Nendoroid Korra figure teased!


More merchandise news. Good Smile Company on twitter have teased Korra as one of their upcoming Nendoroid figures. For anyone unaware, Nendoroid figures are basically high quality Chibi style figures of anime, video game and manga characters made by Good Smile Company.

Nendoroid Figures

They posted the above picture with the tweet

“Hmm? Those determined eyes… dark skin… some kind of… fire bending? #nendoroid #legendofkorra #korra”

I assume this means a full reveal is coming soon, potentially at one of the upcoming conventions like SDCC.

Nendoroids often come with extra accessories and even extra faces and arms for different poses and expressions. So this could be an excellent figure when fully revealed.

My Thoughts

While I don’t own any Nendoroids myself, I do think a lot of their figures look amazing. Given that I am not the biggest fan of the Zwyer Chibi Korra, if the full image of Korra looks good then this may be the figure I get. I like the decision to seemingly focus on Korra firebending, it really fits her character especially given that she is in her book 1 outfit here. The full image may show more elements, but given the partial image we see plus the tweet specifically mentioning firebending I think it is just Korra firebending.

This is definitely something I am keeping my eye on, this will be the first Japanese Korra figure and if it is successful could lead to more characters and other japanese companies doing Avatar and Korra products.

Final point, I am very interested to see how involved Nick are with this. They had to have approved Good Smile so they can make a Korra product, hopefully it means more Avatar and Korra merch.

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