Piandao, The master swordsman


Piandao is a Grand Master in The Order of The White Lotus a peacekeeping organization which doesn’t take any nations side and in fact has members of every single nation among it’s ranks.

Piandao’s Childhood

The interesting thing about Piandao is he was born into the Firenation without any bending abilities at all, this infuriated and shamed his parents who disowned him and left him at an orphanage.”  During his time in the Orphanage Piandao grew a love for the arts particularly Calligraphy (Beautiful or artistic handwriting).

Piandao PNG Image
Piandao Pulling out Sword

Piandao in the Firenation Army

As was the custom of the Firenation during the time, Piandao joined the Firenation army.”  He became renowned throughout the army for his Swordsmanship, as time drew on Piandao began to be horrified at the atrocities committed by his own army, he left the Army, vowing never to return.”  The Firenation Army sent troops to arrest him for deserting the army, but Piandao defeated every last troop (Bender or otherwise), the Firenation left him alone after that. Piandao decided to settle in the beautiful city of Shu Jing because of it’s secluded and breathtaking surroundings.

Piandao Standing on Cliff
Piandao escapes to the peace and solitude of Shu Jing

Piandao trains Sokka

We learn most about Piandao from his training of Sokka,”  Sokka is beginning to feel like a left out member of Aang and crew because of his lack of bending abilities, attempting to comfort him Katara and Aang come to the conclusion that Sokka needs to find a Master to teach him, while in the city of Shu Jing, Sokka learns about the famous Piandao and goes to be taught by him.”  At first it seems like Sokka would never have a chance being accepted but instead of acting in his usual Bold and Out-going self he acts humble and when Piandao asks him why he should train him or what skills he has Sokka tells him that he feels like he doesn’t have any skills worth mentioning.

Sokka Smiling
Sokka trained extensively with Piandao

Interestingly enough this humility is exactly what Piandao is looking for in a student, someone who is teachable and doesn’t think they already know everything.

Piandao begins with an assessment of Sokkas current skills with the sword, which Sokka definitely has some needed practice.”  Piandaos’ training is certainly interesting, during a particular session Piandao teaches Sokka Calligraphy and tells Sokka:

-Just as you can never remove the stroke of a brush, you can never take back the stroke of a sword.”

Piandao – Avatar The Last Airbender

This type of thought, of accountability for ones actions is something that the Firenation is in desperate need of.

Sokkas other training includes Sparring matches, Regular Exercising, and other”  similar training, including the crafting of swords.”  Meanwhile Aang, Katara, and Toph are learning just how valuable Sokka is to the group, he’s a leader, he’s a planner and organizer, and he’s just plain funny and fun to be around.

So Sokka finishes his training as well as the construction of his own sword, which is made out of meteorite, and rejoins Aang and the crew at Piandaos house.”  Piandao decides that Sokka has learned all he can from him and decides to give him the sword and consider him -trained”.”  Sokka however refuses and tells Piandao that he is actually not who he thinks he is, he tells Piandao that he is from the Southern Water Tribe (not the Firenation) and that he has been lying to him.”  In mock rage Piandao attacks Sokka and a duel begins.


Sokka learns valuable lessons from Piandao

Piandao notes all of Sokkas clever use of his training, but eventually Piandao is able to defeat him.”  Before killing Sokka he stops and informs Sokka that he knows Sokka was from the Water Tribe all along and that he trained Sokka with that knowledge (he also knew Aang was The Avatar),”  Piandao tells him that knowledge of the Arts belongs to everyone, not just the Firenation.

As Aang and crew leave, Piandao gives them a White Lotus chip, a tie in to the peacekeeping group he belongs too.

Rejoins the White Lotus to end the war

The next time we see Piandao isn’t until near the end, where he joins the White Lotus to take back the Earth Bending City, Ba Sing Se.”  His swordsmanship combined with the other benders is devastating to the occupying Firenation army and they are able to quickly take back the city.

Piandao Regains Ba Sing Se
Piandao is on the right as the White Lotus regains the City of Ba Sing Se


I think the story about Piandao was fantastic, it teaches that even if your different you can still contribute to a group in your own way.”  It also shows of the importance of having a mentor,”  and of treating everyone as your equal regardless to race, nation, or ability.

Facts about Piandao

Piandao was inspired by Sifu Kisu, Avatar The Last Airbenders Martial Arts Fighting Instructor and consultant.

Sifu Kisu

Sifu Kisu is in the middle, he’s standing by Avatar Creators

Piandao was born without any bending abilities

Piandao is a member of The White Lotus

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  1. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on March 6, 2010 at 11:01 pm | Permalink

    I have been thinking about where to begin another season, with Zuko as Fire Lord, Mai Minh by his side, Kitara, Sokka, Suki, Toph BeiFong, and (now) Avatar Aang.

    An early episode has dreams and the Spirit World connection to the Physical World front and center. Aang dreams of Rokku and Monk Gyatsu telling him that Air-Benders are and always were Nomads, and destroying the Temples and killing the inhabitants would not mean that there were no Air-Benders, but that they would retreat into a place Gyatsu states is “… between East and West, between North and South. The clues are in the Air Temples, but they are written in scripts that are as old as Man’s understanding.” Nomads learn to read and write in a number of languages and dislects they may encounter in their travels. (More on this if you are interested.)

    Zuko has a dream of Fire Lord Azulan, his grandfather, bound in Earth and Ice. “What happened to you?” Zuko asks. Azulan answers clues about his father’s treachery and his mother’s disappearance. “… After all, she was always there to protect you, her precious son.” Azulan fills in some thoughts his situation (Think Jacob Marley). “Do the right thing for I did not, and your father did even worse. Honor your Uncle Iroh for he was my choice to succeed me, not your father.”

    Suki sits an watches the full moon, aware of its power on Water-Benders. She is accosted by a female presence. “You are a Kyoshi Warrior, a proud and noble heritage. Sokka has strong feelings for you, as he had for me. As I am ever with him, I shall ever be with you. Sokka and you must keep each other safe.” Suki tries to look at the voice, but sees only wisps of vapor, but an impression of a pale, glowing, beautiful female floating. “Remember Yue and the moon.”

    The collection of friends gets together and decides that there is too much work to delegate to former Generals and Admirals, and they should devote their troops to serve the other nations in rebuilding the balance. Aang seeks to find other Air-Benders if they are out there. Zuko seeks to both help Aang, and find out more about his mother, her whereabouts and her fate. Kitara has strong feelings for Aang, and Toph for Sokka. Mai Minh is not about to sit in her royal capacity, but longs for some excitement, but her royal and fussy ways make for some interesting comments and humor. She has a LOT to learn about REAL LIFE. Therein moves the tale.

    In further episodes they meet up with some old friends. One stop is for tea and PaiSho at the Jasmine Dragon (run by an old friend, retired General and White Lotus Grand-Master) Mu-Shi (as if I have to otherwise name him). Everywhere there are clues and diversions, and places where the friends can help. Zuko and Mai Minh may set off on their own, but they find information about Air-Benders wherever they go. Aang and his companions hear bits about the rumors of the succession of Ozai to become Fire-Lord, and the death of Liu-Tien was arranged by some officers loyal to Ozai. Intrigues and mysteries, deceptions and hidden plots, and all while trying to repair the damage of a century of warfare and more.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Wow, that sounds really neat, i’m thinking of making a Fan Fiction section or something like that.

    Good stuff.


    Toraof theSouthernWaterTribe Reply:

    Wow that sounds really neat and then maybe Azula and Ozai are secretly plotting with each other to over throw Zuko and regain control. I bet there are still people in the fire nation loyal to Ozai.


    Leon Stark Reply:

    My thought is that shortly after Zuko and Mai Minh leave in one of the royal air-corvettes, some of the former Dai-Li soldiers break Azula out, but she will not leave without her father, bender or not. They are out to restore what is left of their Fire-Nation holdings. They are joined by a small number of older, powerful Fire-Nation ranking officers. The more junior officers and new recruits are under the administration of Jion Jiong and Pian Dao. They are ready to be loyal to their new leaders.

    This will keep the remnant of the official Dai-Li (under Long Feng), the Omashu constabulary, and the Fire-Nation soldiers in training under Jion Jiong and Pian Dao busy. Minh Luo (Mai Minh’s father) will have his own political intrigues to deal with. There is also a post about the pirate crew that Admiral Zhiao hired to dispose of Prince Zuko, and had other dealings with our intrepid band of heroes. Then there are the renegade Earth-Benders, the “Rough Rhinos” and a variety of other lesser known obstacles with their own agendas.

    Aang, Sokka, Katara, and Toph still have many friends, and Zuko has some debts to repay, like the replacement of an emu-horse (or three), paying off the Shirshu rider Jun, and a family who showed him kindness when he needed to be alone.

    Zuko still also has a romantic interest in Ba Sing Se, the young tea-shop visitor. Mai will really “enjoy” dealing with that one! ;-?

    Many arcs to explore, many directions to play with. And Uncle Iroh has his tea-shop/Pai-Sho parlor to attend to.

    Lets get the Fan Fiction blog started!


    ean Reply:

    the story about the air benders is really cool!!!
    i like the idea!

    though i would like to have an episode wherein pakku(the waterbending master) and hamma(the puppetmaster) would duel in a waterbending match!!


    Joebobdylan Reply:

    Yeah, but remember when one of the Fire Nation guards said that Hamma is gonna be in jail for the rest of her life?


    ean Reply:

    yeah, but maybe the fire nation folks would forgive her as she was only a victim of the war. and be deported back to either of the water tribes. x))

    Leon Stark Reply:

    Hama may be “imprisoned”, but there will need to be attendants, people to make certain she has just enough food and water to survive. She is -just- powerful enough to not need to use her hands to bend her element. Remember, finding King Bumi in a tin-box in (Return to) Omashu (New Ozai City) still bending while confined with just his face showing?

    An idea on an episode pitting Hama against Pakku would be that Pakku tours the rest of the Nations, and comes upon the town in which Hama is held. Hama, hearing this, escapes and seeks his help to flee her Fire-Bender jailers. She sucks small amounts of water from each jailer and slices the bars of her cell with a water-knife and lets herself out.

    Pakku, ever humorless, but equally just in a rather old-fashioned manner, puts her on trial after hearing about her actions, “blood-bending”, taking testimony from the villagers. Fire-Lord Zuko and his traveling party (Mai Minh, Toph Be Fong) come upon the trial. Toph, traveling with the party has her say, including the tale of Katara learning the “blood-bending” art, the manipulation of Sokka and Aang (which she perceived through her feet). This impresses Pakku and Zuko. Hama thinks she is going to go free, but Pakku declares her actions a crime against ALL Nations. She dares to battle Pakku in the manner of a Fire-Nation Agni-Kai, an Honor-based fight to the death. Pakku feels the attempt at “blood-bending”, but it not being the full moon her attempting the technique is to a lessened effect. Pakku states that his skill accepts the power of the moon, but does not need it, for he is as powered by the Ocean as by the Moon. She battles well, but still loses.

    She is remanded to a new prison in the middle of “Lava-Lake”, Gondolas and NO WATER, plenty of burning rock, and a steam reclamation plant for drinking water. She is bound, hooded and carted away. Fire-Nation soldiers report the doings back to Pian Dao, but on the way, the report is read and copied for another pair of hard, burning eyes. The reader barks orders to head toward that area of land to find “that pretender to MY throne!”

    The rest of the gAang are back at the “Avatar Day” town, and at Kioshi Island to check out the shrines and “oldest places”. The Kioshi shrine had in a painting some marks on a depiction of broken stone with another hint at where the “Temple of the Four Elements” is, and letters in the “Avatar Day” town between a traveling lady and the daughter of one of her “guards” (another exiled prisoner). The “traveling lady” talks about how much she misses her son and how she hoped that he “… would keep up his practices with his uncle so he may be a strong Fire-Bender and do his family proud.”

    Not everybody likes the Avatar, and they stage protests, but there are a few Dai-Li agents watching and reporting back to the “Lord of the Phoenix’s Ashes”, to rise again.

  2. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on March 8, 2010 at 2:59 am | Permalink


    I am looking at Zuko appointing Pian Dao as Commander-in-Chief of the military, and Jian Jiong (the Deserter) as Fire-bending Grand Master. I also think that Minh Luo, Mai Minh’s father as Prime Minister over a council of Ministers of the original Fire-Nation provinces and an assembly of Fire Nation Colony “governors” disassembling the Fire Nation military and establishing a commercial establishment to “maintain the balance” of economy as well as ecology. More intrigues and deceptions. Remember, Long Feng of the Earth Kingdom is still in a Ba Sing Se prison and still seeking his revenge against Azula and her Fire Nation troops. Maybe he can team up with Mu Shi?

    Plots and sub-plots.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    That would make sense to me, i’m sure Zuko would appoint alot of the White Lotus to help him out 🙂 Thanks for the comments


  3. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on March 8, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Permalink


    After all, Iroh was more of a father to him than Fire Lord Ozai. Ozai was (and from the last episode, even having his bending damped) and still is, egotistic and self-centered. Azula follows totally in her father’s footstep, and has been made mad-nutzo-meshuga-crazy by the desire for power. She ws loved by her mother, but she had long ago rejected her mother and anything that breathes of her being female. (Permanent PMS?)

    The White Lotus Society would want Zuko to do the right thing. Zuko would trust the White Lotus members to do the right thing by their administration of the duties he assigns to them. Zuko would care to honor Iroh more than Ozai, the father who dishonored him and the whole of the Fire Nation. Another turn of politics and intrigue. The White Lotus (Pian Dao and Jian Jiong) would have to keep Minh Luo in check against his political ambitions.

    Curiouser and Curiouser!


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Good Points


  4. 2217 Said: Comment by 2217 on June 24, 2010 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    All that would be interesting. But Ive since thought … What if all the people that the kids encountered thruogh the seires that werent fire nation (the pirates etc.) came together and attacked the fire nation??????……


  5. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on June 24, 2010 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    For the various nations, Generals and Admirals of the Fire Nation will be assigned to serve the leaders of the various nations. King Bumi gets a major General whose troops are charged to help the Earth-Bender army in their restoration of Omashu, and the surrounding countryside. The Water-benders would probably have no use of them, but assign them to just maintain their current borders.

    Pirates and Earth-bender renagades would be looking for Zuko and Aang because both thwarted their plans and survived their murderous intents. A couple of dozen pirates, even directly allied(?) with the Earth-bender renegades, would have a time fighting a battalion of Fire-Bender Army trained by both Jian Jiang and Pian Dao. There would be as much of a war for interests between the pirates and the renegades as “Captain Gow” would want his interests over any pirate commander (who otherwise unnamed I am calling Zhang). Having both of them on an attack of combined battalions would only expose their own treachery and distrust of each other.

    I also anticipate a Spirit World encounter with Admiral Zhao, and another with “the face-stealer” Ko. The Spirit World is seriously messed up with the missing influence of the organized society of Air-benders. Aang has to restore the balance in both the Spirit World and the Material World.

    Politics and intrigues, and the blur of what constitutes “good” and “evil”, in both worlds.

    And then there is the crossing paths of the singing nomads and the Earth King and his brown-bear Bosco. (Bosco was a popular chocolate syrup in a bear-shaped bottle, often for topping ice-cream or to make chocolate milk. I do not know if it is still marketed.) I also anticipate other traveling minstrels and diversions.


  6. woodzanager Said: Comment by woodzanager on November 13, 2010 at 3:03 pm | Permalink

    Cool story never knew that about piando. Thanks I really enjoy reading background stories about some maminor, but major characters throughout the series love to see more


  7. Avatar Yangchen Said: Comment by Avatar Yangchen on July 4, 2012 at 7:23 am | Permalink

    too bad we didnt get to see more of piandao


  8. kisame Said: Comment by kisame on March 14, 2013 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    wow! It looks like you really did your research


  9. Nico Robin Said: Comment by Nico Robin on June 24, 2013 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    master piandao the old and wise



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