Phone Interview with M Night Shyamalan

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M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan talks about his love for the source material, and the martial arts. Plus discusses the Shakespearean element of the show, and more in an interview with has just finished a two part phone interview with Director M Night Shyamalan The interviews reveal some pretty interesting stuff, and go more into depth on the challenges Night faced in his attempts to bring The Last Airbender to the big screen. Notably Night talks about his love of Martial Arts, and how he stayed as faithful to the martial arts in the cartoon as in the movie as he could. He also discusses the “Shakespearean” elements of The Last Airbender, and discusses more about his own personal touches he infused into the move, Night also talks about his greatest fears (that it will be corny), and a time when he lost control. It’s a pretty good read so check it out below:

M Night Shyamalan Phone Interview with – Part 1

M Night Shyamalan Phone Interview with – Part 2

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    It was hard to mess up a great anime? They did it with dragon ball

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