Korra is moving from tv to digital


Yes, some very big and in many ways disappointing news.

After a lot of drama last night in the fandom as NickandMore reported that this Friday’s Korra airings have switched from having both K308 and K309, to now just airing K308. It now seems like after K308, Korra will not be airing on Nick, instead the remaining 5 episodes will be available digitally and we assume it will be the case with Book 4 also.

We will be getting further clarification on this at San Diego Comic Con, which starts today, but we will probably only hear details on Friday at the panel.

We know this info thanks to Bryan Konietzko on Tumblr

korrachibiHe followed this up by reblogging a funny Korra gif and posting the following

Well this helped cheer me up.

So this big change has come at a complete shock and disappointment to even the creators.

Mike then posted the following on his facebook page

“the rest of the season will be available from various sites online. We’ll let you know when we have more details. Thanks”

He also clarified that Book 4 is safe and will air, though the tinge of disappointment is clear to see in his post.

“there most definitely is a book 4. All the Pre-production is done and Studio Mir is hard at work on the animation.”


First things first, we do not know everything about this decision or what is happening just yet. So I am not going to jump to any conclusions about what is happening, until we find out the details at comic con.

My first thought is just that the atmosphere at the start of the Korra Panel on Friday in San Diego is going to be something else, you will have a room filled to bursting with the most hardcore Avatar/Korra fans out there who know what has transpired over not just the past day or two, but in general how Nick have seemed to handle Book 3 as a whole. The panel NEEDS to open with clarification and assurances about what is going on with Korra. Assure us that Book 4 will still be released and explain the crazy 180s that have happened.

Going from the tv adverts of “Can’t be seen Online” and “Episodes 1-3 now available to buy digitally delayed 3 weeks after airing” to suddenly “Not on tv” and “Available first digitally” apparently. What are Nick doing?

It is clear from the ratings for both Book 2 and now 3 that they are down, now much of that is down to have Nick have handled the advertising, merchandising and in general treatment of Korra. So why now? Why has the decision been made over half way through Book 3 super suddenly, with them changing the whole schedule that we have had since last week.

My thoughts are that Nick now really see the Korra fandom as nearly completely online focused, hence why they have in the past tested the waters with new things like online premieres of episodes that we have to unlock via fan interaction with Korra Nation. The tv ratings are low, but the show has one of the biggest and most intense online fandoms out there. I think and hope that they realise that tv ratings are not the be all and end all for a show, and that perhaps allowing from first showing direct purchase of the episodes is a better business decision to capitalise on the popularity of Korra. We have seen an increasing trend of new seasons of shows and even new shows having the airing model of putting a whole or half of a season up online on a netflix etc in one go, and it seems to have worked well. With Book 4 this could perhaps be something we are looking at, remember Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 6. That never aired on tv, but netflix got the exclusive release of the full season in one chunk and it has since come to other digital platforms. In short, yes it is sad and disappointing to see Korra move off tv where it and Avatar have been since ATLA, but a move to digital is not necessarily the end of the world, in a time where we are increasingly moving away from tv in general, perhaps Nick are using Korra as an experiment with Online original release.

What this does have me worried about is what this means for any potential future Avatar show post Korra. Mike and Bryan seem upset about what has happened here, the fandom in general is furious at nick and Nick seem to not really care a massive amount about Korra from what we can see. Right now based on what we know does it look like Nick would fun a new Avatar show anytime soon. I am not so sure. The present with Korra seems ok to me, but the future of Avatar has me worried.

We will see what happens at comic con!


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  1. 北方拓芙 Said: Comment by 北方拓芙 on July 24, 2014 at 3:10 am | Permalink

    Not that it matters that much to me, I don’t live in the US, so I always watched ATLA and Korra digitally/ on DVD and Blu-Ray but… this is certainly… strange. I mean, Books Three and Four aren’t going anywhere, Three is already done and Four is in the middle of production but… Korra is a TV show, right?… And TV shows are supposed to air on TV… right?…


  2. Shiro Said: Comment by Shiro on July 24, 2014 at 4:37 am | Permalink

    Perhaps it’s because The Legend of Korra is becoming too mature. Keep in mind that Nick IS a children’s tv network and Korra seems to be targeted towards an older audience than most Nick shows. It may be possible that something happens in K309 or a later episode that Nick doesn’t want young children to see, although if that’s the case, I’m not quite sure why they would have let Tarrlok’s suicide air. This may be why they’re letting the reast of book 3 still come out digitally— so the older audience may still watch it and young children have a smaller chance of seeing it. I don’t know. These are just my thoughts.


    Troy Reply:

    I thought this too. They have other tv options like put it on nick@night or put it on their sibling channel, mtv. It could be the Red Lotus will be so violent that they don’t want to show it on TV. Bryke have shown multiple times they don’t care about holding violence back so it could be.


    PerformerFX Reply:

    Republic city dispatch had Jeremy Zuckerman interviewed and he said that Nickelodeon knows every detail of the story and sometimes even changing things if they don’t like it.

    They definitely know how the storyline is. This is all about buisness. Nickelodeon won’t buy a show if they are unsure about “too mature content” or not. 😉


    Troy Reply:



  3. Troy Said: Comment by Troy on July 24, 2014 at 6:15 am | Permalink

    What do you think the odds are that they will release with weekly uploads time instead of pull a five episode upload on Netflix?


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I am just not sure, has any show ever had a weekly digital only release?
    I know shows have done full seasons up at once and even half seasons, but I have never heard of a show that is not on tv getting weekly releases.


    Troy Reply:

    I think only Netflix has half-season releases and Nickelodeon and Viacom don’t have instant watch on Netflix anymore. maybe hula has release bunches like that. They could use amazon and Itunes which release episodes after tv weekly and Mike said various sites and not just one. We now have something to discuss about comic-con though.


    PerformerFX Reply:

    Nickelodeon seems to be tired of Korra and is trying to get it outta they way. That’s why they rush Book 3. So it comes to end quickly and they can move on with other shows.
    Book 4 will be avaiable online only because of the very same reason. They won’t have to deal with those fandoms.

    I just wonder if some other companie would buy Avatar. This would be huge. But unlikely :/


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Viacom who own Nick also own MTV, there is a natural switch in the show’s home easily available if they really feel like Avatar is not really a nick show.

    Really makes me wonder how they feel about TMNT also, that has been treated fairly poorly in terms of how it airs, but it has a huge merchandising push that Korra does not going for it.


  4. Greg2Bender Said: Comment by Greg2Bender on July 24, 2014 at 7:30 am | Permalink

    What!!!…I’m off the internet for like 12 hr and this drops out of no where. I’m not even sure how to comprehend this yet…


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Join the club, lol


  5. Jon Said: Comment by Jon on July 24, 2014 at 10:44 am | Permalink

    If Korra Season 1 got away with the homicide/suicide OK, I don’t think Nick is doing this because of content. Mike and Bryan have been smart in how it shows (or doesn’t show) death in the show. This goes for ATLA and LoK. I highly doubt that they would take Korra to Adult Swim level of violence. Nick is just unfair and unintelligent when it comes to promoting good shows. If the content is more mature for Nick to handle, then Viacom should be able to move it to TeenNick or wherever else. As for Mike and Bryan, they shouldn’t take this from Nick. They need to stand their ground. Put the foot down, in other words. Producers and Entertainment companies (not only Nick) should listen to the fans of the show. TV ratings can’t count the fans who aren’t able to tune in every week. I suppose putting it online is the best thing they can do for Korra, but it’s still frustrating that it had to come to this.



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