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Summary of The Legend of Korra Episode 6

And The Winner Is

Amon Threatens Disasterous consequences if the Council doesn't cancel the final Pro Bending Match

Amon Threatens Disasterous consequences if the Council doesn’t cancel the final Pro Bending Match

Amon’s Ominous Warning

As the Fire Ferrets are preparing for their final match against the Wolf Bats Amon comes over the radio and issues a threat to the council telling them that they must shut down the final bending match or there will be serious consequences.  Korra doesn’t want to wait to hear the councils decision and decides to run down and confront the council herself about their decision.

When she arrives she learns that the council has already decided to close down the final match out of fear of Amon’s threat.  Korra and the Fire Ferrets protest but it looks like the match is not going to happen until Chief Lin Bei Fong comes and offers her team of metalbenders as security during the match against any threat Amon could pose.  Tarlock upon hearing this changes his mind and persuades the rest of the council to keep the match going.

Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong

Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong have a romantic history

Lin Bei Fong and Tenzin

Korra discovers that Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong have a history after she asks Tenzin why Lin Bei Fong is so hostile towards Korra.

Just before the match Tenzin approaches Bei Fong and tells her that with so much at stake it would be nice if they could work together in order to make sure that Amon doesn’t do anything.

As the match starts Pabu does some impressive circus feats as the Fire Ferrets opening act.  The Wolf Bats also do an opening act complete with Fireworks Wolf Masks and more.

As Amon hears that the match is going on from his lead henchmen he mentions that “everything is going according to plan” and makes preparation to invade the arena.

Wolf Bats Cheating

The Wolf Bats use some trickery and cheating with a payed off Ref to give them the upper hand.

Match With The Wolfbats

The match starts off well and the teams seem evenly matched until the Wolfbats start cheating by using ice, rocks in water, and an assorted other group of illegal moves that give them the upper hand.  The refs don’t make any calls giving the Wolf Bats free reign to do whatever they want.  Mako points out that the Refs were obviously payed off.

During the duel it looks like the Fire Ferrets get completely knocked off but Korra barely hangs on to the edge of the arena holding onto Mako as well. She throws Mako into the arena barely saving the Fire Ferrets from losing completely.

During the second round it ends in a tie so Korra and Tahno duel for the tie breaker.  Korra easily defeats Tahno giving the Fire Ferrets a fighting chance to win.  In the final round the Wolf Bats use even more cheats and with rocks in water and illegal headshots succeed in knocking the Fire Ferrets out of the arena.  The payed off Ref calls it a knockout and awards the win to the Wolf Bats.

Equalist Glove Shocker

The Equalist Members disguised as spectators strike with a new hand held electric shock device. They quickly overpower the Metal Bending Police, including Tenzin and Lin

The Equalists Strike

The Equalists have hidden themselves in the crowd as spectators and have smuggled in hand held Chi Blocking weapons which electrocute their opponents, knocking them unconscious.  The Equalists disguise their faces and quickly take down the metal bending police force along with Tenzin and Lin with their new weapon.

Korra and the Fire Ferrets, left in the water after the match, are helpless when Amons lead henchmen electrocutes them.  They are then tied up under the arena.  Tahno and the Wolf Bats are confronted by Amon and after a scuffle Amon takes Tahno and his teammates bending powers away.

Throwing the Wolf Bats over the side of the arena, Amon talks about his goals to cleanse Benders of their “Impurities” and that Benders have an un-natural unfair advantage over their non-bending counterparts.

He then blows up the Arena and prepares to escape via Airship.

Korra Pursues Amon

While Pursuing Amon Korra has to fight his lead henchman

Amon’s Escape

Lin Bei Fong and Tenzin become conscious again, Korra tries to pursue Amon but comes up short with her water bending.  Cheif Bei Fong notices Korras trouble and uses her metal bending to send Korra up far enough to reach Amons henchmen.  Bei Fong also follows close behind.

Amon is able to make it into the Airship, avoiding a fireball attack from Korra, Amons henchmen and Korra duke it out on the glass top of the arena, Korra eventually defeats him but realizes to late that the glass beneath her is cracking and she falls through.  Bei Fong who had gotten a hold of the Airship and was almost in, cuts off her connection to that and drops down in order to save Korra.

Korra and the Fire Ferrets re-unite and Tenzin and Bei Fong talk about what they should do about Amon.

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