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    Chapter 20 “Greif Part 2”

    When Mara heard what Bolin said, she agreed to come with them. Siwon stayed on the Air Temple Island to tell Tenzin, Pema or any other grownup, where Team Avatar had gone. The others went back to the park, where Zea was abducted. Bolin showed where the monster had gone and they went through the city in that direction. They reached to a valley between the two biggest mountains. “I think I know this place,” Mara said quietly. “Let me see the map,” she said, Mako gave her the map and Mara saw that they were in the Republic Valley. Most people knew it as the Peaceful Valley or the Sacred Valley because in ancient times that valley was the place where many spirits lived. The valley was filled with lush green plants and only some leaves on the trees were orange or yellow. “Let’s split up and search for Zea. She’s here – I can feel it,” said Mara and they did as she had proposed.

    Darkness, a spotlight in her face. The air around her was a little chilly, but not cold and there was a strange smell in the air. Zea couldn’t name it, but she had smelled it before. She couldn’t think clearly, she was probably drugged. “So here you are at last. My dear, I’ve been looking for you since the day your mother died,” said an evil, snake-like voice, which could easily hypnotize you. “Who…” mumbled Zea vaguely. “You’re almost clean of the poison gas. We should give you a new dose, but later,” said the killer. “I was supposed to be your father, but I was thrown away like rubbish,” said the murderer with a disappointed tone. “I took her life and you were supposed to be next, but you escaped and disappeared, didn’t you?” the killer continued his monologue. “But now I’ve got you, Mara,” the killer came up to Zea’s face. The monstrous man attacked the girl with a knife and Zea’s desire to live, to see Mara again was stronger than anything at that moment. “I’m Zea, not Mara,” she said with a smile and disappeared into thin air.

    Meanwhile, Team Avatar had found a hidden cave leading down into the mountain. At some parts it was collapsed, but earthbending helped them through. They reached a big empty room in the end of the tunnel in half an hour and saw that the room was abandoned. There was a whole underground network of different rooms and tunnels, all covered with spider webs, dust and dirt. Team Avatar ventured down the huge staircase in front of them, leading them deeper into the mountain. They found themselves behind a thick wall – the kind of wall that would belong to a medieval castle. Bolin and Korra earthbended half the wall away, but then they found a layer of metal. “I can’t metalbend. Can you?” asked Bolin from Korra. “No, but we can try,” said Korra and tried to bend the metal. Nothing happened. Bolin joined her and he somehow bended the metal a little bit. “Try again,” said Korra. This time they both metalbended and soon they demolished the wall. “More earth,” said Mara grumpily and sat down on a boulder – she was already sick and tired of this wall.

    Behind that wall was a modern network of tunnels. All the walls were probably secured like the previous one, so they couldn’t break in to a random room. “It’s too dangerous to split up – someone might see you and I don’t think we could escape. Let’s stay together and find a map of this place,” Mako had a plan already. “You mean this?” asked Mara and pointed at the house plan. “I’ll copy it,” said Bolin and drew the plan to the back of their map quickly. He also made a dot to the place where they had came in and where they had found the house plan. “Done,” he said and they went into the first corridor.