SDCC 2015 Avatar/Korra Merch revealed


We are in convention season, which of course means convention exclusive products. While Korra may be over we are getting some stuff at this year’s convention. IGN got the exclusive reveal

First up is an exclusive art print by Bryan featuring Aang and Korra.


The other item is a 12 inch statue of Lin BeiFong.



Both are pretty cool, but not amazing in my opinion. Once again the choice of statue for the Dark Horse Merch line is a bit baffling. Why release a Lin statue before one of the main character in the show, Korra. The print is nice, but I think I would prefer full colour in the image over the effect shown. Again these are convention exclusives, so expect them to be extremely pricey to pick up at the convention or online. I would assume the Lin statue will get an official mass market release at some stage also. No prices given yet.

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  1. Sifu Katara Said: Comment by Sifu Katara on July 13, 2015 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    Do you know where I could get them online?


    Appa Your Flying Bison Reply:

    Above it says that they were convention exclusives but they will get a market release sometime. If you look online now on like ebay or something, people are gonna be selling them for a lot



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