The Legend of Korra Poster Collection Announced


Called it, I had a feeling this would be announced sometime this year. We have confirmation that later this year we will be getting a Legend of Korra Poster Collection to match the ATLA one that was released last year.

Korra Poster Collection

The release date is listed as October 11th 2016, which would suggest a September 28th 2016 Comic Store release date.

If this follows the same format as the ATLA Collection, it will contain 20 12 X 16 inch posters selected by Mike and Bryan themselves.

For me this should be an overall better collection than the ATLA one, as we already know of a ton of Comic Con Exclusive posters from the years Korra was airing. Like the ATLA collection I assume we will have a lot of scenery posters, but I hope they prioritise the character posters as I felt like there were too many background scenery posters in the ATLA collection and we have 4 separate Korra art books so we don’t need those images.


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