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And, that's the first seven pages.

A few notes here, first on canonical accuracy, then on some of the methods used in creating these.

At the time I drew this, I was unaware of Escape to the Spirit World and what it was about, so I didn't know that was what the prologue of the original fanfiction was based off of. As far as Aang communicating with so many of his past lives, I only knew 'The Old Masters,' and so I used screenshots from that episode as my main source for the images. (Which is is why, even though Aang's probably technically supposed to be in the spirit world, he doesn't really look like it.)

For purposes of flow, I needed this prologue to be as short as possible, so I focused mainly on Aang's conversation with Yangchen (which was the most important in terms of the themes of the rest of the story), but I also included a shot of the other Avatars, to still maintain the feeling that all his past lives are involved here, even if I wasn't sure if made sense from a canon point of view. (On a side note, although my goal was to make this move as quickly as possible, I have an issue with the flow from page 6 to 7—I would like to include another page to better build up the moment [for being so key to the entire story moving forward, just having one small panel with Yangchen here doesn't feel adequate], but as I'm having a block on exactly what to put there that would work to that effect, I've left it as-is for now.)

On methods used:

I may use Manga Studio EX4 for inking on future comics, but for this one I've pretty much kept to Photoshop CS5.

I also made the decision early on that I wouldn't shy away from tracing wherever I found screenshots that fit the needs of a particular panel. (Particularly when it comes to backgrounds—backgrounds are a weakness for many artists, and I can't say I'm an exception.) These comics take so incredibly long to do, I pretty much welcome any technique or method that would help speed up the process, and possibly make the quality a little better. But to keep my own art separate from that done by the original artists, I will list all instances of direct tracing here:

From page 1, frames 1 and 2 are traced from screenshots, while Azula is partially traced in the third panel, though with some alterations made to the face, to get the right expression. Page 2, panel 1, Uncle Iroh was traced from a screenshot from Season 2's The Chase, and in panel 2, Sokka and Katara were traced from screenshots, most likely from one of the Black Sun episodes.

Anyway, that's the prologue. I'm getting close now to being done with the entire comic (which goes up through about the first half of the first chapter of the original fanfiction), I just have about seven pages left, plus some reworking on pages 8 and 11. I'll probably be putting them up here periodically, a few at a time. Thanks to anyone here for taking a look, and if you have any comments or questions, be sure to put them down here. C:

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