SDCC 2015 Avatar and Korra Dark Horse Panel Info

Morgan (Airspeed Prime) here once again to present to you all the news from the Avatar panel at SDCC, as ever I am not there, just covering it from home.

SDCC2015 Poster

I will be updating this post as the panel and day goes on, with info and pictures that come out. If you are following along as the panel is live, please only refresh the page every few minutes so as not to overload the site. I will post links to the sources for the images and info after the panel.

SDCC 2015 Dark Horse Avatar and Korra Panel.

– As ever the people waiting to get inside of the panel room have been camped out all night to make sure they get a seat in the smaller room that this year’s panel is held in. Great dedication as usual, let’s hope that this panel is worth the effort they put in.

-At this stage we are around 15 minutes away from the start of the panel so let me sum up what we know is happening at this panel. Mike, Bryan and Gene Yang are going to be on stage, they will discuss the Book 4 Balance Art Book which is due out in September and we assume they will touch on Smoke and Shadow, part 1 of which is out in September also. That will be cool, but what really has fans hyped for this panel is the tease that this panel will “Tease the future” and be “full of surprises”. Is this just PR Hype or will they actually deliver?

-My final predictions are that I do think we may get Korra comics revealed, but really I just want Mike and Bryan to address the future of the franchise going forward. We know they are working on their own projects now, so that means no new show for a good long while, but where does that leave Avatar going forward. The comics is the answer, and hopefully they reveal more comics here in about 8 minutes.

– People are in the panel room, just waiting for Mike and Bryan now.


– There are Avatar Dark Horse bags at the Dark Horse Booth


 – Mike and Bryan are in the Panel Room, panel has started


– Just and FYI, I will not be posting info about the Book 4 Art Book or Smoke and Shadow unless it is new news, if they are just repeating what we already know I will not be mentioning it here as we have covered it in previous news posts. The only real Smoke and Shadow news we need is the Part 3 cover and release date.

-Mike and Bryan give some thoughts on the reaction to the Book 4 finale, nothing we have not heard from them before. On to the comics!!!

-Ok, as expected some Smoke and Shadow talk, nothing we don’t already know. What the cover is, some of the preview pages we already have, on to the actual news please.

-They mention that the plus side of doing comics is that they can tell stories without having to have the crazy amount of resources that animation requires. Bryan mentions that he does not want to drag the comics on if there are no stories to tell, depending on the announcements I may have a few words to say about this statement.

-Next up, again as expected is the Book 4 Balance Art book, usual talk about how great the art is, they are showing off some of the art from the book. No real news here, we know what to expect from the art books. Still lots of time to go, so hopefully the big reveals are coming…….. I hope!

-Still discussing the art book.

-Book 4 Art Book cover is just the Book 4 DVD/Blu Ray poster placed over the new spirit portal in the background. Looks nice, will have the image up in a moment.

Art book Book 4

-Still more Art Book talk. Leave some pages for the release of the book please!

-There is still a lot of time left, please let there be some news!

-Random Image from the panel


-25 minutes to go, where are the “teases of the future” and no sign of it being “full of surprises”

– On to fan questions, these usually mean the panel is done. I am a bit stunned at the lack of news, but let’s see what the questions are about.

-Only notable thing so far is that the reason we did not get much focus on Sokka in Korra is because his story never aligned with what they wanted to do.

-Only hope for news looks to be a big “One more thing” to end the panel.

-Also about the questions, again it was a situation where in the week leading up to the panel Dark Horse asked fans to submit questions and they chose the ones to ask. Hence why nothing notable really came out of them.

-FINALLY KORRA COMICS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED, MIKE IS RUNNING THEM. The image they showed for the announcement was of Korra and Asami.


– More info on the Korra comics, like the current ATLA comics it will be a 3 part series. The first will focus on Korrasami and the aftermath of the end of Book 4, no big time skips. Mike is writing the comics and Bryan will assist on story and art design, they are still working on finding an artist. So it seems like it is fairly early on.

-Korrasami relationship will get focus.

-Looks like that is the end of the panel.

-Some very early reactions, they saved the best until last, I was all prepared to really rip into this panel for the lack of news until they dropped the Korra Comic bomb. A little disappointed in how early it seems to be in production, but happy they are coming.

– I will continue to update this post as the day progresses, but for now the minute by minute updates are over. The main thing will be clarifying some of the details and getting better quality images.

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