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    Chapter 23 “In the matter of minutes”

    Team Avatar stormed into the room from where they had heard the killer’s hoarse voice. They slammed the door open and Korra shouted right away: “What have you done to Zea?” “Oh, so you’ve found me, Avatar. Well I have bad news for you – I have no idea where your so called Zea is. I see you’ve brought the right girl. Mara, aren’t you? Your filthy blood needs to be destroyed,” said the murderer with his eyes closed. The last words were meant for Mara. She answered with an angry growl. Korra airbended the killer to the chair where Zea had sat before. Bolin had already bound the servant to the wall so the poor man couldn’t move. “I’m asking you again. Where is Zea, the Master of Water?” Korra was getting angry. “I wouldn’t tell you if I knew and I can’t tell you, because I don’t know the answer,” the killer laughed and revealed his razor sharp teeth. His eyes remained closed at all times like he’d be afraid of the light even though the room was quite dark.

    Zea was in the sea again, practicing her bending moves. Suddenly she thought of Moon Spirit Yue’s words. “I love my family. My family is Mara. She’s all I’ve got,” she said to herself. “That’s it!” Zea realized what she had to do, “I thought of Mara and then I got here. I have to do the same to get back! If I would’ve known it was this simple, I would’ve gotten out of here in no time!” Zea was extremely happy. She thought of Mara and the time they spend together – the misunderstandings and problems, the fortune and happiness. Zea closed her eyes, but nothing happened. She couldn’t do it.

    They had been in that small room for half an hour already. Team Avatar was out of ideas. The killer sat in his chair and watched Team Avatar think their heads off for entertainment. His eyes were slightly opened so he could see what’s going on, but no one saw his eyes. “What were her last words?” Mara asked quietly in a whisper. “I already told you. She smiled and said: “I’m Zea, not Mara”,” answered the murderer. “And then she just disappeared?” asked Mako. “Exactly. Is your memory that bad, that you have to ask me this every five minutes?” said the killer bitterly. Nobody answered to the last question. “Got it!” said Korra and explained to the others: “What if I go to the Spirit World and ask help from a spirit?” “Go for it, girl!” said Mara.

    “One last time and if it doesn’t happen this time, I don’t know what to do anymore,” said Zea to herself. “Please, please, please,” she whispered as she wished to get back home to see her sister again. Suddenly, she heard city noises again. A slight breeze stroked her face and the young girl opened her deep blue eyes. “Yes! Finally!” Zea jumped victoriously and howled loudly. She was standing in the Peaceful Valley looking over the Republic City again. “Now I have to find the others,” she said and headed back to the city.

    Korra looked around. She was in the spirit world, standing in front of Aang. “Hi, Aang, great to see you again! I’m looking for my friend, Zea. She’s lost and we don’t know what to do anymore,” said Korra. “Hello, Korra! I’m sorry, but Zea has already left. She was trapped in the Spirit World, but she left just minutes ago,” answered Aang. “Hurry! She’s not safe!” Aang shouted as Korra rushed back to reality. The small room was just as it had been before – the murderer in his chair, Mako as a guard next to him, Bolin next to the servant and Mara sitting in a corner. Korra returned to her body which was lying next to Mara. As soon as Korra opened her eyes, Mara asked her: “Any news?” “She had been trapped there, but she left a few minutes before I got there,” Korra answered and got up. All the attention was on Korra, so the killer had a chance to free his hands and get a poison gas bomb from his pocket. He threw it in front of him and the small room filled up with poisonous gas.