Avatar Roku

Roku was a Former Fire Nation Avatar, the Avatar before Aang and After Kyoshi. He was Seventy Years old when he died and had a wife, Ta Min and one child (unnamed), he is actually related to the Fire Nation Royal Family by the fact that his granddaughter Ursa married Fire Lord Ozai, this relation in a way explains why Zuko is so confused about his destiny being related both to an Avatar, a symbol of god in the world and a Fire Lord who because of Sozin’s actions are A symbol of Evil. He has a pet Dragon called Fang who is his Animal guide and best friend. As an Avatar he is a master of all four elements and very wise, but even before he found out he was the Avatar he was a fantastic Firebender. His one major flaw was a lack of decisiveness .

Avatar Roku

Avatar Roku was a Fire Nation Avatar, it was during his time as the Avatar that Sozin began his plans to take over the World, Roku was childhood friends with Sozin as they grew up together and decided to let him live when he found out about his plans, ultimately leading to Roku's death and the start of the great war.

Roku was a wise and very powerful Avatar, possibly one of the most powerful ever as he could easily control all four elements simultaneously. His Friendship with the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation ultimately led to one of the most important events in his life and the world. ”ย They were great childhood friends and grew up together until Roku was told he was the Avatar and had to leave to learn the other three elements, over the years away Sozin became Fire Lord and began to consider ideas like spreading the Fire Nation to the other nations, When Roku found out he had to stop this to keep the balance of the four nations, but his lack of decisiveness lead to him letting Sozin off with a warning, years later he discovered Sozin had ignored him and went ahead with the plan, he confronted him again ”ย and once again let Sozin Live but leaving him with a death threat. When Roku’s island’s volcano erupted Sozin went to help his former friend but saw a chance to be rid of his constant interference in his plans and left him to die on the volcano. With Roku’s death Sozin’s plan went into full action and the war started. After his Death Roku began to help Aang the next Avatar to end the war and Redeem himself and the Avatar.

Early Life

Roku and Sozin

Roku and Sozin were great friends, growing up together

Roku was born One Hundred and Eighty Two years before the start of Avatar The Last Airbender, he grew up in the Fire Nation near the Royal Palace. His family was good friends with the Fire Lords Family, Roku became great friends with The Fire Lord’s son Sozin and they grew up together. They even had the exact same Birthday. They always would practise Firebending together and by the time they were sixteen they had nearly mastered their home Element.

Roku and Ta Min

Roku had a huge crush on a girl called Ta Min, but could never bring himself to talk to her.

Roku always had a huge crush an a girl named Ta Min but he could never bring himself to talk to her. The beginning of his lack of decisiveness.

Roku Is the Avatar

The Fire Sages tell Roku that he is the Avatar, Changing his life forever.

At his and Sozin’s Sixteenth Birthday celebrations the Fire Sages informed Roku that he was the Next Avatar, he would have to leave his best friend and all his belongings behind to leave and Master the other three elements.

Roku and Sozin farewell

Sozin gives Roku the Headpiece worn by the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation as a parting gift.

Sozin gave Roku the headpiece to be worn by the Crown Prince Of the Fire Nation as a farewell gift.


Roku Is the Avatar

Roku at the Air Temple training in Airbending with Monk Gyatso, showing that friendships can transcend lifetimes with Gyatso also being friends with Aang.

The first of the remaining 3 elements that Roku had to learn was Airbending, he travelled to the Southern Air Temple to train, there he met Monk Gyatso who he became fast friends with. They would always mess around creating new Airbending moves with their gliders.


Roku Waterbending

Roku moved on to Waterbending, as his natural opposite he struggled at first but soon mastered it.

He then moved on to learn Waterbending in The Northern Water Tribe, being his natural opposite he found it difficult to learn at first be he soon mastered that also. So much so that he could defeat his teacher in a duel in one (big) move.


Roku and Sud

Roku was trained in Earthbending by Sud, he was harsh and Stubborn but the two became good friends.

Finally he moved on to learn Earthbending, his teacher Sud was uncompromising, Stubborn and Blunt but he became friends with him too and mastered his final Element. He was so good at Earthbending that he beat Sud in an Earthbending wave race up a mountain, he won by so much he had time to make tea for them both before Sud arrived.

Avatar Roku

Roku Avatar State

Roku, Impatient tried to rush learning the Avatar State, he used the power of the Sun during the Solstice to enter the Avatar State but ended up suck in it, until Fire Sage Kaja helped him.

He had at Twenty eight years old mastered all four elements, around this time he returned to the Fire Nation to learn to master the Avatar State. Fire Sage Kaja was his teacher, he had trouble learning to master it as he was impatient, he tried to use the suns power during the solstice to enter the Avatar state which worked, but he was then stuck in the Avatar State. Kaja knew how to get him out of the Avatar state and did but not before Roku destroyed half of the Avatar temple on Crescent Island.He then had to rebuild the temple.

Roku Bending

Roku bending all four elements at once, demonstrating his full power.

He eventually mastered the Avatar State. and had at last become a fully realized Avatar. Able to control all four elements with ease and go in and out of The Avatar State at will.

Roku and Ta Min wedding

Roku returned to the Fire Nation and eventually married his childhood crush, Ta Min.

He then returned to see his old Friend Sozin after twelve long years, Sozin had become the new Fire Lord and Roku was to Marry his childhood Crush Ta Min.

The First Test

Sozin and Roku talk

Sozin brings up the idea of spreading the Fire Nation to the other Nations, Roku shocked demands that Sozin Never speak of this idea again as there must be balance in the world.

At the wedding Sozin was his best man, after Sozin took Roku aside to talk he proposed a radical idea to Roku, to spread the Fire Nations prosperity to the other Nations, creating an Empire, Roku was horrified at this suggestion and demanded that he not speak of it again. Saying that the four nations were meant to stay as four. This was Roku’s first real test as the Avatar, he thought Sozin would listen to him, but little did he know.
Sometime after this Roku ands Ta Min had a child.

Roku confronts Sozin

Roku confronts his former friend Sozin over going ahead with his plan, he lets him live but leaves him with a threat, Withdraw from the Earth Kingdom or Roku will kill him. Was he decisive enough ?

It was seventeen years later when Roku discovered that Sozin had gone ahead with his plan and taken over Earth Kingdom territory, Roku rushed to confront his friend. There he demanded Sozin stop and remove from the Earth Kingdom, Sozin questioned Roku’s loyalty ,but Roku would not leave until Sozin stopped his plan, Sozin then attacked Roku. Roku a fully realised Avatar easily out matched his friend, and going into the Avatar state and destroying most of the palace gave Sozin an ultimatum, Stop the plan or he will kill him. He let Sozin live out of respect to their past friendship. The most difficult decision in Roku’s life, had he been decisive enough, this would stay with him long after his death.


The Volcano on Roku's Island erupts, Roku fights an impossible fight against it.

Twenty Five years later, The volcano on Roku’s island erupted ferociously, Roku managed to evacuate everyone from the Island before he began to fight the Volcano.

Sozin watches

Sozin watches on one hundred miles away, he can see and Feel the power of the eruption. He decides to help his old friend.

One hundred miles away Sozin looked on at the eruption and even felt it, he decided to help his old friend and flew on his dragon to help. He arrived with Roku nearly being overcome by the volcano, once again together they fought the volcano and nearly contained it if not for the Poisonous Gases.

Sozin leaves Roku to die

Sozin after helping Roku fight the Volcano, sees his chance to be rid of the only obstacle in his way to domination and leaves Roku to die.

Roku took a blast to the face and was left on the ground gasping for air needing help, but Sozin seeing the only obstacle in his way about to die left his former friend to die.Fang came to Roku’s side and they died together. Aang was born almost immediately after his death. Continuing on the Avatar Cycle.

Sozin then went through with his plan invading the other nations, with only the Northern Water Tribe and a few Earth Kingdom cities remaining uncaptured, he also exterminated all but one Air Nomad in an attempt to find the next Avatar, but the one he didn’t find was the one he was Looking for, Aang- The Last Airbender.

After Death

Roku meets Aang

Aang manages to connect to Roku for the First time, Roku Tells Aang what he must do to end the War, giving Aang a tough task to accomplish.

Roku was able to contact Aang for the first time when after Sending the Spirit of his dragon Fang to help Aang find him, he arrived at the Avatar Temple on Crescent Island, there he told Aang what he had to do, He had to master all four elements and confront Fire Lord Ozai before Sozin’s Comet.

Roku Spirit

Roku manifests himself through Aang's body and uses the Power of the Avatar State to destroy the Temple and allow everyone to escape.

He then manifested himself in Aang’s body to help Aang and his freinds escape from Zuko and Zhao.

Roku tells Jeong Jeong

Roku appears and demands that Jeong Jeong each Aang Firebending, for all the other Avatars have mastered it so Aang can too.

He later demanded that Jeong Jeong teach Aang Firebending.

Roku and Aang

Roku tells Aang that the Spirit Koh will know the identity of the Moon and Ocean Spirits mortal forms.

Then at The Siege on the Northern Water Tribe he helped Aang out by telling him that the Spirit Koh knows about the Moon and Ocean Spirits Mortal forms.

Avatar Cycle in Avatar The Last Airbender

Roku explains the Avatar State to Aang, if he dies in the Avatar State the Avatar Cycle will be broken and the Avatar gone forever

When Aang went into the Avatar State in a rage after General Fong appeared to kill Katara, Roku appeared To Aang to fully explain the Avatar State to him, he explained that the Avatar State is a defense Mechanism designed to empower the Avatar with the strength and wisdom of all past Avatars, he said that in the Avatar State the Avatar is both at his/her strongest and weakest, as if the Avatar is killed in the Avatar State then the Avatar Cycle will be broken and the Avatar will be no more. He snapped Aang out of the Avatar state before leaving.

Roku tells Aang

Aang first finds Roku who tells Aang that like him, he too had trouble Mastering the Avatar State.

When Aang died and was brought back to life but still unconscious, the Avatar state was damaged and blocked , he had to reconnect with the previous four Avatars to fix it and realise that not all Avatars are perfect. He found Roku first who told him that he too had trouble mastering the Avatar State and helped him find Kyoshi.

Roku appears to Aang

Roku appears to Aang at his lowest Moment, and gives him confidence while telling him that it was his own inactions that have led to the situation Aang is in.

Then he appeared to Aang when Aang felt defeated and like he let the world down after he woke up, Roku told Aang that It was his own(Roku’s) mistakes in his life that have caused these problems that Aang must solve, but he believes that Aang will save the world and redeem him.

Aang asks Roku For Advice

Just prior to Aang's battle against Ozai, Aang asked the four previous Avatar's for advice on whether or not he should kill Ozai, Roku tells him he must be decisive.

Just Prior to Aang’s battle against Ozai, Aang asked the previous four Avatar’s for Advice about how to beat Ozai without taking his life.
Roku told him to be decisive, because he wasn’t in his life, and that it was his reluctance to kill Sozin that Caused the war, so Aang must end Ozai. Aang wasn’t too fond of this advice but the other Avatar’s answers along with Roku’s showed Aang that the Avatars have all made mistakes, and his mistakes cannot define him in the upcoming battle.

Roku taking an active Role in the development of Aang as the Avatar ultimately helped end the War his indecision started redeeming himself and The Avatar.

Roku Information and Quotes

Name: Roku Roku Master Avatar

Race: Fire Nation

Age: 70 when he died

Short Descripion: Roku was a Fire Nation Avatar, The Avatar before Aang and After Kyoshi, He was a wise and merciful Avatar who did his duty well, His one flaw in some cases was a strength, A lack of decisiveness to quick to show mercy. This flaw led to the Start of the Great War with his biggest mistake deciding to let Sozin live after he took over Earth Kingdom territory. After his Death he became a mentor Figure to Aang and helped him in his journey to end the War and redeem Himself and The Avatar.

Primary Tools: Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Wisdom and ”ย The Avatar State.

Well Known Roku Quotes:

  • “Love is hard when your young”
  • “Some friendships are so strong, they can even transcend lifetimes”
  • “Mastering the Elements takes years of discipline and practice. But if the world is to survive you must do it by summer’s end.”
  • “If anyone’s to blame for the state of the world, it is me. I should have seen this war coming, and prevented it. You inheirted my problems, and my mistakes. But I believe you are destined to redeem me, and save the world!”
  • “If you are killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken, and the Avatar will cease to exist.”


  • Roku is the first Avatar we see in the series, Appearing in the opening of the show
  • In the show (outside of opening) we first see Roku as a Statue in The Southern Air Temple Episode 103
  • Oddly Roku is the only Avatar Spirit who appears older, all the rest seem either young or in their prime, Kysohi Lived to be Two hundred and Thirty yet her Spirit looks just over thirty.
  • Roku is quite destructive having destroyed the Fire Nation Palace once and The Fire Temple two times
  • Roku’s mercy may come from the fact that Kyoshi did not have much mercy just like her being very active may come from Kuruk’s lack of doing his duty.
  • In the opening where Roku bends all four elements, he appears to be in the place where Aang battled Combustion Man and Fire Lord Ozai near Wulong Forest.
  • Roku’s voice actor James Garrett says “Previously on Avatar” whenever is occurs

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    I too love the Shipping in Avatar ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Escape From The Spirit World 1 Roku


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