• Hyriu 85 posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    I got the Avatar The last airbender Art Boom aling with Korra book 2 Art Book and the Avatar Legacy Book. All in all, I very much enjoyed all three. However, the Avatar art book was better, but it only felt like the tip of the iceberg I whish they would come out with a vollume 2 or something. Now just have to get the book 3 and 4 art books. I am very glad I got amazon finally, my bank account is not so glad… Haha 😀

    • What did you think about Legacy, I like the inserts and a few of the pages like Katara message to Tenzin and the opening, but a lot of it felt like basic info when it could have been one of the best Avatar books yet.

    • It was a decent book. There were some nice bits of info and some njce character stuff but for most part it was just okay. I was hoping it would be something like “Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia,” which is the same format but a larger book and far superior. It was packed full of information. I have a Harry Potter book in the same style that hasa removable Maruder’s Map so I was expecting something along those lines but was a bit disappointed. The art was alright but I feel could have been better. However, I loved the Ba Sing Se postcard and the Jasmine’s Dragon poster. It hax potential to be a must have but instead was just a decent piece of merchandise.