• DragonMoose134 posted an update 5 years ago

    So sososososososososo SO! Confused. Anyone here watch Attack on Titan?????? I just power watched the series…….aand…thats it? 25 episodes??? How does that? What? Nothing was answered!! At all! It was all for nothing??? It died without serving it’s purpose. Anyone willing to help me through this confusion???

    • If you can be more specific with your questions I can probably help you out.

    • I had the same question and i did the same as you, i just finished watching the 25 episodes, and your right, nothing answered or talked about. @Airspeed hes probably asking if anyone knows if there is a continuation of Attack on Titan someplace on the internet, I watched my episodes on funimation.com but i have no clue if it has more episodes, or if they meant for the show to end so abruptly.

    • Oh, yeah the show is not over, there is a season 2 coming and if you want more you can always read the manga that the anime is based off which is very far ahead of the show.
      I am not fully caught up, but the mysteries are going to be big thing going forwards, some answers, but many things still need to be answered.

      I thought it was fairly obvious from the end of the last episode that the show was continuing, big cliff hanger and all.

    • thats what i was telling my fiancee, he was SOOO angry that it was over and i told him that an anime that is as in-depth as Attack on Titan, it couldnt have just ended. thanks alot and im sure he will like the good news. (:

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!! @katarasmommy !!!!!!!!!! and @Airspeed !!!! I went searching and found that there was whisperings that they would do a second season, but was not sure. Questions about the manga series, is there an English edition? ( Im sure there is just have to ask ) Are there any online sources that you know of to get it? (im not talking illegal) AAaaaand, Where does the manga series pick up where the anime leaves off?

    • @dragonmoose134
      The manga is released in volume in english every few months, I have not kept up much, but I would assume at least 3-4 volumes past the end of Season 1 are out in english and each new chapter is fan subbed online in days.
      As for where it picks up, I am pretty sure it picks up with the scouting legion going on another expedition where more crazy stuff happens. Pretty sure if you want to pick up the manga post Season 1 you start with chapter 30 or 31. Currently being released is fifty something, hence why Season 2 is still a bit off, they need more manga to come out to make up a season of anime.