Zuko The mysterious and thought provoking storyline


Starting out in the Firenation

Zuko Old Face
Zuko began in the Firenation in a mad hunt for The Avatar

Zuko was born as a child of the Firenation Leader (The Firelord) and was destined to become the next Firelord.”  However he questioned a general during a Firenation war meeting about his plan to send brand new Firenation soldiers to their certain deaths in order to create a distraction for the main Firenation army.”  For his outburst Zuko was sentenced to an Agni Kai (Fight to the death) with his own father (The Firelord).”  As an act of -mercy” his father only scarred his face”  permanently and banished him with the only way to come back being the capture of The Avatar.

Banished with Iroh

Zukos’ wise Uncle, Uncle Iroh (General in the Firenation, known as Dragon of the West). Chose to join Zuko on his quest.”  Uncle Iroh lost his own son in a raid against the Earth Nation.”  This caused Uncle Iroh to give up his leadership in the Firenation army.”  As time went on, Uncle Iroh took Zuko on as his own son, although at first Zuko rejected Uncle Iroh he learned great lessons about his own true destiny from Uncle Iroh and valuable life lessons.

The Chase of The Avatar

Zuko smiling Iroh
Iroh takes on Zuko as his own son, after Zuko’s banishment

From the moment Zuko was banished from the Firenation he began his chase of The Avatar, it obsessed his every waking moment.”  Even to the point of endangering himself and angering his crew.”  Probably only the patience and instruction from Uncle Iroh kept Zuko alive through the turbulent transitioning periods of his life.”  Nearly every waking moment consumed Zuko’s ambition to capture the Avatar and restore his -honor”.

Transformation Point 1 – Zuko as The Blue Spirit

Zuko Fights General Zhao
Zuko Challenges Commander Zhao to an Agni Kai

Zuko almost captures The Avatar near the beginning of the series, however he underestimates his power and Avatar Aang is able to escape.”  While Zuko is in getting his ship repaired Admiral Zhao guesses the nature of why Zuko’s ship is damaged (it was damaged during the Avatars Escape).”  Zuko denies this, and as it goes Admiral Zhao finds out the truth and calls Zuko a traitor and tries to hold him captive.”  Zuko then challeges Admiral Zhao to Agni Kai (Firebending Duel usually to the death).

Zuko as Bluespirit

Zuko as the "Blue Spirit"

Zuko defeats Admiral Zhao in the Agni Kai but allows him to live (which makes Uncle Iroh very happy).”  But now Admiral Zhao knows that the Avatar is alive and sets out to capture him before Zuko.”  Admiral Zhao uses an elite team of archers to capture Aang.”  After the archers capture Avatar Aang, Zuko takes on his alter ego, known as The Blue Spirit and sets Aang free from certain life-long imprisonment.

I believe this initial point was the first part where Zuko begins to realize who he truly can become.

The Chase of the Avatar Part 2

So Zuko sets Avatar Aang free only to chase him again.”  Admiral Zhao attempts to have Zuko assassinated by pirates and Zuko barely escapes with his life.”  This sets the stage for a very interesting line of events.”  Admiral Zhao believes that his assassination attempt succeeded and invites Uncle Iroh to join him as his general on a siege of the Northern Water Tribe (where Aang is learning how to water bend).”  Iroh accepts and uses his position to allow Zuko to disguise himself as a Firenation soldier and join the Firenation army on the siege of the Firenation.

zuko (2)

Zuko Meditating during his chase of the Avatar

Zuko uses his position to capture The Avatar while Admiral Zhao and his army is attacking the Northern Water Tribe.”  As Zuko captures him Katara defeats him using her newfound Waterbending skills and they almost leave Zuko to die, but Aang insists that they take him along and save his life.”  Avatar Aang is beginning to see another side to Zuko.

Meanwhile Admiral Zhao is about to do the unthinkable, which is to destroy the Moon Spirit to take away the Waterbenders abilities.”  What Zhao doesn’t realize is that removing the moon upsets the entire balance of the Avatar world.”  This forces both Zuko and Uncle Iroh to attempt to stop him, Avatar Aang uses the anger generated by the Moon Spirit to cause the Firenation army to retreat, saving the Northern Water Tribe from certain destruction.


Admiral Zhao and Prince Zuko were bitter enemies.

Transformation Point 2 – Fugitive to the Firenation

Zuko once again resumes his hunt of The Avatar but this time is interrupted by his sister Azula, who informs Zuko that his father Firelord Ozai has restored Zukos honor and will accept him back into the Firenation.”  As Zuko learns however this is a trick by Azula in order to imprison Zuko.”  Zuko and Uncle Iroh escape and thus become fugitives, with no crew, no ship, left to scour the land on their own.

Zuko sword pull out earthbender

Zuko goes out on his own

As time wears on, Zuko becomes less and less happy living with Iroh, eventually he becomes so angry that he leaves Uncle Iroh and sets out on his own (Uncle Iroh tracks him discreetly).

Going Solo

So Zuko sets out on his own as a fugitive during this time he travels to a remote Earth Kingdom Village where he meets a little Earth Kingdom boy who reminds Zuko alot about himself.”  Zuko takes an immediate liking to the boy, and soon learns that a gang of Earth Bending soldiers are using their powers to terrorize the village, taking money, land, and harming the villagers.”  Zuko likes the little boy so much he gives him a dagger given to him by Uncle Iroh.”  Zuko also learns that the boys brother is off fighting the Fire Nation in the war.

I am Prince Zuko

Zuko reveals his true form to the Earth Kingdom Villiage

The Earth Kingdom thugs eventually get their sights set on the boys family and take the boys father away to fight in the war.”  Zuko challenges the Earth Kingdom soldiers all to a duel, and defeats every one except for the leader who is a well trained fighter.”  Also during the fight Zuko cannot use his Firebending or else he will reveal his secret identity (Prince of”  the Firenation).”  During his fight with the Earthbending leader Zuko is almost defeated and in a fit of rage uses his Fire Bending against the Lead Earth Bender.”  Zuko quickly defeat him, but the Earth Kingdom Villagers turn their backs on him (who had saved them) even the little boy gives Zuko back his dagger saying he never wants to see him again.

zuko turning head

Zuko furthers his transformation

This Solo point for Zuko is very interesting, he is able to live among the Earth Kingdom without killing them, and actually wants to help them, or do something good for them.”  Which is very different from the way he was brought up.

The Climax Point

Eventually Zuko and Iroh are reunited, Uncle Iroh saves Zuko once again.”  Uncle Iroh then journey to Ba Sing Se, the last safe Earth Kingdom City. (And the most powerful). Unbeknownst to them, Avatar Aang and crew are also travelling to Ba Sing Se but that is a different story.”  When they arrive at Ba Sing Se Zuko goes through some very interesting changes.”  Foremost of which is when he helps the Avatar free his Bison, this act of goodness is so in conflict with what he usually does he becomes sick for many days.”  After his sickness he appears to be completely transformed.


Zuko has two major crossroads to choose from

However Azula infiltrates Ba Sing Se with the help of their elite protectors, The Dai Li, After she takes over the city she captures and imprisons Zuko.”  Uncle Iroh who knows that Aang and co. are in town goes to them for help.”  Toph vouches for Iroh and so they help him free Zuko from Azulas clutches.”  Interestingly enough Zuko is imprisoned with Katara so they help rescue both.”  However as Aang, Zuko, and Uncle Iroh plus the rest are escaping Azula heads them off and Zuko joins her to capture the Avatar, which means Zuko changes sides again!”  With Zuko’s help Azula manages to kill the Avatar, Katara however uses her Northern Oasis Water to revive him and they barely escape.”  Azula thinks the Avatar is dead but Zuko is not so sure, because he knows about the Norther Oasis Water.

Prince Zuko is welcomed back to the firenation as a hero for slaying the Avatar, Uncle Iroh is sentenced to lifelong imprisonment for helping The Avatar and his friends.”  However history repeats itself, in another War meeting Firelord Ozai tells his men about his plans to eradicate the entire city of Ba Sing Se where Zuko just came from, killing everyone in the city.”  This horrifies Zuko but he keeps his mouth quiet, and decides to learn more about the history of the previous Avatar, Avatar Roku.”  As it turns out Avatar Roku was a Firebender by birth and a close friend of Prince Sozin who was destined to become the next firelord.”  Avatar Roku was called to training as an Avatar, and he had to leave his friend Firelord Sozin behind.”  Firelord Sozin it appears became obsessed with uniting the kingdoms as one kingdom under the rule of the Firenation, the now fully trained Avatar Roku didn’t see it that way, he saw it as a quest for world domination.”  Avatar Roku put a stop to it but didn’t kill Firelord Sozin because of their friendship, This angered Firelord Sozin and he eventually betrayed Avatar Roku to his death.


Zuko is returned home with honor but things don't feel right to him.

With The Avatar gone, Firelord Sozin began the war on all other nations, Avatar Aang was born as an airbender and the story was begun there.”  This was a major turning point for Zuko because he was able to see a time before the Fire Nation was at war with everyone, and how happy the world was during that point.

Final Transformation

Zuko decides to leave the Fire Nation and sets out to help The Avatar in his quest to end the war.”  As Aang is looking for a Firebending teacher this is great timing.”  Aang and the gang however have a very difficult time believing that he has changed until Zuko stops Combustion Man (an assassing Zuko sent after them) from attempting to kill them.”  Once they trust Zuko he completely changes and becomes a huge part of the group.

While Zuko is joining the Avatar Team, Uncle Iroh escapes from the Fire Nation prison and joins up with his ancient group The Order of The White Lotus where he planned to help them overthrow the Fire Nation.”  Zuko trains Avatar Aang in Firebending and eventually he is able to find his Uncle among The Order of The White Lotus where after profusely apologizing to his Uncle his Uncle forgives him.

Uncle Iroh tells Zuko that he will refuse to become the next Firelord, and that Zuko should be the one to take his fathers place and lead the Firenation to a peaceful coexistence with the other nations. To do this Zuko must challenge his sister Azula who currently held the throne.

Azula who goes crazy over the betrayal of her two closest friends is not her complete self when Zuko challenges her.”  Zuko and Katara are able to defeat Azula together.


Zuko and Azula his sister have an Agni Kai

The beginning of Zukos reign

While it was a very unexpected (but great) ending.”  Zuko takes over as Firelord and along with the Avatar is able to restore Peace again to the Four Nations.


Zuko becomes king of the Firenation

Zuko was by far my favorite storyline and theme throughout the show.”  It showed someone who was brought up in terrible circumstances and was able to overcome them and eventually be able to make the right choice and change the world for the better.

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  1. art Said: Comment by art on March 15, 2010 at 2:10 pm | Permalink

    Small typo.
    You mention Aang was born as an earthbender in this story.

    You also mentioned that Zuko continued his “hung” for the Avatar instead of his “hunt” for the Avatar.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out, looks like i’ll have to proofread my articles a bit more thoroughly 🙂 Thanks much.


    art Reply:

    Anytime. Good read btw.


  2. trey Said: Comment by trey on April 15, 2010 at 10:46 pm | Permalink

    Zhoa is not a general, he’s an Admiral. And when he first fights Zuko he’s only a Commander.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Oh yeah good catch, I got that fixed now. Thanks!


  3. sarah gambill Said: Comment by sarah gambill on June 6, 2010 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    hello my name is sarah im from ocala florida from the marion oaks and im here to tell about relationship between zuko and katara . ever since there enemies and thene there lovers but aang is just a kid he cant fall in love with katara he`s too young for her but i did put zuko and katara in my jernoul thats way i start over again im was trying to get rid of mai for being love of zuko mai wasnt very nice because she is a vain


    chey storm Reply:

    um aang is not a kid he is 13 too just like katara


    Rose Reply:

    is that true? guess gotta watch it again
    always thought aang was 12 and katara 14


    woodzanager Reply:

    Yea aang is only 12 and katara is 14

  4. jenny Said: Comment by jenny on June 16, 2010 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    zuko is so adorablee
    evr snce d star i knw he wld b good in d endd


  5. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on July 10, 2010 at 10:19 pm | Permalink

    You might check your story for some “continuity” errors. It was a good read that could be made a bit better with a little checking. In the “Zuko alone” episode, the boy Li “borrows” the twin-sword and tries it out in the sunflower field. Zuko catches him and tries to give him some rudimentary training.(“The way of the sword belongs not to any one nation, but to any who seek to possess it” [Pian Dao])Zuko gives to Li the knife, a gift from General Iroh. It is Li who tries to defend/attack the renegade Earth-Benders under “General” Gow, but untrained is even less effective than poorly trained, and it is Li who is captured, not the elder of the family. The father said he was going to the front to look for his elder son.

    Zuko had to resort to Fire-Bending to defeat Gow, and revealed himself as he saw himself. The villagers only had the “wanted” posters to go on, even if he had just saved the whole community. Rejected, he still tried to befriend the boy Li, but the prejudice against all Fire-Benders is strong, and for that moment, immovable as the rocks to a fire-bender.

    A number of arcs can be written from just this episode.


  6. Noodles Said: Comment by Noodles on August 17, 2010 at 3:08 am | Permalink

    One sentence, Zuko’s kinda hot 🙂
    but still, I always thought Zuko will end up with Katara but it was pretty obvious that Aang and katara will end up together. Their young and in love whereas Zuko has to fulfil his duty as a Firelord. And Katara and Ang had a really strong relatioship too, they ended up having a son together 😀


    Leon Stark Reply:

    In the episode “Imprisoned”, Katara loses her mother’s betrothal necklace. This is a symbol usually given by the male proposing to the female. The symbol on it usually implies/ symbolizes the male’s family or participatory group in the community.

    Aang does not have a water-tribe family, but was smitten practically from awaking from his cryonic slumber. He displayed this interest with the first words from his mouth in a hundred years,”Wanna go penguin-sledding with me?” He sits on his favorite neck-perch on Appa and smiles.

    Katara asks him, “Whatcha smiling at?” Aang acts dumb, but he really does have strong feelings. When, in the episode, “Bato of the Water Tribe”, the trio are being chased by the ShirShu, Aang and Zuko have a rather protracted battle, where Aang snags Katara’s necklace. At the end of the episode, as they are leaving the scene of the devastation they left at the healers monastery and perfume-factory, Aang kinda pins the “blame” for the return of the necklace (Aang being far too modest) on Zuko.

    Katara sees right through the comment and kisses Aang (cue the blush). In its own way, Aang “proposed” to Katara right there, with the return of the “betrothal” necklace. I could see Aang giving Katara an Air-Bender symbol necklace to seal their “engagement”.

    Zuko was paired with Mai practically from birth, two powerful and politically connected Fire-Nation families joining and assuring not only the social connection, but all the political ties that go along with them. Exile Zuko cannot lose his feelings for Mai, even when confronted with his similarity to Katara (mothers lost to the war). It may be why he rejoins Azula. He has always wanted to return home to be with his father, (and maybe Mai, the only person who never judged him for his words or actions) but it seems his father could care less. Zuko sees the war, his sister, and his father for what they are or are not. After confronting his father on the eclipse, shows FireLord Ozai that the disrespectful exiled prince has learned a few things that make Zuko a greater threat than he had thought. Zuko felt sorry for Katara, but not anything more. Katara was still too confused because she felt her emotions swimming in a rip-current tearing her apart. Katara felt for Haruun the earth-bender, and for Jet, the “freedom-fighter” (a line that gets used to wake Jet up from a bad case of hypnosis). But I think Katara always had a special feeling for Aang from day one.


    Rose Reply:

    @ Leon you just said everything I wanted to say …
    and presented it in such a strong argument with highly valid points ,including Aang’s being smitten with Katara right from the first moment he laid eyes on her

    However,I must also note:
    When I first watched Avatar I missed most of the eps in Season 1 .But based on the few episodes I did catch, I actually believed Zuko and Katara had some ‘issues’ going on between them because of the way they interact with one another. esp in “Siege of the North”

    I would like to hear your views on this


    Leon Stark Reply:


    First, you might be interested in this website:


    They have the whole of the Avatar saga here, along with hundreds of other neat shows.

    Katara remembered that a Commander of the Fire-Nation killed her mother. The whole of the Fire-Nation leaves a bad taste in her throat. Zuko is only near (and to end the saga, at) the apex of this society.

    Then there is the episode, “The Crossroads of Destiny” that ends Book-2. Katara is imprisoned with Zuko in the depths of Ba Sing Se. Zuko admits that this war took his mother, although he may not have discussed the details with her. Then he turns to join Azula. BETRAYAL is a HUGE turnoff.

    It is not until “The Southern Raiders” and only a short time ahead of the Comet that Zuko helps Katara deal with the man who stood over her mother and threatened them both. He was a social and emotional nobody with a shrew for a mother. This (sort of) cleared the air between them and enabled her to feel comfortable working with Zuko against the now psychologically disabled Azula.

    All Azula’s relationships are based on how much people fear her, even her “friends”. In “The Beach”, Zuko admits his confusion between his family life and the lessons he was learning from his uncle, the “Dragon of the West”, General Iroh. Mai’s perfect life was one of constraint and politics. Tai Li had identity issues with a matched set of seven. Probably Tai Li got called by one or another of her sister’s names too often. Azula admits she never felt that her mother loved her, but she was pushing the fact her mother never seemed to get angry. Anger gets things done, and people fear angry Fire-Benders. (The Boiling Rock 2)Mai says to Azula, “You misjudged me, I love Zuko more than I fear you.” Even Tai Li stands with Mai, with a half dozen or so Chi-blocking punches to Azula’s back and side. This “betrayal” sends Azula over the edge, she never had a point where she did not get what she wanted. So in defeat, Azula has a huge temper tantrum, probably a dozen or more years overdue.

    Katara knows that Zuko’s affections belong somewhere else, but she can work with him. Zuko had to change and see the changes deep within himself to go beyond the shame of his father. Katara can respect Zuko for his growth, but as a Bender on the opposite Element, all they have for each other is respect.

    woodzanager Reply:

    I never saw any “interaction” between zuko and katara throughout the series that made me believe they were going to end up together wxcept when they were imprisoned together in the old catacombs of ba sing se when zuko told katara that he had lost his mother to the fire nation as well. I came close to thinking they might become closer and at the very most be good friends because I always knew aang would end up with katara, and when aang came and rescued her she immediatly left zukos side and ran over to hug aang.

    woodzanager Reply:

    I disagree with the part when you said that when aang gave katara back her mothers necklace he wasn’t trying to ask her to marry him, he was just simply returning it to her, and besides at that point in the story aang hasn’t even told katara bow he feels about her and as far as I can still tell katara stills sees aang as a good friend, sweet little guy as she stated in a few episodes before aang gave her the necklacew.


    woodzanager Reply:

    I meant that torward the comment above made by leon sorry for the confusion

    Leon Stark Reply:

    And how many blushes did you miss in the interim? Katara may not yet feel so close to Aang (Males take less than two minutes to feel something for a female, females take between minutes and hours to decide), but Aang, as an Air-Nomad, has both strong and mercurial feelings, but all directed at Katara. Katara is the ONLY person who can bring Aang down from an uncontrolled “Avatar State”. If that is not a spiritual link, then I do not know what is. Aang returning the necklace was not, in itself a proclamation of betrothal, but the description of Zuko’s insistance that it be returned, after the difficulty of the fight, was a kind of admission how he felt.

    Zuko’s betrayal in the crystal caves, where Katara thought there was something more to Zuko, tore all her trust of him away. She was willing to think he was confused, but Zuko turning to Azula (lying, cheating, terrorizing) for direction was just the end of her confidence.

    woodzanager Reply:

    Yes katara and aang were probably spiritually connected but it was because they were destined to be together because like kanna (sokka and katara’s gram gram) said in “the avatar returns” that and I quote “aang is the avatar, you two found him for a reason, now your destinies are intertwined” (sorry for spelling errors). Also, where was the description of zukos insistence thatg the betroval necklace be returned, I have seen that episode many times anf it didn’t seem to me like he cared one way or the other if katara got her necklace back. Aang had to forcily take it back when he saw it on zukos hand while they were battling. Zuko would have kept it for ever if not for aang taking it from him.


    Leon Stark Reply:

    Exactly! Aang was being FACETIOUS when he said that Zuko wanted her to have it back. Air-Nomads are known for having a sense of humor. Aang had to fight hard to trick Zuko into leaving it unblocked so he could snag it. When they were on Appa and escaping, Aang made a comment about the concept of some momento, then presented the necklace, with a snarky comment about Zuko. Katara got the joke and gave Aang a kiss on the cheek. Would Aang have fought so hard to retrieve the necklace if he did not have as strong feelings for Katara? Although this was the return of a personal item, Aang’s way of returning it was a hint at how closely he was tied to Katara (Wanna go penguin-sledding with me?)

    Zuko cared nothing for anything but “capturing the Avatar”. The necklace was the means to an end. That is all. Having or losing, all he wanted was to “capture the Avatar”. He had no idea that he would capture the Avatar by joining him. That was to be later, when he had made all the mistakes, returned home to face his father, realize that this was not his true path, and turn around after the “Day of Black Sun”. Mai never judged him, one way or another, but given the chance, would probably have followed him into the face of a lava-flow to be with him. Zuko kept protecting her, in his own way, to protect her father’s position and reputation. Mai always knew this, but refused to keep from wanting to escape the life in the royal household. Bossing around servants can get so boring after a while. “This place is so boring, just kill me now!”

    Rose Reply:

    @ Noodles
    hear hear
    and may le old Firelord lead a long life so we get to see little Zukos and Mais.
    It would be interesting to see the kids of Dork! i-talk-to-Badgerfrogs-Zuko and Crazy-cool-knife-wielding-Mai


    woodzanager Reply:

    Besides zuko loves mai (his girlfriend)


    Leon Stark Reply:

    … Since prepubescance. Remember the flashback scene where Azula is going to fire-bolt an apple off Mai’s head and Zuko tackles Mai to “protect” her (into the fountain)? Azula’s attitude leads a comment that is an insult to female breeding canines everywhere.

    And Mai is, was and always will be, devoted to Zuko. “I love Zuko more than I fear you”, to Azula’s comment about betrayal. Azula didn’t learn anything on the Beach. She moaned and lamented and then trashed a party of pretty cool kids just because she could. Zuko, Ty Lee and Mai joined in just to relieve the catharsis of revelation. That is where they relearned their loyalties leading to the actions on “the Boiling Rock”. That is where the loyalties and directions start to crack, and Azula’s power/fear driven life starts to unravel.


  7. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on August 19, 2010 at 6:37 am | Permalink

    Concerning the events that succeed Zuko’s elevation to the position of Fire-Lord, I foresee travel. Mai gets bored easily. Zuko has a mission, to find out about his mother, and also to right some events that got him to where he rose to, to restore the balance. There is an Earth-Bending family that helped him, and he tried to help back. I can see him borrowing Toph to deal with General Gow. Zuko has to return an Ostrich-horse to a family that helped him and his uncle “MuShi”, and maybe with a premium of a a couple of Ostrich-horse and maybe some other production animals that can graze on native grains and bugs. He has incurred a number of social debts and feels the need to make right by them. Mai will want to stay close to Zuko. “You are NEVER leaving me again!”, Mai says to Zuko after being abandoned at least twice, “for her own protection”. Mai wants not to be bored, and she may get what she wants, travel with Zuko.

    Wherever Mai goes, she is going to have to deal with people far below her class, be a bad girl, and get DIRTY! (EWWWW!) All things far out of character. She will want to leave him a dozen times but in situations that leaving him will trap her in an untenable situation, will leave her trapped. Staying with him will mean getting dirty, doing things that are decent and kind, out of character, and otherwise interesting. She will have tonnes of fun, but never directly admit it.


  8. sarah gambill Said: Comment by sarah gambill on October 21, 2010 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

    mai and zuko are not cute couple its just zuko and katara and not aang or mai aang is too goofy and mai is too evil and bordish aang and katara may already have a son named tenzin and katara remarried to zuko and have a child named korra kataang didnt win yet kataang lost and maiko the loser and zutara is the winner ha i win


    Leon Stark Reply:

    Mai and Zuko have been close since they were prepubescent. They have been a couple long before Azula got into taunting them about their close “association”. I do not see much between Katara and Zuko, their elements are in direct opposition, and Katara has a native distrust of the Fire-Nation since her mother disappeared. She knew her mother sent her away to “Go get your father”. She knew that she was the last Water-Bender in the Southern Water-Tribe. There was no one to teach her about the methods how to do water-bending. That is why she “pushed” water behind her instead of in front of her in Book 1 Chapter 2: The Avatar Returns. She knew she could bend water, but not how to control it. Zuko’s initial introduction to the Southern Water-Tribe was no help. Zuko’s betrayal in the crystal caves was another issue Katara had with Zuko. I do not think Katara would ever feel “close” with Zuko, but she could trust him enough to work with her.

    Aang had not seen anyone since the day he left the Southern Air-Temple. The first person whose face swam into his consciousness as his eyes corrected for differential resolution was Katara. The first full sentence he said to Katara was, “Wanna go penguin-sledding with me?” As they rode a swimming Appa to the Southern Water Tribe village, Katara asked Aang about the “Avatar”, and “Why are you smiling at me?” All Aang could do was blush and say, “I was smiling?” Throughout all the episodes, Aang and Katara blushed at each other so much that you could almost paint their faces permanently rouged and it would seem normal. Even their miscues were those of a pair celestially linked.

    If you think that Mai would let ANYONE within hailing distance of Zuko, she would ram a star-blade through your throat. She is like that when protecting her turf. Aang respects Mai from a distance and that is the way she likes it. Zuko is only worried that Katara is going to ran an ice-spike into him. He had to redeem himself only to preserve himself. He wanted her as a friend, and someone who would trust him to train Aang, but not much more. He has, and always had Mai, and, if she had here way, she would sequester Zuko away in a “Forbidden City”. I see Zuko as having other plans, helping Aang restore balance, and a search for his mother.

    My own story line brings both stories together. Ursa does not survive, but she is honored by those with those she finds shelter with. Aang’s search leads him to find his own people, and he finds there is more to the story than just looking for the missing Air-Nomads. Aang’s search and Zuko’s come together in the end.


  9. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on October 22, 2010 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    At the end of the series, Mai is still deeply involved with Zuko, “Don’t you EVER leave me again.” Katara and Aang finally get that kiss they have a half-dozen or more times wanted to share. Katara still has a few issues with all Fire-Benders, and as much as with Zuko. This does not mean they cannot work together, but they have too many issues to be any closer than co-employees and assistants to the Avatar (and not specifically to Aang).

    If you remember the episode “The Blue Spirit”, Aang saves Zuko from Admiral Zhau, and comments about his friend Kuzon, a Fire-Bender of his Air-Nomad youth. “If you were there then, could we be friends?” Zuko blows a random fire-jet in Aang’s direction, but when he gets back to the ship, he lies there, and looks like he is having a hard time sleeping, lost in thought about the question, “… Could we be friends?” Two books later and Zuko realizes, “Yes, we could be friends then, and we can be friends now. Now, I need you, your friendship, and help to fix what three generations have ‘fouled’ up.” He just had to do all the wrong things to find the right one. Mai was, from their youth, teased for her feelings for Zuko, and Zuko’s feelings for her.

    Katara had no strong feelings for anyone but her brother, “Have you ever smelled your socks? Not pleasant!”, as she Water-bent/cracked the top of the iceberg that held Aang in suspension. Aang had his own feelings for not wanting to be Avatar, but he felt for the first caring individual on whom he set his eyes, Katara (like a little chick imprinting on the first moving thing it sees). Katara starts getting her “mother-hen” on with this fun-loving, funny, goofy kid who has major issues growing up and knowing he has to do something that goes against everything he was taught. I see more of a KataAang, and a Mai-ko than a Kata-ko and anyone else with Aang. I also see Sokka and Suki as an item. Two Warriors, back to back watching each other’s blind-side. Sokka’s immediate thought is, “Now I have to find my boomerang and ‘space-sword’.”


  10. LightningSpeed-Zuko Said: Comment by LightningSpeed-Zuko on November 3, 2010 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    Fine fine read…other than the errors and holes in the storytelling already pointed out lol. Aside from Aang, Zuko is my favorite character…because like myself..there is more to him than meets the eye..he is complicated, strong-willed, never gives up, and despite his many mistakes from his misguided anger..he means well and finally sees the light 🙂


  11. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on November 11, 2010 at 7:15 am | Permalink


    Aang may be twelve, but he is also precocious. He is an exceptionally young “Master Air-Bender”, and he chose the ancient artifacts, the old toys of previous avatars. He has strong feelings and the only person who was ever able to bring him down from an uncontrolled “Avatar-State” was Katara. If you both read and watched in Book 1, Aang is “smitten” with Katara. Yes they are friends, but Katara ever says the thing, or does the thing that draws Aang out of himself. Most of the “flashbacks” were triggered by talks with Katara. We never find out if Aang and Katara ever kiss in “Cave of the Two Lovers”, but they make it out in part because of their feelings for each other. A two year difference is not all that much. Anyway, looking at it another way, Aang is 112 years old, from his stasis in the Southern Waters iceberg.


  12. woodzanager Said: Comment by woodzanager on November 11, 2010 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    The knife zuko received from irobh was the knife iroh took from the general who surrendered once iroh broke through the great wall of ba sing se


  13. Nuriko Said: Comment by Nuriko on November 14, 2010 at 2:47 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Jordash! I think that Zuko looks better without his ponytail. LOL random.


  14. Tracy Said: Comment by Tracy on November 24, 2010 at 12:14 am | Permalink

    I think Mai was more of an afterthought, she and Zuko were sorely mismatched. They would have done a better job matching him with Ty Lee or having him get back together with that Jin. I mean, come on, Mai doesn’t see Zuko for years and they are kissing passionately on the ship. Their whole relationship makes no sense. It’s like they were tossed together because the writers wanted to line him up with someone.


    Leon Stark Reply:

    Even when they in their (for us, it would be about the end of elementary school, beginning of middle school) prepubescent days, Mai had deep thoughts for Zuko. The separation was because of her father’s political ambition. Every time they get together, they are either ready to strangle each other, or are madly in love with each other. Quote from Mai to Azula, “You thought wrong. I love Zuko more than I fear you.” That led to Azula starting an attack and Ty Lee chi-chopping Azula on the “Boiling Rock”. Zuko keeps trying to protect Mai from the social and political fallout of her “misbehaving”.

    If you really listened to the conversations on “The Beach” Ty Lee was one of a set of septuplets, with identity and attention issues. She was probably called by the names of her sisters so often that she had to escape, to become a “circus freak”. Mai was on the other side, unable to be a child because she was as often presented as part of her family, with that much attention on her, her actions and reactions. Mai loves being the privileged only child for sixteen years (and the birth of her baby brother Tom Tom) but knows that her actions and reactions are going to reflect on her father’s position. Zuko was, at that time, dealing with the issues of restoring his honor, but was that what he wanted, the way he wanted it? He was turning over his actions and reactions over and over in his mind. He had two paths, family and history, power and balance. Which path? Frustration leading to an anger that eats at oneself. (Mai was never critical of Zuko’s actions except when they directly concerned her. “Don’t you EVER leave me again”) Azula could never recognize her mother’s love, no matter how she tried to show it. Azula had a mean streak and people either clung to her shadow or ran for the hills. Her philosophy was – Fear and power are stronger than anything the world can throw at me, and I will use them to rule the world of the weak and fearful. – She ruled her friends like that and ruled her military like that. “Return to Omashu” showed how she cowed Ty Lee to join her.

    Azula never cared what she destroyed as long as she got her way. In a little way, she reminds me of “Veruka Salt” in “Charlie (Willy Wonka) and the Chocolate Factory”. The one time she didn’t get what she wanted, when Katara tied her down under water, the hissy-fit and crying-jag she had was probably the first she had since she was in diapers!.

    Whenever Mai and Zuko were together they were almost as if they were already married. We have never seen them together for more than a couple of days. What about having them travel together, to all the places that Zuko visited with the remains of his “I am the Crown Prince of the Fire-Nation, you must provide for me!” attitude. He had to work, he had to fight openly, he had to get dirty, he had to wait tables, he had to be just like the people over whom he would have to rule. Mai needs to be taken down a peg or two (Remember, in “The Drill” how she would not get into the slurry tank?).

    Mai and Zuko were together ever since they were kids. Part of my fan-fiction is based on Mai’s line, “Don’t you EVER leave me again!”, said to Zuko. Zuko left on being banished with just a note. Zuko left Mai in a prison cell at the “Boiling Rock”. Even being dumped, “You thought wrong. I love Zuko more than I fear you”, as she protected the escape of Zuko from the prison guards and his sister Azula. Zuko joined Aang, leaving Mai with just a note about finding his destiny. “Don’t you EVER leave me again!”


    Tracy Reply:

    Well, we all view things in a different way. And if you like Mai and Zuko together, that’s cool. I agree to disagree. I have to say, I felt that Mai was a turn coat quite often, she didn’t care about her brother. She was always bored. She was more than happy to join up with Azula and I wonder how she would have reacted to Zuko if he had not teamed up with Azula.

    When she did help Zuko in the Boiling Rock, her choice of words to Azula were cruel and calculated. She didn’t say. “I love Zuko” and leave it at that, she turned on her. Earlier, she turned on Zuko saying he was betraying his country. I feel Mai looked out for Mai and her own personal gain. She was happy with Zuko now that he was Fire Lord. But I couldn’t see her wanting to give him children or anything like that.

    As for Ty Lee. Was she a septuplet or were they all just close in age, they never specified. I wish we’d learned more about her. I liked her quite a bit even if she seemed a bit fluffy and frivolous, she had a big heart.


    Leon Stark Reply:

    If you remember on “The Beach”, Mai recollected that EVERYTHING was about her father’s political position. She saw Zuko’s internal torment not as something she understood, but as an affront to her father’s position. It had been going ever since Zuko spoke out in the war council. He was right, but his manners were rash. Mai joined Azula because she felt that this Earth-Kingdom outpost was some kind of punishment for her father’s actions, inaction, competence or lack thereof. Azula would get her out from under her stifling family. She now had to cozen an infant brother (oooh, UGH! dirty diapers!) along with her responsibilities to “not misbehave”. Azula also terrorized Ty Lee into joining her. Just think during some moment away from Azula how the two friends talked about their “friend” Azula.

    Fear has huge power, but when confronted with what you fear and what you love, “Iacta est alia”, “the die is cast”. Many turn their backs on their love to not feel the terror of their fears as did the Jews who “helped” (or spied on) the Nazis. Others fought their fears and got shot or gassed for their troubles. Ghetto trees bore some “strange fruit” (refer to the old song). Sometimes when someone is confronted by their fear, even if it is of someone they have known since the school playground, they say exactly what is on their mind, paraphrasing, “Yes, I fear you, and you have no compunction not to hurt me the way you are now, but I will take it for my love of Zuko is stronger.” Put more succinctly, “You thought wrong. I love Zuko more than I fear you (and fear what you may want to do to me).” Mai has the politician’s way of speech, stating exactly where the balance lies. She is not just saying that she loves Zuko, but that she fears Azula, more than any friendship she has for her. “The Boiling Rock” was the last straw, and state the whole environmental situation.

    woodzanager Reply:

    That would have been cool to se zuko hook up with that girl from ba sin se he went out with in “the tales of ba sing se

    Leon Stark Reply:

    The crossing paths with Jin may be an interesting arc to explore as Zuko returns to find the balance in himself. In that tale, Zuko was never that into anyone. He took the date reluctantly. He was awkward and uncomfortable, but not mean, and even somewhat considerate. He had a nice time, even with all his discomfort.

    A visit with his uncle “Mu Shi” to learn some of the theraputic affects of various teas may be a vehicle to reintroduce Jin to Zuko and bring Mai into the mix. I think Jin would accept the situation, but I would have to play with the thought of Mai’s reaction. I have a few ideas. Maybe one of Jet’s freedom-fighters?

    Tracy Reply:

    I just have to agree to disagree, I think Mai is only out for herself, and does things only for her gain.

    But the problem too, is that the writers didn’t always stay canon to themselves, sometimes I really couldn’t see Zuko acting the way they had him act because of the way he was. But, I’m happy with my fanfic for that. 🙂

    But for realty’s sake, I would have preferred to see him with someone with more feeling and passion.

    LightningSpeed-Zuko Reply:

    Well, Mai and Zuko were not always together as more than friends…however they both had a THING for eacthoher since they were kids…so they didn’t become more than friends until after Zuko was back from banishment because Mai did not want to be accused of treason from Azula and the rest of the firenation. While I agree Mai didn’t really match with Zuko..they made the most sense, practically as they were both of royal ways.


    Leon Stark Reply:

    They grew up together, were always to each other’s eye. Mai’s mind was made up long before Zuko’s, even if Zuko was not to be Fire-Lord. The thought was that Iroh, then Liu-Tien would have been the line-up. Ozai’s challenge of Iroh’s competence after the loss of his son was a blow to the whole family. Ursa stood up to protect Zuko and only Ozai and (the late) Azulon knew what happened.

    When Zuko was banished, Mai got … a note. When Zuko returned and Mai felt close to him, it was okay, but he was still writhing inside about his feelings about his family, so out of balance. When he finally left, Mai got … a note. When Mai confronted Zuko at the Boiling Rock, and the escape was under-way, Zuko tried to protect her by locking her in a cell. Mai never felt torment, but then again, she had the feeling knocked out of her in order to protect her father’s political standing and career. “I got everything I wanted if I towed the line. All I could be was the good little girl. We had father’s career to consider.” Imagine how hard it was for her to tell her long-time friend and playmate, “I love Zuko more than I fear you.” It was probably the most emotion she ever showed Azula since her hormones started to kick in.

    How many people marry “their high-school sweethearts”. For Zuko and Mai, it was the same thing. They will marry and bear little Zai’s and Mako’s. Bless them.

    LightningSpeed-Zuko Reply:

    @Tracy..yea I mean someone like Katara would have been wonderful for Zuko because they were kinda opposites but they benefited eachother..Zuko had a lot of passion and Katara had much compassion to balance Zuko out and Zuko to Katara..but of course Katara and Aang already were tied together pretty much from the start lol.

    Tracy Reply:

    Mai had a crush on him when they were kids, but Zuko pretty much felt girls were crazy back then. LOL.

  15. LightningSpeed-Zuko Said: Comment by LightningSpeed-Zuko on November 24, 2010 at 3:25 am | Permalink

    I like how complicated Zuko’s inner self is compared to how he acts outwardly…it’s kind of like he lies to himself a lot lol…but really he just doesn’t fully realize why he feels what he feels.


    Leon Stark Reply:

    Zuko, banished, always knew he needed the Avatar “to restore his honor”, but he does not know how and for what. Even at a point he thought about his “destiny” he almost had to make a wrong turn to see why what he thought what he wanted was wrong, and make a hard turn (Day of Black Sun) to find a better path. He loved his sister, but she never loved anyone but herself. Azula lived to cause fear and anger. It was, in part, her taunting that brought Zuko to the conclusion of the series. Zuko still has SOOOO many issues to deal with. It could be a whole other book!


  16. Tracy Said: Comment by Tracy on November 29, 2010 at 6:22 pm | Permalink

    Good article, not long enough, but Zuko is my favorite, so I am quite biased. He definitely regained his own honor in the end and when Ran and Shao showed him the meaning of Firebending, he was unstoppable…

    I was listening to one of the commentaries one evening and The Beach was kind of based on 80’s angst type movies. THAT is why I cannot see Zuko and Mai together, but they aren’t in my fan fic, so I am very happy with that. 🙂 Gotta love the fan fic where you can fix whatever you feel is a mistake, eh?


  17. woodzanager Said: Comment by woodzanager on November 30, 2010 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

    the thing I don’t understand about ty lee is that in “the beach” she complains about being part of a match set with what I assume could only mean she was part of identical twins or more. She says that she felt like she didn’t even have her own name. But in “avatar aang” she joins the kyoshi wariors who for the most part all look alike so its almost like a match set. What hapened to her being in the curcis?


    woodzanager Reply:

    Sorry circus


    Leon Stark Reply:

    Ty Lee was one of a birth of seven, and had identity and attention issues because of it. She had to create a unique identity for herself, even if it is as a “circus freak”. Just tell her that as she is chi-chopping”!

    The outfits of the Kyoshi Warriors have specific unique elements that permit separate identification. Head-dresses, the order of braids and ensigns, and certain family signs/symbols turn a basic uniform into piece of unique art. Yes, they have uniform elements, but they also imply specializations and personalities. Maybe it is the family issues and the mixing her up with her sisters, but she may have a new home and identity with the Kyoshi Warriors.


  18. woodzanager Said: Comment by woodzanager on November 30, 2010 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

    I noticed a mistake at the very beginning when you said zuko was born as a child of the firenation leader (the firelord). I’m not trying to be a prick its just that ozai wasn’t firelord yet and he wasn’t even in line to be the next one, firelord azulon was the current firelord and iroh was next in line. I guess you were referring to him as to being born in the fire nation royal family.



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