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Airspeed Prime again with yet another Korra news Update, this time from the Korra press site, .



Those are the new images, next are the new bio’s of the characters. I will not copy out every single one, but rather list all the new pieces of info revealed.

  • Mako is the Captain of The Fire Ferrets
  • Mako and Bolin like in the attic of Toza’s house and do odd jobs to pay rent
  • Tenzin is on the United Republic Council
  • The Lieutenant voiced by Lance Hendrikson is Amon’s second in command and fights using two electrified Kali Sticks

Hiroshi Sato’s Bio is all new

A barrel-chested businessman with a big personality, Hiroshi Sato’s family lineage extends back to the first Fire Nation colonists.   He was born to a poor family from the Dragon Flats district.  A kid with big dreams, Hiroshi worked from a very young age to help support his family.  When he was 18, he convinced a wealthy banker to invest in the idea of automobiles for the common man.  Before long, he was churning out Satomobiles in his first Future Industries factory.  By the time he was 25, the ingenious industrialist had made his first million yuans.

  • So more linking in to the fire nation colonies, he is a huge reason for there being cars.

Asami Sato’s Bio is also new

As the daughter of Hiroshi Sato, Asami has lived a life of luxury but don’t let her fancy clothes and polite manners fool you — Asami has a tough side too.   She’s an expert driver and isn’t afraid to mix it up on the racetrack.  Asami has also had the best self-defense training money can buy.   She’s a big fan of Pro-bending and goes to every match.

  • So there is a racetrack in United Republic and she participates, she can fight and we see how she will most likely meet The Fire Ferrets.
  • The last piece of info is just confirmation that Katara did teach Korra Waterbending.

Also check out the clip section of the site linked above to view 4 previously seen clips either through Korra Nation or the leaks with a few seconds extra footage.

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