Watch the new Trailer Release for The Last Airbender (Trailer #3) – Aang Speaks – Katara Defending

Sokka Princess Yue Katara in Live Action Movie

Quite unexpectedly Paramount has just released a new theatrical Trailer for The Last Airbender, i’m not sure if this was the one set to show at the beginning of Iron Man 2 or if it is something else. It does have a couple of new scenes that look pretty cool and it has Aang speaking at the very end of the trailer. It also features a scene of Katara defending Aang in a scene from the end of the First Season, as well as a scene of Aang with some Airbenders, i’m guessing it’s when he is told he is the Avatar. Very interesting.

Here are some stills from the Trailer:

Sokka Princess Yue Katara in Live Action Movie

Sokka, Princess Yue, and Katara in the Live Action Airbender Movie

Katara Defending Aang

Katara Defending Aang from Zuko

Aang at Airbending Temple

New Scene from an Airbending Temple, Not sure what part exactly

The Last Airbender New Scene Earth Bending Imprisonment scene

Scene from The Earth Bending Imprisonment episode (The Haru Episode)

Aang with his Air Glider The Last Airbender Movie

Aang with his Air Glider

I’ve been noticing alot of the scenes have a definite Cartoonish look, which I guess would make sense based on the source. It’s a pretty neat look, one I haven’t really seen in movies before.

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