best (Avatar The Last Airbender the cartoon), as well as Night taking on triple duty being the movies Writer, Producer, and Director. (Which he really needs to ask for some help, perhaps hand the writing off to someone else, or get assistance with the writing).” ”  In the words of wise Iroh to Toph” -You are like Zuko, you think you need to do it all on your own, when you don’t realize all of the great help that can surround you”. (paraphrased).

I believe these hurdles facing Night caused him to get scatter-brained and overwhelmed with this Massive project.

Mistakes with The Last Airbender movie

While interviewing people about the movie I compiled a list of things that bothered people most about the movie:

1. Name Pronunciation changes – I still don’t completely know what Night hoped to achieve by changing the pronunciation of the names, but if it was to make fans of the show happy, he couldn’t have missed the mark any further…”  While I was watching the movie every time Sokka, Avatar, or Iroh, was mis-pronounced people sitting behind me would smack themselves in the forehead in frustration (most everyone thought that the actors simply didn’t know how to correctly pronounce the names).”  If he needed to change the pronunciations to satisfy some demographic, I wonder if it’s possible to do multiple pronunciation recordings? That single thing caused a TON of friction with viewers.

2. Rushed Story, Cheesy Dialogue and Pacing – The beginning 3/4’s of the movie was pretty choppy and just glazed over a summary of everything, sure it’s understandable that he has to cut some parts out compressing 21 episodes into under 2 hours, but it seemed to just suddenly jump from place to place with little to no character development. Most of the people I interviewed who had never seen the cartoon series before had absolutely no idea what was going on.”  Other movies have been able to compress large stories into a short movie in an understandable way (Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc..) M Night should seriously think about having another writer assist him with the writing and plot.”  It shows courage to admit when you need help and then accept that help to get something amazing created, Night shouldn’t try and do this all on his own or he will be overwhelmed with the large scope of the story (like he seemed to be in this one).

Sokka Crazy

What exactly just happened? Many Avatar new-comers were asking.

3. Aang was too serious – Having never before acting in his life, Noah Ringer did a respectable job (his Martial Arts was pretty cool), but events with him were to life-less and overall he was to serious, hopefully with Noah Ringer being in a new movie (Cowboys and Aliens), he can get some acting training and his performance can improve and his dialogue can be less serious.

4. Sokka also too serious – The comedy directed at Sokka was actually pretty good and timely (especially at the beginning), but Sokka himself seemed to be -trying not to laugh, while being extremely serious”. Sokkas dialogue needs alot of re-thinking.”  I think Jackson Rathbone did ok, he just needed more to go off of to allow his natural humor out.

5. To much martial arts before the bending – While the bending was absolutely amazing, several scenes with the bending had the actors doing a ton of martial arts without any bending happening and then suddenly the bending would just start happening.”  The Pakku nun-chuck thing was AWESOME! all of the bending scenes should have been like that.”  Less dancing style flamboyant martial arts and more bending.

Pakku Waterbending

Pakku Waterbending Scene = Awesome! ... Scenes with a bunch of martial arts / dancing with little to no bending until later on = WAY CHEESY!

6. Thank you Captain Obvious – Obvious statements such as -You can bend Air!” by Sokka or -This must be a training ground!” by Aang were too obvious and ridiculously cheesy, if the cartoon didn’t need to be extremely obvious … the movie doesn’t need to be either.

7. Additional Plot added with important plots removed – the scenes of Aang actively attacking Fire Nation inside of the Earth Nation never happened in the show, quite to the contrary Aang and Gang were sneaking around hiding from the firenation, even into the second and third seasons! Also the amazing Agni Kai scene between Zhao and Zuko never happened 🙁

Zuko Agni Kai Zhao

Missed the Duel between Zuko and Zhao

8. The fight scenes at the end were amazing, like Zuko vs. Katara, Aang vs. Zuko, but they were only 10-15 seconds long! additional length with those would have been good.

9. The Movie could’ve used and extra hour or so (as long as that extra hour was good).

Well that’s it for all the major mistake that people told me they had with the show.”  Now we’ll talk about what worked well.

Things that The Last Airbender hit spot on!

1. The Last Airbender visually looked amazing! The scenery, the bending, the Oceans, and I especially liked the Firenation ships. Yes The Last Airbender all looked fantastic, I don’t think anything needs to be improved there.

Fire Nation Ships The LAst Airbender

Holy Cow! These Firenation ships looked incredible.

2. The Blue Spirit scene was great! (albeit too short)

Blue Spirit in Movie

Blue Spirit Scene pretty cool.

3. As stated before the Pakku Nunchuck scene was fantastic, the fight between Zuko and Katara was also amazing.”  I loved the final fight between Zuko and Aang as well.

4. Appa and Momo looked amazing. (we needed to see more of them though).

5. I loved the dynamics and comedy between Sokka and Katara (the few scenes that had it)

6. From what I saw of Azula she seemed to be a good fit for the character.

7. Zuko and Iroh were portrayed decently.


All in all I’m glad M Night decided to make The Last Airbender, at the very least it is a fantastic tribute to the show (which Night himself is a major fan of).

I do hope Night gets a chance to make the second one (so long as he listens to feedback and makes changes, he also should get some help with the writing and not try to hoard it all to himself).

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  1. Julie Said: Comment by Julie on July 11, 2010 at 1:57 am | Permalink

    Everything was agreeable here.
    I still CAN’T figure out what’s up with the name mispronounciations.
    That was the main thing that I couldn’t stand..
    It just baffles me how they he changed that..
    Some of my friends were cringing extremely each time it was said wrong.
    I was surprised “Katara” wasn’t mispronounced.

    It was definitely rushed.. no character development. I wish he made it 3 hours to develop their characters.

    And I was really sad when Aang wasn’t acting childish and immature :(.

    I’m definitely going to watch the movie again. Some people have enjoyed it just a bit more after the second viewing, and I’m going to try to do that.. or just wait until the DVD comes out so I can buy it.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Let us know how it goes watching it a second time. I’d like to hear what you think.


    Daniel Reply:


    I too hated how they mispronounced the names, but Night did it on purpose to be more true to the Chinese pronunciation and heritage of the names (which I believe is unnecessary )


    Anonymous Reply:

    Not to be stereotypical, but I myself am Chinese, I LOVED THE ORIGINAL AVATAR SERIES AND I THINK THEY ARE AMAZING, but the name changes weren’t necessary. My main concerns –

    1) Name Pronunciation
    2) No/very little Character Development
    3) Movie was rushed
    and 4) It seemed like that instead of all that story and healthy doses of action being packed into one big heart, it seems like the main focus is action. And as a result the movie fell apart. [paraphrase from].

    If a second movie is going to be made, M. Night whatever his last name is must realize that it’s not all about the visuals, although the visuals in this movie was excellent. It’s about other things too.


  2. liam Said: Comment by liam on July 11, 2010 at 4:04 am | Permalink

    i couldnt help but agree!


  3. Shawn45 Said: Comment by Shawn45 on July 11, 2010 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    You’re way too nice to this movie. WAY too nice.

    I am an extreme fan, and I detested this movie, but there’s hundreds of fan reviews on the internet with the same opinion as me, so I won’t start a flame war here by stating my reasons.


    Pauly Reply:

    I agree with Shawn, you were way too nice. The more time that passes the more I dislike this movie. I’m afraid it was the final nail in the coffin as far as M.Night goes. He is like George Lucas, I can’t figure out how this is the same game that made movies early in this career I love and late in his career I loath.

    When I asked a friend what he thought of the movie (he too has seen the series) he summed up exactly how I felt. “bored”.

    To be honest, I don’t think a live action movie works. I just finished re-watching the entire series and there is a natural suspension of disbelief we give to animation that we don’t to live action. The bending and action in general was worlds better in the cartoon and just wouldn’t work if duplicated in live action. Which means that the action needs to be toned down to be more “realistic” (like firebenders not being able to create their own fire) which is anti-climatic after what we’ve seen from the show. I actually hope nothing more is made.


  4. Bradley Said: Comment by Bradley on July 11, 2010 at 8:13 am | Permalink

    The casting in the movie was downright terrible. Iroh, Zhao, and Fire Lord Ozai stand out. The first two didn’t embody any of the attributes that made their counterparts in the cartoon so rich and memorable. And don’t get me started on Ozai. Where was his mystic? In the cartoon we never saw his face until season three. We only saw his silhouette and he was either burning his son’s face or breathing fire into the sky. And where was his comanding presence? When Ozai first appeared in the movie I thought he was just a regular soldier. There was nothing special about him and nothing that proved he was ruthless, heartless, and capable of winning a war–much less leading a nation.

    And yes, the mispronouncing of names was unforgivable. I hope they either don’t make a sequel or they kick M Night to the curb and start over!


  5. self-P Said: Comment by self-P on July 11, 2010 at 9:17 am | Permalink

    You stated more cons than pros yet you say, “… at the very least it is a fantastic tribute to the show.”

    Are you kidding?

    This movie was terrible as both a film and a representation to the show.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    I was trying to look for some positive things to say, a bit tough to find with this one unfortunately.


  6. DPalmer Said: Comment by DPalmer on July 11, 2010 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

    And here is my rant on the movie and the name thing: Visually, it was amazing. The issues with the movie, for me, were solely dictated by the bad writing of the script which lead to even worse flow. The actors did well given the script they had to work with. The soundtrack is another amazing aspect of the movie. Now to the name thing. As we know, the show is partly, not solely, based on Asian traditions, as are the names. M. Night, just like the creators of the show, wanted the movie’s ‘world’ to be grounded in known Asian traditions, names and fighting styles mainly. To keep the pronunciation of the names the same as they are in the show, M. Night would have had to change their spelling. He opted to keep the spelling the same and change how they are said, knowing that fans of the show would be pissed. In researching this movie WAY TOO MUCH, I read this and TOTALLY understand why. The man is Asian so I trust him on that…lol. Anytime you can ground a cartoon adaptation in reality, you are doing the material and the fans a service. Again, my only issue with this film is his writing and flow. The actors worked well with the crap they were given and the visuals and soundtrack were great. All in all, I give it a C-. (Sorry about this length. I have had this discussion way too many times in the past few days…lol. Being a fan makes just happy to see an adaptation period. Ha!)


    Bradley Reply:

    I understand the show/movie are based on Asian traditions. I just think Night took it too far, and in doing so, completely overlooked what made the series so great. The Avatar story does not take place in Asia. It doesn’t even take place in our world. I told my wife a few months ago that the movie would be awesome if M Night doesn’t screw it up. And, in my opinion, he did just that.

    Did anyone notice if the nations’ fighting styles remained true to the show? The fight scenes were so short I couldn’t tell.


    DPalmer Reply:

    I am not really seeing how rooting them a bit more in the traditions they were based on is taking it too far. All M. Night did was change how the names were said to better reflect the culture(s) they are based on. Also, in the show, they used Chinese characters for writings and such. In the movie, they created a new set of characters to, again, reflect that the world is similar to the Asian lands we know on earth but show that this is not our world as the creators did with the cartoon. I do agree that he overlooked key aspects of the show, battles and Aang’s main struggles in particular. I also agree that, all in all, M. Night did screw up, but it was, in my opinion, not a total disaster.

    With the fighting styles, he did stick to the one’s used in the show for each nation. He also interlaced them with similar styles. Each nation’s original style was still the most prominent.

    Thanks for replying, by the way!


    Alienbeard Reply:

    No offense but personally I think m.night shouldn’t have said this to be an Atla movie
    he changed pronunciations that we got by with , I grew to know the characters be thier tv show names , I didn’t really think of how they were really supposed to be pronounced
    also he changed it FOR HIMSLEF
    making it so firebenders need fire around?! If he watched the show he would know that firebending (other than enegry bending) is the only bending created within the person , like an extension of thier soul like a sword is an extension of the body( thank you piando)
    this was no avatar
    this was m.nights personal fantasy
    sorry bout that 😀

  7. Matthew Said: Comment by Matthew on July 11, 2010 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

    Hmm you never mentioned the Kyoshi warriors


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah, I wasn’t too disappointed with them being left out because they will be in the second (if the second is made)


    Matthew Reply:

    Yea there saying its going to happen because the production cost is almost covered and it hasnt even gone international


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yep I’ve heard that as well, hopefully Night will listen to feedback and hopefully get another writer before the second one.

    Matthew Reply:

    Id love for that to happen but apparently hes already written the second one.

    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah he’s written a rough draft of the second one, but looking at the quality of the first one I really hope he has someone write a new one or gets someone to help him make some major revisions.

    Matthew Reply:

    I love to see mike and Bryan but that wont happen

  8. jay3jr Said: Comment by jay3jr on July 11, 2010 at 8:16 pm | Permalink

    …me being just a big of a fan as everyone else, I was kinda disappointed with the movie, but not too disappointed. Also, some explanations to the questions raised might be answered in my review:

    …check it out. 😀


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Good review


  9. art Said: Comment by art on July 12, 2010 at 9:22 am | Permalink

    The name change while annoying is pretty simple to explain.

    The animated show pronounced the names incorrectly. In the show they were pronounced with an American accent (yes that does exist). Night simply changed the pronunciation of the names to be correct.

    Ang is AAAng (as in Ang Lee). Aang is actually pronounced ‘Ong’ which is what he changed it to. Same with Iroh (which is actually pronounced Eeroh) and Sokka (which is actually pronounced Soak-ah)

    Now rather or not you like that or agree with it is up to you but this is why it was done.


    DPalmer Reply:

    WOW! That is almost the exact way I had to explain it to friends before and after the we watched the film. Good to know I am not the only one who was ok wit that. (Katara could have said Aang’s name less but that’s a different story…lol)!


    alienbeard Reply:

    i think the real issue is the way Night went about it
    as the guys in the other sites say , night only saw this as a gig
    not a real opportunity to make it epic
    the main issue was the director ,Night, didnt care about it


    alienbeard Reply:

    sorry to be a pain but i think the point weve been trying to make the whole NAME PRONUCIATION ISSUE is that we , as fans of the show, grew to know these characters by what they we called then
    the movie was supposed to realise our dreams of a movie but M.night basically just made it his own film, how he wanted
    the whole idea of acting and directing (being both myself) is that you have to do what the audience wants in a film like this
    we dont actually care about how it is really said, we just want it how we know them
    😀 sorry if im being a pain


    A+K4eva Reply:

    i think he did it they way he wanted it to be, not caring about how the audience will like it and frankly…
    if u do the way u want to…the only person who will be watching it is…u…
    cant make money that way


  10. Brooke Said: Comment by Brooke on July 12, 2010 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    I am a little late, but I finally got to see the movie and I completely agree with everything in this review. But I am also curious on why the comet was said to come in 3 years(I could have sworn at the end of book 3 Aang said something about it being a year since he was found), Why was Princess Yue’s father dead, and why didn’t they mention the fact that she was married?, and why weren’t the Kyoshi warriors in the movie? They added a scene that I don’t even remember seeing at all in the show instead of introducing them :/ I understand that it would be difficult to put everything from the show in the movie but I really thing M. Night should have-as you said-had someone help him with the script and he should have tried harder at making this a film that people who haven’t seen the show would enjoy and understand…it was annoying that my friends had to keep asking what was going on….yupp that’s all I have to say 🙂


    Matthew Reply:

    The 3 yrs thing is because if they make 3 movies the main star (Noah Ringer) would be 18 bye the third. Kyoshi warriors wernt in because M Night said that the Kyoshi warriors were to becoming to big in the story but there saying that they will be in the next one.


    alienbeard Reply:

    im with you on that , i think he should’ve tried harder on this one 🙁


    A+K4eva Reply:

    i agree


  11. Janice Said: Comment by Janice on July 13, 2010 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    I thought the movie trilogy started well. What I had a problem with is every time the names were pronounced wrong, I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs! I came away with it’s good but… If only he would have stuck with the names we have come to love and are so familiar with I could have enjoyed the move more. It’s not like being based on a book when at times we may not know the correct pronunciation. These are names we have heard for years and it takes a lot out of the performance for me. To change the pronunciation of the main character’s name – Night’s explaination of the change is not justifiable.


    alienbeard Reply:

    well said 🙂


  12. FaeStruck Said: Comment by FaeStruck on July 13, 2010 at 7:15 pm | Permalink

    From watching The Last Airbender Revealed special on NickToons before the movie came out, it seems that this film crashed and burned in editing. M. Night shot lots of funny scenes, he shot the Kyoshi warriors, but he ended up omitting all of it during the editing process. I’m personally hoping that the director’s cut and/or DVD will be better because maybe it will include some of that lost footage.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Don’t get your hopes up about the Kyoshi warriors, Night said he wasn’t going to include them in the directors cut.


    FaeStruck Reply:

    =( Durn. Guess he doesn’t want to do the special effects needed.


    Janice Reply:

    We should call for a new edit and release!!!! 🙂


    alienbeard Reply:

    id back you up 🙂


  13. Momoe Said: Comment by Momoe on July 13, 2010 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    Uhhh im going to go see this on aug. 8 for my birthday– im kind of worried now… Plus, im taking some friends who have never seen ALA before.. Dont get me wrong, im a hardcore, diehard avatard but i do feel worried yet cautiously optimistic…?


    LionTurtle Reply:

    Just Make sure that you tell them tha the cartoon is incredible and the movie is just a shadow of the cartoon.


    A+K4eva Reply:

    shadow? more like travesty


  14. Tawny Said: Comment by Tawny on July 14, 2010 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    I really didn’t like how Aang, Sokka, and Katara didn’t have much interaction. They become so close and are FRIENDS and travel together!! But if you didn’t know the show, they don’t seem very close at all, it all goes so fast! Just adding a simple scene with them riding Appa and talking would have been great in itself! But in the movie, they just met up and yeah, lots of rushed scenes and we didn’t get to see them really get to know each other. It’s like, one second they just meet, BOOM, they are off to all the different places they go to in the whole Book 1, in less than an hour without us seeing how well they know each other. I know they can’t include EVERYTHING from Book 1, but it was pretty important to show how close the three of them become. They had hardly any interaction, and when they did, it didn’t feel right because we barely ever see them talking. >.> I mean, imagine, say the first Harry Potter movie, totally rushed, and it’s made so that Harry, Ron, and Hermione don’t even seem like friends and don’t interact.

    Aang and Sokka were to serious..that’s because the movie only really focused on serious stuff. It was so rushed that they just went right to all the battles and stuff..Aang had one hyper moment but that was it. I liked Katara. But I mean, Aang, Katara and Sokka don’t get any time to have fun or get to know each other. They just end up together and yeah. There’s so connection that comes between them, no fun shared moments. I mean, just imagine a nice scene with Aang, Katara, and Sokka all riding Momo, just talking about stuff. Laughing maybe. We get NO good interaction with the three of them, and they have so many good moments in the show.

    I guess, what I’m saying, is it would have been great if the movie was done well with character development, so that by the end of it we sense the friendship that Aang has formed with Sokka and Katara.

    The big reason so many people don’t like it is because it doesn’t fully keep the Airbender Spirit.. Look at HP, in my opinion, even when they do change somethings, skip some stuff or whatever, the SPIRIT of Harry Potter is still felt, you see character development, you can follow the story. It’s still magical, even if not the same. Airbender didn’t have to be the same..but it was to rushed.

    My friends and I thought it was alright.

    We laughed at lot at Zuko, we thought he was awesome! And I kept laughing whenever someone said “Uung!” I don’t know how they got that wrong, didn’t they watch the shows before making this movie? After 61 episodes you’ve got to know it’s AANG not anything like UuNG!


  15. someguy Said: Comment by someguy on July 15, 2010 at 6:09 pm | Permalink

    I agree with most ppl’s comments about how character development was bad and the graphics were good, etc. however i saw the 3D movie and it was LAME. The 3D looked normal i would occasionly take off and then out the glasses back on and no difference what so ever. except in the air temple scenes. dont waste your money dont watch it in 3D


  16. A+K4eva Said: Comment by A+K4eva on July 15, 2010 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

    ok this is a good review, really good, i liked it…but its time for me to rant, so sorry if ur annoyed with this, because this is gonna be really long…

    first of all: the names…
    sure that may be the way to pronounce them truely from their origin, but we watched the series, not studied chinese names and pronounciations…i understand that shamalamadingdong (im not calling him his real name cuz he made me and a lot of other people realll pissed) is trying to respect culture but being a director of an adaptation he should stick to what the series did…yes it was americanized, but having watched it for several years and coming to love it, who really cares??? now u just got everyone mad..everytime i hear the word “ahng” i made a face and wanted to scream with all my might…way to make people pissed beyond reason all because a name change shamalama…

    2nd: aang was wayyy tooo serioussssss…
    um, this is suppose to be a 12 year old kid, still barely matured, wanted nothing more than to have fun, even with a huge responsiblities hanging above his shoulders…not once did i see aang smile or see him laugh…whats up with that??? aang is the funnest person on the show and i was looking forward to seeing that…but no, it was no fun and games, it was like he was a 50 year old responsible for doing a very very important task for some boring company…he’s 12! 12 year olds laugh all the time!!! as did aang in the series!! but this kid, noah ringer? what? goodness gracious why did they put that boy thru that suffering?? that was absolutly terrible…horribly written on aangs part…

    3rd: sokka wasnt even funny…
    sokka was my fav character and i was sooo looking forward to jackson rathbone portraying his funny self in sokkas funny character…but no, once again, it was no fun and games…hes the sarcasic leader making jokes left and right, and being a sarcastic funny person myself, i can totally relate to that…then for jackson rathbone, that just made him look bad (me loving jackson rathbone, i was angry what they put him thru as well)…not cool…ps wasnt sokka trying to stop them from making stops in villages and wanted to get straight to the northern water tribe as apposed coming up with the idea and encouraging it??? what? just awful portrayel of sokka (but im not blaming jaskon ;))…

    4th: too much martial arts before any bending…
    whats up with the 15 hand twists and 6 cartwheels to bend like a little bit of water? in the series the movement went with the bending and i loved it…in the movie they like flipped around 4 times andwaved around their arms like and interpretive dancer before bending anything and the bending wasnt even in tune with the movements…yes they were cool…if they wouldnt have been used so much…i respect martial arts because its very beautiful and, well, just amazing and downright awesome, but overused in a move like this just doesnt do it justice at all…very poorly used…

    5th: aangs arrow and zukos scar were barely noticable…
    um how come i cant even see zukos scar??? can they like put paint on his left eye? its not that hard to see a scar like that, but i couldnt even see it when i watched this movie…and aangs arrow? whats up with all those lines??? its not an inscriptiong its a blue tatto of an arrow marking the air nomads…just put blue paint on his forehead!!! i no this is not a big deal, but stuff like that irks me D: plus on a side not, y couldnt zuko have his ponytail??? i loved his ponytail (though i wasnt complaining when they cut if of later on:D) but it was his signature in book 1…shameful…

    6th (told u this would be long): why do u have to have fire around to bend fire??
    there is no need to have fire around to bend fire…that was just stupid…theres heat in the air which is probably how they did it in the series…i was very pissed with that, becuase it was so stupid…so when iroh (EYE-roh is what i like to call him :P) just started fire bending out of thin air (like hes suppose to) and one fire nation soldier shouted out in fear something like “hes bending fire out of thin air!!” me and my brother just started cracking up because it so stupid cause THATS HOW ITS DONE…

    7th: y were the earth bending prisoners with haru so scared to bend earth when theres earth all around them plus werent they suppose to be on a METAL ship prison?…
    what was that? first of all they were suppose to be on a metal ship then obtain something to bend from the coal that aang (u no AAAAAng) airbended up??? but since they decided to change the scenary for no reason, there was earth all around them, they could have overtook the fire nation guards easy-peasy…and didnt katara give that speech and not aang? again, its not a big deal but these little things that could so easily be changed irk me…

    8th: they cut out A LOT…
    i no they cant put in EVERYTHING from the series in the movie and i no its hard to adapt a 20 episode season (which is about 6 or 7 hours) in a two hour movie, but they missed a lot of key i wanted to watch the series before watching the movie…i didnt but i did finish book one before watching it…while i was watching i analyzed what was most important out of all the episode and decided what was probably gonna be in the movie…i was SORELY and GREATLY disapointed…they didnt even have the kyoshi warriors, which i deamed pretty important, and im sure a lot of other people did too…they just rushed thru everything, and it seemed one minute, they r saving haru and the other earthbenders then the next they r already at the northern water tribe…thats A LOT to skip…very disapointing…

    and 9th (yes finally): its like the characters didnt even like eachother…
    whats up with the relationship between aang, katara, and sokka…its like theyre all strangers who met up and r going on a journey together…even sokka and katara, if u never heard of ATLA the series and u came in the middle of the movie u would even no theyre related…and u dont even get to realize that aang is in love with katara…thats especially crucial to the plot, maybe one of the top 3 most important things in the whole series…u dont even get attached to the charaters, like u do in the series…in the movies…unfortunately because of the stiff dialouge, i felt like i didnt give a crap about aang…which greatly disapointed me, and makes me disapointed in myself for caring so little in one of my fav characters…proud of urself shamalama??

    in conclusion (after such a long rant) that was the worst piece of poop i have ever seen in an adaption…they missed so many points, the acting was wooden, u didnt get attached to the characters, and the plot was messed up…i really hope that they redo this movie with a DIFFERENT WRITER AND DIRECTER and then continue from there…either that for the 2nd and third get a different writer and directer…very disapointed and im glad i got to vent my feelings…its also comforting to no that im not the only one that feels this way about this travesty…i was expecting a great movie, and from this expectation, i was let down more that i ever was with entertainment…the trailers looked somewhat promising and i had hoped that they had only showed aang serious in the trailers for the action scenes and that he would be his regular fun-loving self in the movie, but no…of course not…so thanks alot shamalama…uve let a lot of people down…so down, that this might be the end of ur career…

    sorry for this being so long and thank u for reading this…


  17. sonya Said: Comment by sonya on July 16, 2010 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    This was pure filth if the series was as bad as this film no body would watch it. He did the original writers a disservice and butchered a magnificant tale.


  18. Rebs Said: Comment by Rebs on July 18, 2010 at 9:17 pm | Permalink

    I really liked your review, agreed on all points. I think mr. Shyamalan missed a big opportunity with this movie, the story is so strong and the characters so rich in the original anime, I wish he would have gotten some help with the script, and not done all the writing himself! It takes a lot of writing skill to be able to condense all the story development into less than two hours of film.
    I wonder whether the acting would have had more depth if the script had been better written. There were several times during the movie I felt I was watching a Disney Channel special (not to hate on Disney, but most of their tv movies feel like a “new actor/actress springboard” of sorts, where people get their start.) All in all, though, I would still go see ATLA, because even a bad script and the ensuing bad delivery could not ruin the story!


  19. Gino Said: Comment by Gino on July 20, 2010 at 4:12 am | Permalink

    i just watched this, and im not a super hardcore fan, ive seen the whole series maybe 2ce through total, the review was great and most of it i agree with, however i still think that Night butchered this film completely.
    It seems more like he’s never watched Avatar before at all.

    Rant time go!


    Kitara wasn’t too bad she had her serious mother like emotion,

    Sokka dissapointed me the most he was way too serious, he may aswell not have even been there, I have always seen him as a goofy teen that wants to do right and help out but always creates trouble for himself.

    Aang was well played during the martial arts scenes but his character was off, too serious again, Aang is supposed to be a fun loving kid not an angry at the world orphan child.

    Iroh seemed a little to serious as well, he was always more relaxed and layed back.

    Zhao was farily well played however as i recall it was his idea to kill the moon spirit, not the the fire lords,

    Zuko seemed like himself, but because the film was so short you don’t get to see his confusion with himself and how his character grows throughout the 1st chapter.

    Firelord Oazi seemed fine, although you don’t really get to know his character anyway, but he was way to lenient with his subjects, the Firelord should be seen as a god among the firenation people and only addressed by generals at his throne like as seen in the series.

    Yue i guess was played fine, even though the scene with her and sokka when she gives her life back to the moon spirirt must have seemed stupid to the non-knowing audience, there was way too much emotion and no explanation why.

    Momo…. Momo was great in the series, always did stupid funny things with his curiosity, yet you barely see him or appa in the film, just glimpse’s, infact I don’t think he even gave him a name? guess we’ll just have to call him pet lemur-whatever.

    None of these characters however seemed attached to each other, Sokka Kitara and Aang are supposed to be like “family” as they call it, yet you barely see them talkto each other seemed more like they were just hitchin’ a ride on the back of Aang’s truck. Iroh is supposed to be more of a dad towards Zuko yet he seems more like the teacher at daycare, doesnt care for the most part as long as he gets paid at the end of the day. Sokka and Yue are supposed to have been in some hot teen loving but apparantly theyre just friends. And although Zhao does dis Zuko abit you really can’t feel the hated between the two.


    It was crap,

    Rushed, some of the best parts of the series were missed out, which made the film make no sense in alot of parts, if you didnt watch the series you would probably have no idea at all what is going on. Where were the parts about hmm lets think, Kyoshi island? King Bhumi? Jet and the freedom fighters? Aang trying to fire bend and kitara learning that she can heal with water? and avater Roku? i know that there is alot to fit into one movie, but its these adventures and meetings that let you get to know the characters, I think it should have been made on a larger scale, maybe 2-3 movies per book? i’m sure the fans would appreciate it. another part that made no sense was the fact that when Aang went into the avatar state he was sent into the spirit world, where he was talking to some dragon (which i’m guessing is supposed to be Roku’s dragon) but this sucks cause it doesnt help explain Aang’s or the avatar’s past. But i’d say the worst part about the whole thing was the
    mispronunciantions of the names with aang sokka and iroh, that stuff really gets on your nerves after hearing their names over and over again then having them be called something else.


    Although the bending scenes were nice effects wise (really nice) they were all way too delayed, the bending of the elements would usally start as soon as a motion or move towards the corrosponding element was made. (at least in the series)
    And they changed the story line with bending too, saying that Sozin’s comet would allow firebenders to create thier own fire from thier chi, which kind of ruins more of the storyline, book 3 for example where Zuko and Aang try to find a new source to firebend from and go to the Sun Warrior ruins, Night seems to have “lamed” out firebenders, made them seem like less of a threat and that the rest of the nations are just too pussy and scared to put out some fire then kick theyre ass’s.
    The worst part about the bending is that alot of it was not there, perhaps the most dissapointing missing scene was the Agni Kai between Zuko and Zhao that apparantly no longer happens.

    To be Honest, i kind of hope that the 2nd and 3rd movies are cancelled, this one alone was dissapoiting enough and i’d hate to see Night ruin the 2nd and 3rd books of Avatar along with the 1st. I fell as if i could have easily writen and Directed this much much better than Night did (and i bet alot of other fans do to)

    thanks for reading if you could be ass’d and sorry for any typo’s lol.


  20. egelsone Said: Comment by egelsone on July 21, 2010 at 2:32 am | Permalink

    m night did everything in this movie wrong, and the pronunciations? that just seems downright disrespectful. and did anyone notice that he changed the symbols? sometimes change isnt the best thing. soke-a aaaang, eero. pissed me off. and the kid that played aang was way to chubby in the face and frowny. and many of the characters werent true to the way they were intended, water benders are inuits, while most people in the movie were caucasian. and seriously this movie just seemed as if he let people line up and give him ideas, then put ALL of them in. like he saw that kid flipping around and doing martial arts and was just like “ID LOVE A BIG BOWL OF THAT BEFORE YOU DO SIMPLE BENDING”

    PEOPLE! please add on this i would love to hear what you guys REALLY think. were there any parts where you were just like FACE -> PALM?


  21. John Said: Comment by John on July 21, 2010 at 10:03 pm | Permalink

    Against my better judgement I went to this movie. I’m a huge fan of the cartoon. I was very excited to here of this movie comming out. I was ready to go to the IMAX 3D and pay top dollar day one.

    Then I found out who the director was. I was already wanting to go pull what the kids on south park do to mel gibson. Just go to his house and demand my money back for the happening and the village. His other movies were also big snooze fest for me. With this bad directors name attached I decided to watch all the trailers and wait a few days to see reviews.

    I read the reviews and talked to my friends who went to the movie day one. They all hated it and told me not to waste the money to see it in 3D. They told me it was still worth seeing as a fan of the show. Sadly they either lied to me or they were just wrong.

    The things I read above about good special effects make me wonder if they went to the same movie as me. The timing was off on lots of the motions to the bending. The only thing you can say about them was the special effects were not that special. All of the special effects were short, very short. They only lasted a few seconds because they were extreamly slowed down. D- at best.

    The casting was bad. Seemed like they were just to cheap to pay for the contacts that the characters would have needed to look like the cartoon. The slightest bit of good acting that was going on was just useless with the horrible writing.

    Now comes the interesting part. Will they make another? The answer to that is simple. If they make more then it cost by enough to make a good return on the investment there will be another. Sadly if this happens it’s over. I see lots of empty theaters and those who invest in the second movie just losing thier investment. Then we get the no end senario as many saw with the golden compass. I have a hard time seeing anyone giving another 2hours of thier life to see another one of these train wrecks, with the chance of an ending looking like a small chance at best.

    I wish they could scrap it and start over like other stated above. Sadly it’s just too late. Seems like Nickledon sent out the idea and shopped around for a director with a name we all know. Sadly it seems the responder was a guy with a horible reputation for a reason. We will miss you Avatar. Seems like M. night made sure we won’t see you again for another 100 years.

    If you read this M. night you now owe me 40 bucks for all the bad movies you ripped me off for. You should probly just not walk on the streets anymore as I’m sure if your spotted someone will be knocking you out and taking the money you ripped them off for out of your wallet.



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