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Summary of The Legend of Korra Episode 5

The Spirit of Competition

Mako and Asami

Korra’s Jealousy over Mako and Asami is on the rise while Bolin is furthering his attempts to try and win Korra over

Korra is Jealous

With Korra’s leave of absence from Tarlock’s task force she is able to train with Bolin and Mako a lot more.  Tensions between them are on the rise however in a vicious love triangle as Korra is into Mako, while Mako is into Asami, while Bolin is into Korra.  Korra seeks advice from Tenzins daughters who give questionable advice such as burning the entire nation down.

Pema overhears Korras plight and tells Korra of her similar situation with Tenzin where she finally professed her love to Tenzin and was able to win him over.

Korra decides to try something similar with her and Mako.  But first they must participate in their first Pro Bending Tournament match agains the Redsands Rabaroos.


Korra Asks Mako Out

Korra makes a move on Mako by asking him out on a date

Fire Ferrets Dominate Their Opening Match

During the opening match the Fire Ferrets training pays off as they completely dominate the Redsands Rabaroos.  After the match is over, Korra makes her move on Mako but is rejected, much to Korra’s dismay.

Bolin then asks Korra out on a date and after a little bit of persuasion she agrees.  Bolin and Korra are having a fun time together when they run into Tahno a member of the White Falls Wolfbats the reigning Pro Bending champs.  Bolin tells Korra that Tahno is bad news and to not mess with him.

Tahno approaches Korra and Bolin and tries to egg Korra into fighting him which according to Bolin would disqualify them from the match.  Korra whistles for Naga and Naga roars into the restaurant startling Tahno.

Bolin sees Korra and Mako Kiss

Bolin is devastated when he sees Korra and Mako Kiss

Tensions Rise in the Fire Ferrets

In the next round between the Fire Ferrets and the Borcupines (an older team) the tension between the team members of the Fire Ferrets starts to show, Korra and Mako clash on the field and it costs them a couple rounds.  The resulting math ends with a tie and Bolin volunteers for the tie breaker.

Bolin wins the tie breaker match with an impressive display of Earth Bending.

Mako confronts Korra and tells her that he likes both her and Asami, Korra jumps on it and kisses Mako, unfortunately Bolin was coming to give Korra roses and sees the Kiss which crushes him emotionially.

The next round agains the Buzzard Wasps does not start off well at all with every teammate now having strong conflicting emotions.

Bolin is emotionally crushed by Korras rejection

Bolin is emotionally crushed by Korras rejection

Fighting the Buzzard Wasps

The match starts off terribly as the Buzzard wasps quickly push the Fire Ferrets quickly to the edge, almost knocking all three off in the first round.

Mako even accidentally hits Bolin in the back.  Korra starts getting penalties which further costs the team.  Bolin get’s injured by getting hit in the shoulder, both Mako and Bolin are quickly knocked off the edge.

In a miraculous turn of events Korra is able to dodge everything the enemy team throws at her and then is able to knock every member of the Buzzard Wasps off the edge in the last 10 seconds  barely saving the Fire Ferrets place in the tournament.

Wolf Bats Win Super Fast

The Wolf Bats (the Fire Ferrets next opponents) are able to brutally beat their opponents super fast, which doesn’t bode well for the Fire Ferrets next match.


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