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Favorite Avatar Episode

A317 The Ember Island Players – I see Avatar as a whole, not 61 separate episodes each with their own plot, but the journey of a young Avatar in which he traverses the world to learn and maintain balance throughout the world. This episode shows this journey, albeit in a comedic fashion, and is for thus reason that it is held in high esteem. If there was a similar episode depicting the journey of Korra as well, you can be sure that it'll be here.

Favorite Avatar Quote

My love for quotes cannot be defined by a few measly lines, for I cherish all quotes in existence and relish in using them in day-to-day life.

Short Description of You

Usually used as a pronoun. Archaic form is ‘thou’, and plural for ‘ye’.
Most commonly used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing.
Plural form is also ‘you’.

Consists of three letters, the first of which is the letter ‘Y’, the 25th letter in the modern English alphabet, established in the early 19th century.
It ends with two vowels: ‘O’ and ‘U’, the third and fifth most frequent vowels occurring in the English language.

All in all, a wonderful word of which one cannot live without.
Revel in its almighty existence.


“I’m a parent, and I think I probably love ATLA better than my son does. And my mom, who is 68, loves it as much as I do.” – @tracycruze

“He’s Ricardo. He can do anything.” – @agentnebraska

“Haha Sprite ur a natural when it comes to making jokes :P” – @jade

@Sprite: “Thanks!
I had to search the meaning of the word ”Balderdash”, It wasn’t in my plain and short English vocabulary, now is included, I like it :P”
– @arthan

“he’ll probably make a joke.” – @cooltoph58

“Oh Sprite, you just made my day! Working avatar quotes into daily life is the best!” – @firesageuntur

“Wait, i know what you want to be Sprite! You want to be a grand Boss!” – @cooltoph58
“ya a grand boss!!!!!!!!!!” – @jade
@Sprite “A grand boss? Impressive title! I think you could pull it off” 😎 – @firesageguntur

“Woah what is this, ninjas being ninja’d while saying they were ninja’d.” – @airspeed

“I’m a bit confounded with all the different fonts, slashes, bolds, italics and onions… :P” – @arthan

“Oh no! How am I going to explain this to the other bosses!I killed SPRITE NOOooo.!!!!!!
*glup 😛 ;)”
“Sprite are you still ……um you know ……alive?
Oh great I really did kill sprite the robot/dragon/pirate :o”
“I better get some oil to fix the Sprite the Robot :P”
– @jade

@midnight0094 “you are a super ninja” 🙂 – @airavatara

@midnight0094 “Alright, thanks for the info! Though I was half-expecting your answer to be ”Yes, Yes, No, No, 10,522.” ;D” – @rabadoo

“I don’t always Ninja, but when I do, I prefer to ninja a ninja.” – @rabadoo

“Haha Very funny -.- using my own words against me :P”
– @jade

@midnight0094 “LOL! that was the 2nd funniest thing I ever read :P” – @jade

“O_O Wow, that was the most awesome ninja I’ve ever witnessed. I’m proud to have been ninja’d for once lol” – @firesageguntur

@midnight0094 “the essay is just too awesome.” – @cooltoph58

@midnight0094 “thanks that makes me feel a bit better :),But your a maniac when it comes to typing 😛 I take FOREVER 😛
But I am glad there is still hope for me I will continue typing”
– @jade

“Ah ! confusion ! must eat breakfast !” – @jade

@midnight0094 “Another wordsmith. I think I will like this place muchly.” – @theotherbolinboy

@midnight0094 “Sokka would be proud of your previous post :P” – @jade

“Ricardo the mathematican has been reborned!!! :D” – @avatarmaniac789

@midnight0094 “I think a piece of you is rubbing off on me. You always explained to me details this and details that and now i’m doing it. ha!” – @cooltoph58

@midnight0094 “Sorry for all the pics! Just having fun trying out the new things I learned from Sensei Ricardo! 😀
Here’s one for u!”
– @swifttide

@midnight0094 “LOL sprite you never cease to amaze me with your vast lion turtle wisdom :P” – @jade

“Phineas and Ferb IS AWESOME
P&F P&F P&F P&F P&F P&F!”
– @jade