Smoke and Shadow Library Edition coming in September

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A small bit of Avatar comic news has just been revealed. While it had not been officially mentioned before, we did expect a hardcover or Library Edition collection for Smoke and Shadow at some stage. Now we know it is coming out in September thanks to Dark Horse on Twitter.


Smoke and Shadow Part 3 is coming out March 30th 2016 in comic stores. So basically 5 months after the end of the series we are getting the collected edition. Seems about right based on the previous comics.

What we don’t know just yet is if this is referring to the comic release date or the mass market release date. If they are referring to the Mass Market date it could mean an August comic store release date, but we don’t know either way just yet.

Not the most exciting news as we knew they would make this book, but it will be fun to see the cover revealed and when the book does come out see what extras are included (Usually annotations and concept art).


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