The Legend of Korra Episode 3

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Summary of The Legend of Korra Episode 3

The Revelation

Fire Ferrets Need Some Money

The Fire Ferrets learn from Butaka (owner of the Pro Bending League) that they need to somehow make 30,000 Yuons to Stay in the Tournament

Fire Ferrets Need some Money
Up early for training (much to Korra’s dismay) the Fire Ferrets are visited by Butaka who informs them that they need to aquire 30,000 Yuons.  Bolin decides to try and use his Fire Ferret Pabu in some circus stunts to earn some money while Mako get’s some work at the Power plant.

While Bolin is doing his Circus stunts he is approached by “Shady Shen” who is a member of the Triple Threat Triad bending Gang.  Shady Shen offers Bolin a “security” job and he offers a lot of money.  Bolin gives into the temptation and goes off with Shady Shen.

Mako get’s suspicious of Bolin not showing up later that evening and decides to confront Korra if she has seen Bolin or not.  Korra informs Mako that she hasn’t seen Bolin either.  Both start to become worried about what has happened to Bolin and they go off to look for him with Naga.

Search for Bolin

Bolin and Shady Shen

Bolin is Approached by Shady Shen, a gang member for the Triple Threat Triad, who offers some serious cash for some “Security Work”

As Korra and Mako go on the search for Bolin they find Pabu running around without Bolin, they go to the Triple Threat hideout, only to find the place deserted.  At the back they see a group of Equalists rounding up Triple Threat gang members and Bolin is caught in the middle of it.

Korra and Mako give chase but have a hard time catching up, two equalists fall back and confront Mako and Korra directly.  During the following fight the Equalist’s use a series of moves that blocks both Korra’s and Mako’s bending abilities temporarily.  When Naga goes on the offensive the Equalist’s flee.  Mako informs Korra that the “Chi” blocking is temporary.

Mako and Korra then realize that they have no idea how to find Bolin.  Korra remembers that she heard an Equalist rally speaker her first day in Republic City and they decide to go interrogate him about Bolins potential location.

Mako and Bolin’s Parents

While waiting for the equalist protester Korra learns more about what happened to Mako and Bolins parents.  She learns that a Firebender killed Mako and Bolin’s parents during a Mugging, and that Bolin was the only family that Mako had left.  She also learned that in order to survive Mako and Bolin did some accounting work for the Triple Threat Triad.

Amon has the Ability to Take away Benders Bending Ability

Amon has the Ability to Take away Benders Bending Ability

The Revelation

After interrogating the Equalist speaker they take some Anti Bender Propaganda and realize that the posters point to a map which leads the way to The Revelation a gathering of Anti Benders to see Amon reveal his Revelation.  After making it to the meeting Korra and Mako see Amon for the first time.  They hear Amon’s motives, that his family was killed by a Firebender and that the Firebender scarred his face (which is why he wears the mask).  They also learn that Amon’s goal is to equalize the world (getting rid of benders.)  Amon reveals his power which is to get rid of a Benders ability permanently.

Korra and Mako come up with a plan to create a steam cloud and hide them as they go to rescue Bolin from Amon’s clutches.  Korra successfully creates the steam cloud and after a fight with Amon’s lead henchmen they are able to escape.


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