UK Korra Launch Window Between April 14th and end of the Year


Airspeed Prime here with a Korra update for UK/Irish fans, we have heard nothing from Nick UK so far about Korra and many of us have been wondering when will we get it and how long after USA.


Finally we have heard something, this info comes from MCMBUZZ

Key points being

will launch in the UK by the end of 2012 following its US launch on April 14.

This info comes from the Senior PR manager of Nick UK, Natalie House.

This is both good and bad for UK/Irish fans, good in that we know it is coming, bad in that it is a huge window and it could be the end of the year a which stage all of Book 1 will most likely have aired in America.

This is also a good sign for releases in other parts of the world.

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