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Summary of The Legend of Korra Episode 2

A Leaf In The Wind

Korra starts having major trouble with her Airbending training

Korra starts having major trouble with her Airbending training

Korra has trouble Airbending

Korra begins her training with Tenzin on Airtemple Island, after voicing her excitement over wanting to go and see a Pro Bending Arena match, and Tenzin voicing his dislike of the matches.  We learn that Korra has a very difficult time learning Airbending, as Tenzin points out probably because Airbending is so opposite her personality.  Korra begins training with an Air bending relic, and quickly learns that Airbending can be a major challenge.

Korra Sneaks out To Watch a Pro Bending Match

Korra gets fed up with her Airbending Training and decides to escape from Tenzin to go and watch a Pro Bending match.  After a run in with Toza she meets Bolin for the first time.  Bolin pretends to have brought her on and takes her to watch the Fire Ferrets (Bolins team) in a match.  After a fairly cold reaction from Mako (Bolin’s brother) the two begin a match.

Asuka (the 3rd team member of the Fire Ferrets) makes several mistakes during the match almost costing the Fire Ferrets the game.  Mako is able to pull a match upset and barely scrape out a win for the Fire Ferrets keeping them in the tournament.

Korra Talking with Tenzin

Korra is confronted by Tenzin about escaping Air Temple Island and competing in a Pro Bending Match

Korra Joins The Fire Ferrets

Asuka decides not to show up at the Fire Ferrets next pro bending match and causes them to nearly be disqualified, until Korra steps up to become the Fire Ferrets 3rd team member, allowing the Fire Ferrets to still compete in the Pro Bending Tournament.  Without knowing the rules, Korra quickly falls prey to her inexperience quickly getting hit by the enemy team.

In the middle of the match, Tenzin discovers Korra is competing by overhearing the match over the radio,  Tenzin decides to go to the match to grab Korra himself.  Korra gets knocked off the tournament and is met by a very angry Tenzin, after a confrontation Korra gets back into the match and Tenzin is about to storm off… until he sees Korra start using Airbending techniques to start avoiding attacks from the enemy team.  Tenzin realizes that Pro Bending might be the best way for Korra to practice any Airbending skills.

This changes Tenzin’s mind about allowing Korra to compete.

Korra gets better at Pro Bending

Korra becomes much better at Pro-Bending, helping the Fire Ferrets win the match.

Mako is super excited by Korra’s new skills as it really helps the Fire Ferrets move along in there progress towards winning the tournament.

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    just about everyone in this episode is very stubborn.



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