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So I decided to go on ABC’s website to get a little inspiration for my blog posts. I know it is hard to believe but on the rare occasion I will actually run out of things to say. I know, you are shocked and amazed. So anywho I went on the website to check out their lineup of shows that I could give you guys my opinion about and Lost is still on their web site. Didn’t that show end like two years ago? I am so confused. Maybe I should look on that other carrier’s web site and compare Direct TV vs Dish Network to see if maybe the still have Lost on in syndication. I watched most of those seasons but fell off the bandwagon as I am wont to do when I start getting bored with a show. Now that it is all over though, I kind of feel like I missed out on what happened at the end. Did the hottie doctor and the sweet but oddly buff armed girl get together in the end or what?

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