The Track Team Interview and Korra Nation Music

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Airspeed Prime here to bring you 2 new pieces of Korra info, both Music related which means that our beloved Track Team are also involved.

The first is that Ben and Jeremy had an interview which can be listened to here

48 minutes to 59 minutes is the Korra Music talk.

Nothing truly amazing revealed, but definitely worth a listen, they reveal a lot of the background info on the Korra music and how things have changed from ATLA to LOK. Plus they play various clips of Korra Music in between questions.

Korra amazing logo

Secondly anyone on Korra Nation who got 150 points should have received an email from Korra Nation with their music download, What the download is, is actually 7 different Tracks from the Korra soundtrack

  • Amon in the Shadows
  • Bolin Wants to Know
  • Hardboiled…Afraid
  • Hittin’ on All Sixes
  • Legend Of Korra Main Theme
  • Lost My Heart In Republic City
  • The Rally

With these 7 tracks, we get a nice overview of the different styles of music that will be in Korra, some are the style of ATLA, some clearly Chinese Jazz as we knew about before. A very nice teaser for the upcoming show.

Here is a youtube Video I put up for those of you who cannot be part of Korra Nation (due to not using Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter) or if anyone had an issue with the download.


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