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    Chapter 22 “Reality”

    “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” an angry scream sounded in the underground tunnels of the mountain as Zea vanished. “She escaped again, sir?” a servant asked. “Why did you bring me the wrong girl?” asked the killer intensively. “How could she be wrong? I saw a statue of your first victim in her room. The girl was exactly the right age. Even our puppet, Siwon, went into her house,” said the servant. “What was the statue made of?” asked the murderer. “Ice, sir,” answered the humble servant. “Then that was Zea, the waterbender,” said the killer to himself. “How did she escape, sir?” asked the servant. “She disappeared into thin air,” said the murderer bitterly.

    “Did you hear that?” asked Bolin the others. “Hear what? That scream from the 4th tunnel? I bet the whole city heard it,” said Korra sarcastically. Team Avatar ran back to the 4th tunnel. They saw no guards until they got to the middle of the tunnel. “Oh, dammit!” said Mara with a frustrated tone and blasted over ten fireballs into the air. The guards laughed when none of the fireballs hit their target, but they stopped laughing when they realized that the fireballs could follow them and keep hitting them over and over again. “Who’s laughing now?” said Mara with a cunning grin on her face. “Nice,” Mako approved. The tunnel around them was drab and dreary, but soon they found an open door. “Let’s check it out,” said Korra and approached the door. She stopped when she heard the words: “She disappeared into thin air. We need to kill her bloodline as soon as possible. And those who mention it must die also.” Korra’s eyes were wide open in surprise. The same facial expression had conquered everybody else’s faces. “The killer,” whispered Mara with no voice and pointed at the door. “What do we do?” asked Bolin. “We should go in and attack. That murderer is planning to kill even more people. We must stop him,” whispered Mako.

    Zea woke up in the Spirit World with a wreath made of moon lilies decorating her hair. “Come, my child. I’ll teach you something,” said the Ocean Spirit. Zea went knee deep into the water just like she did last time and asked: “What will you teach me?” “I’ll teach you the dark art of bloodbending. You can’t be a true Master of Water without mastering bloodbending,” said the Ocean Spirit. “But bloodbending is illegal,” said Zea. “There are no laws in the Spirit World. There is only your own conscience,” answered the Ocean Spirit.

    Now is the part where I cannot reveal the biggest secrets of waterbending, so I left this part out. The Ocean Spirit left with the low tide and Zea kept practicing her bending. Soon, she got tired and went back to the place where she had slept. “Sister Moon, why can’t I get out of the Spirit World?” the young girl asked. “Zea, my dear, I was a human just like you, before I gave my life to the Moon Spirit. I was the princess of the Northern Water Tribe,” said the Moon Spirit. “Were you princess Yue?” Zea asked. “You know your history, don’t you? I noticed your ring. It has the markings of the Northern Water Tribe,” princess Yue smiled. “Yes, my dad was from the Northern Tribe. I know your story quite well, but I never dreamt of meeting you, your highness,” said Zea. “The last thing I thought was that I love my family. Think about this and about the things you already know, and maybe you find your way out,” sait sister Moon and vanished.