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Republic City, Probending Stadium

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Favorite Avatar Episode

The Headband, The Desert, The Day of Black Sun, The End Game

Favorite Avatar Quote

"Look! It's a giant mushroom… Maybe IT'S FRIENDLY!!! Mushy Gooshy Mushroom friend!!!" "Who lit Toph on Fire?" "How did we get here in the middle of the ocean?!" – Sokka " She's strong, I'm strong! She's fun, i'm fun. She's beautiful, I'm GORGEOUS!" "HE doesn't know what I'm talking about Pabu. I'm talking about real love…" – Bolin

Short Description of You

Follow me on Instagram @avatar_korra_elite and @epic_wise_girl! Thx guys! I’m finally back after 8 months! I missed you! :'( -Avatar Korra <3