San Diego Comic Con 2012 Korra Panel details + New feature

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The first piece of news is about San Siego Comic Con 2012, we all know that last year at SDCC we saw our first Korra trailer and details on the characters.

So now we have details on when the Korra panel is this year courtesy of IGN

The Korra panel will be on Friday, July 13th at 11:15am – 12:15pm in Ballroom 20

On the panel will be Mike, Bryan, Joachim, Andrea Romano, Janet Varney, P.J Byrne, David Faustino and Seychelle Gabrielle.

They also have a signing session at 2:30PM with an exclusive poster.

Hopefully this panel will give us our first Book 2 look, possibly announcement of DVD/Blu Rays.

What are your hopes for the panel ?


The Second Piece of News is that have put up a Who Is Amon feature

It is a few images of various characters and it talks about how suspicious each character is, mainly jokey.

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