Your Chance to Win Several Last Airbender Books!

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Simon and Schuster

Thanks to Simon and Schuster for making this Event possible!

We have partnered up with Simon and Schuster to bring you a chance to Win several The Last Airbender books, the books are targeted more at the younger age group and would be perfect for the young Airbender fans in your life (or your own inner child 🙂 ). You should know though, The Last Airbender as the cartoon will be excellent for all ages!

To enter into the drawing you will need to sign up for our newsletter, to sign up look to the top right of the site where it says “Sign Up to Receive The Last Airbender News.” Or you can sign up below:

If you are already signed up for our newsletter you are already entered into the competition!

The Drawing will be held June 26th so sign up quick!

Enter Your Email Below to Enter the Competition

Take a look at what you have a chance of winning: Click on the image to be taken to where you can buy the book

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    I just learn it,thank you for shareing!



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