Watch K311 The Ultimatum Online Today!!!


Book 3 Change Episode 11 “The Ultimatum” goes online today.


The episode is already up for purchase at

The episode is up for free on now at the following link.

Finally when you do watch make sure to hop on our forums to discuss the episode in the discussion thread.


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  1. Kelly Said: Comment by Kelly on August 15, 2014 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

    I am emotionally compromised from that entire episode I am unable to deal oh my god


    jenfonde01 Reply:


    I will be so upset if they kill off Tenzin, if only because they could have achieved the same (and possibly better) effect by allowing Kai to be killed off by his sacrifice!


    Kelly Reply:

    Yeah but Kai is like 12, I would think that would be too dramatic for the show even after that suffocation thing. Of course, Aang was 12 when he was shot by lightning so I guess it isnt that much of a point. But the way things look… I think Tenzin may make the ultimate sacrifice
    and then I would crawl into my bed and cry for a month


    Avatar Yangchen Reply:

    I feel the same way as you Kelly! I just saw the episode, so I haven’t had time to cool down yet, but I don’t know if I will. 😯 😥

    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Tenzin dying would be an insane event to happen in the series, Korra loses her mentor, she would really go into Book 4 with no one to turn to for guidance except Zuko perhaps.

    It would also mean Jinora would have to be promoted to Airbending master, under terrible circumstances, but it would give Jinora so much potential as a character.

    It would probably be the most emotional event to ever happen in the show if it were to happen. I am just not sure if they will do it. But as a concept Tenzin dying would present many great ideas, it truly would be the venom of the red lotus…..

    Jonathan Gathers Reply:

    I thought that as well, about Tenzin dying, but they wouldn’t. First of all, I’m assuming the Red Lotus wants him alive. Why would Korra give herself up WILLINGLY if one or more of the people she’s trying to protect by doing so are already dead?
    Second, I’m still unclear on the whole Earth Queen thing. Did she really die?
    Tarlok, Amon, the watch-boy on the ship and everybody else on it, Unalaq, and Aiwei are the only people who’ve died on the show. You want to add the Earth Queen?
    Somehow the Red Lotus show up in the Fire Nation. Remember the trailer footage of Lord Zuko battling something? It does NOT match the Tonraq/Zuko/Eska/Desna vs. Red Lotus fight scene. BUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!



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