NYCC 2016 Dark Horse Avatar Panel Info

Morgan (Airspeed Prime) here again to cover another Avatar  news panel. As ever I am not at the show, just covering it from home. That said both Kelly and Greg from the podcast are at NYCC this year, so at some point we will have some in-depth information about what went down at the panel.


Most of this post will be updates that I find online as the panel is happening, it will be updated in the days following the panel to make sure all of the information is accurate.

NYCC 2016 Dark Horse Avatar Panel

-First things first before the panel begins, what do we know will be covered vs what should be covered. We know that Korra comics will get a mention, though we do not know if we will get much more info on them than has already been revealed. People at the con have been told by the Dark Horse booth that Korra comics will get a mention. The panel description mentions ATLA and Avatar and doesn’t mention Korra so I suspect that means we will get some update on where Avatar comics are going, which is needed as many people are worried North and South will be the last ATLA comic.

The other issue heading in is that we really have no idea who is going to be on the panel outside of a Dark Horse Panel Moderator. Korra artist Irene Koh will not be there, Gene Yang won’t, Mike is promoting his Rebel Genius book, but has not said if he will be there or not. Bryan has not said either way. I would guess that Bryan and maybe Mike will be surprise guests, but outside of that I am very unsure and because of this I am not really sure what to expect from the panel. There has to be news, but who is delivering that news?

Here are 3 things I think should be addressed in the panel

– Show off some of Irene Koh’s art, outside of a small image she posted on twitter, we don’t really have an idea for how the interior art will look since Heather Campbell did the cover image we have seen. I would want some character designs or maybe a sample panel or two, they need to get people excited about the new artist. I don’t think they need to touch on the  plot much more than has been already, we are still 8 or so months out from release.

-Talk about the plan for ATLA comics going forward. As I said above people are thinking North and South may be the last, they need to address what the plan is going forward. Is the next series focused on Azula, or are we getting that rumoured comic time-skip to spice things up going forward.

-Talk about any other products/books coming. As of now the only Dark Horse Avatar/Korra books yet to be released are North and South Part 2 and 3 and Korra Turf Wars Part 1, 2 and 3. Are there more poster collections, colouring books, art books etc coming? Are they making any new statues/figurines or plushes? Avatar/Korra has become a very popular and successful license for Dark Horse I would assume they want to continue the trend of releasing more products than just the story content.

Enough pre panel thoughts, everything from here on in the post will be live updates in order of what is happening at the panel.

Live Updates

-1 hour to go until the panel starts (5:15 PM EST). Only news so far is that it seems like Janet Varney (Voice of Korra) will be on the panel. Cool, but having seen so many interviews from her I am not massively confident in what she will add to this panel, I just hope her being there is not just to fill in time by asking her questions about the show she has been asked hundreds of times in post Book 4 interviews.

-Ok so Dark Horse are now beginning to mention the panel on twitter. They say “We’re talking Avatar: The Last Airbender AND The Legend of Korra w/ our friends @NickAnimation during Dark Horse Classified 5:15 (Room 1A18)”

Very much highlighting the fact that none of the writers/artists are present.

-Reminder as ever with these, only refresh this page every few minutes so as to not overload the site. The news rarely comes out super fast, there will be breaks as people upload images and type up what is happening.

-30 minutes to go. Any predictions?

-5 minutes until start time!

-Kelly just confirmed that Janet Varney is at the panel, taking selfies apparently.

-Lots of people missing out on a spot in the panel room it seems, guess ATLA/Korra still has all the hype.

-Panel is Janet and 2 Dark Horse staff. Janet says she is there as a fan. Still no idea what to expect news-wise from this one.

-They confirm straight off the bat that there will be new stuff never seen before later on in the panel.

-A few more PR style comments about North and South Part 1 making the New York Times Bestseller list and about Nick working with Dark Horse as a family to make Avatar comics.

-First pic in from Greg


-Going over the release dates for North and South Part 2 and 3 which we already know. January 25th and April 26th.

-According to Kelly they also added that North and South was nearly called Oil and Water, but was changed to North and South. this name fact gives us more hints about what is to come in Part 2 and 3 since Toph is arriving in the south on behalf of her father’s company.

-They are currently talking about the Korra poster collection and ATLA colouring book. They are already out, I guess some people in the room may be unaware.

-Korra Colouring Book confirmed for July 2017, art by Jedd Henry who did the ATLA one.


-And here comes the pr speak non-answer about the Korra comics delays. “We needed to get it right. All of us feel passionately about this world”. I am probably being a it harsh here, but it is not like they are going to mention what happened with Brittney Williams and the lack of communication for a year.

-Some Irene Koh art from the comic, looks like a double page spread, very nice


– More art



-Korra comic will have a new villain, all that was said is that it is a woman.

-Seems like Janet is trying to force the other panel members to reveal the name of the new villain, but they are not saying.

-Looks like we are into audience questions. First one is “Are Korra and Asami going to kiss?” the answer is “I think we can do that.”

-Dark Horse just tweeted saying they are taking fan suggestions for future Korra comic stories. Not sure if this is going to lead to anything, if it is just at the panel or an online thing also.

-That seems to be it, the hour is up, no updates in a good few minutes. I suspect a few more little notes of info will come out once people come out of the panel and get their thoughts together.

-My initial impressions are that it was a pretty average panel. Korra colouring book announced, 3 pages of Irene Koh art and 2 slight hints at character plot stuff from the book. Probably the best we could have hoped for with this thrown together panel featuring none of the creative team members from either the ATLA or Korra books. Most disappointing aspect seems to be no reference at all to ATLA comics after North and South, meaning there was no ATLA announcement at the panel.

-Some extra little bits. Korra comic will feature some Zhu Li and Varrick action and the Human/Spirit conflict mentioned previously seems to get the point of being a war over the Republic City portal, that is the big plot point for me.

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Comments - 27 Posts

  1. doratchi Said: Comment by doratchi on October 8, 2016 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    So excited
    But I think the Dark Horse people says the last word about the plans, I mean, Gene or Mike may have an ideas for themself, but when the next up plans are told by DH people, it’s halfway official/on the way


  2. Wend Said: Comment by Wend on October 8, 2016 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    so there will be a continuation after North and South ?


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Panel is ongoing, they have not said anything yet.


  3. doratchi Said: Comment by doratchi on October 8, 2016 at 3:44 pm | Permalink

    Can you please tell us more about the North and South hints?


    doratchi Reply:

    Oh you meant that oil drill? If it’s going to be focus on this, like The Rift 2.0, i’ll be hell dissapointed


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I am just posting what people at the panel are saying. More details will come out about the specifics of what exactly was said.

    Right now I assume that original comic title refers to Toph’s involvement in the story, she is coming on behalf of her father’s company.


    doratchi Reply:

    Looks like the worst panel of all time. I was afraid it would turn to be panel with Korrasami stuff, looks like I was right.


    Kelly Reply:

    I can say that it was originally titled Oil and Water, and that Zuko will be in the last book. Mike said very last second that using the war ship would be a great idea, and it ended up being a key setting point in the books. Also, Aang will wear a red poncho looking thing that resembles what Tenzin wears in Korra! The panelist just basically reiterated and teased some stuff from the first book we already knew, like Sokka and Katara disagreeing and “another romance” which is alluding to the end of the book.


    doratchi Reply:

    Are you kiddig me?
    It’s write in the descreption of part 3 that Zuko is coming to the south pole. And we saw Aang’s clothes on the covers.
    Basically, nothing new. Every idiot with 2 eyes knew this details already


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    To be fair based on the videos I have seen from the panel, a majority of the people at the panel were not super up to date on all of the already released information. I only saw a few hands go up for those who have read North and South Part 1, though this was just the person recording’s perspective.

    Kelly Reply:

    yeah its true, very few people at the panel read the book so im glad they didnt give spoilers for it or upcoming books

  4. TARDIS77 Said: Comment by TARDIS77 on October 8, 2016 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

    They probably got Janet because of Irene’s cancelation. I bet Dark Horse is just as annoyed as us with the cancelations and delays.


  5. TARDIS77 Said: Comment by TARDIS77 on October 8, 2016 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    Not surprised with no avatar news. They have usually announced them on comic book resources after the previous one is finished. They probably didn’t call it a Korra panel because they will waiting for the announcement from entertainment weekly.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I am not so sure, I think EW got that exclusive because the panel guests fell apart. At least that way they got Mike able to speak in Rebel Genius interviews about the Korra comics announcement. Versus the full announcement being made by 2 Dark Horse Reps and Janet Varney who are not as deep in the project as the creative team.


  6. Kelly Said: Comment by Kelly on October 8, 2016 at 8:17 pm | Permalink

    The Panel was so fun (but could have had more stuff yeat)! I would just like to say that I took the pictures of the Korra coloring book and Korra comic art. Also, I said that for the korra comics I would like to see some Mako and Lin doing “detectiving” which was incorrect grammer lol. The woman responded saying that both Mako and Bolin will be featured doing some cool Cop stuff in the city, so thats something you can add if you want!


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Didn’t add the Mako and Bolin bit, since Mike talked about it in more detail in a Q and A a few days ago. We know Bolin has been teamed up with Mako as a detective duo.


    Kelly Reply:

    I actually didnt know that until the panel lol, but thats fine


  7. Justin Said: Comment by Justin on October 9, 2016 at 1:04 am | Permalink

    The only reason I could see the TLA comics being cancelled is for the Korra comics to replace them but they could easily exist side by side.

    I may want to have a headcanon that stops after North and South but I assume that more TLA comics will be made.


    doratchi Reply:

    It’s different teams.
    It’s still not clear if they want it to be complete bridge to Korra or just some more adventures.
    For the first option, the first part was very slow and without something big happening. And Im afraid it’s going to be WT version for The Rift (Im really hope it wont happend) so they may have more comics.

    I hope the other characters would have flashbacks like Katara, it would be beautiful for Aang to reminisce how it all started and for Zuko recalls searching Aang there


    Justin Reply:

    I know it’s different teams. I think the comics were made for more adventures and a little bridge to Korra.

    I thought it was obvious that North and South was The Rift with snow.


    doratchi Reply:

    Maybe you thought like me that the beginning of Korra comics is a sign to end the TLA ones? We would see about it

    At first I thought that you got traditions and nature vs progression which could be nice in the south pole, but an oil drill which probaly cause problems like that river? It’s too much The Rift in snow.
    Unless it’s going to focus on Katara presective and some retro, Im going to be really disappointed.

    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Is there really that big of an issue with 2 comic series having one of the main themes be similar?

    The Rift was an issue between Aang and Toph about their perspectives on traditions and progress.

    This is Katara’s thoughts which are different to Aang because he had the pressure of trying to keep his culture alive while also adapt it to modern times. With Katara it is more of the case of will the Southern identity survive the influx from the North. We will have to wait and see if North and South really tries to go down an environment/nature issue route or if we will see any spirit involvement like The Rift had.

  8. doratchi Said: Comment by doratchi on December 22, 2016 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    Guess I was right bout Korra fuckin up ATLA comics


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I wouldn’t read too much into that, if there is a new ATLA comic it would not even be announced until February or March and then would not be out until like October or November.

    They are just saying what the focus is on right now. I seriously doubt they would just stop ATLA comics with so many open plots to focus on comics with a completely different creative team.

    So I would not really react to the tweet that much, wait and see what happens in the first few months next year.


    doratchi Reply:

    Mmm ok


    Justin Reply:

    If they do cancel TLA comics for the Korra comics would you be like “WTF”?

    The tweet defiantly makes me curious but you’re right about it being to early to tell.


    doratchi Reply:

    Yea its really too early to tell, we should wait


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