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    Avatar Yangchen - "Finished my first year of college!…Last week lol. Is anyone still alive? 😛"View
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    YangChen - "I really need korra to regain her connection with the avatars soon"View
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    HypnoManiac(Amonics Leader) - "Has Raava and Carrotmod been sleeping or something? Why are there so many ads? 😀"View
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    Jadely - "Spammers I will not"View
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    Water-Tribe Heart - "so it is proven that if we continue buying ATLA related comics, that Dark horse and Gene can continue expanding the world and giving us the details and growth of team avatar and the adventures of the 70 years […]"View
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    ~Avatar Korra~ - "Hello, benders and not benders 🙂"View
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