The Legend Of Korra Episode 7 Title, New clip + 1 week break in Airing


So a few things to cover in this news post.

K107 Screenshot

We at last have confirmation that K107 Titled “The Aftermath” is going to Air this Saturday at the usual time 10am central/11am eastern/3PM Gmt

Here is our preview clip for this episode, from Korra Nation and the Nick site, here is I believe a region free version of the clip for all to see, thanks to Korralations on tumblr.×07-preview-clip-a-fallen

So Tahno is not only in 2 episodes, it makes me wonder if this will be his last appearance or if he will now become a recurring character.

Finally Bill Rinaldi on Tumblr confirmed that Episode 8 will not Air on May 26th, due to Memorial Day, which I assume means it is pushed to the week after June 2nd.

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