Korra Nendoroid full details and pictures

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That was quick, only 1 day of a tease. We now have 5 full images and full details about the upcoming Korra Nendoroid figure.


First up some quick details

– Release date is November 2016
– Figure is around 100mm/10cm tall
– Retail price is 4800 Yen (Approx 46 Dollars)
Pre Order from Good Smile Company direct (USA Only)

Here are the confirmed accessories

– Firebending effect part
– Waterbending effect part
– Alternate right hand
– Alternate left hand
– Alternate right leg
– Alternate left leg
– Base of stand
– 2 small stands for effect parts
– 1 larger stand for Korra


-Articulation in some places including the hair

Other Pictures





My Thoughts

The figure looks great, the price for what we seem to be getting not so much. I would much prefer some effect parts for Earth and Air over the extra arms and legs, that or a little Naga or Pabu. It feels a little overpriced just because there are 3 stands. I just hope there are more accessories, as it is now I keep looking looking at the 20 dollar Zwyer Industries Chibi Korra and thinking that is much better value as a similarly sized figure.



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  1. CeCekorra Said: Comment by CeCekorra on August 9, 2016 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    I would love to have this action figure.



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