Korra Episode Review – K312 Enter The Void


Finale Part 1

K312 Enter The Void


Written By – Mike Dimartino
Directed By – Ian Graham
Animated By – Studio Mir

Another Korra finale, hard to believe we only have one more to go. Always the most anticipated episodes of Korra and going into this finale it was no different, there was a lot of excitement and intrigue about so many things, how did it work out? In my opinion very well, not perfect, but a very solid end to a great Book 3 Change. The finale and this episode specifically were full of emotion and great action, though perhaps lacking the overall scope and epicness of the Book 2 finale, something I think will be hard to eclipse. In terms of “Enter The Void” alone, second to last episodes have one main thing to accomplish, move thing to the final stage, cranking things up to 10, without eclipsing anything that will happen in the last episode. This episode does that well, in that it overall has more character moments than K313 and it does have very strong moments of its own, but it does not outdo the final episode. It ends with an intense cliffhanger, setting up the strong moments that allow the last episode to be so grand and epic.

What I really enjoy about this episode is that while it is literally just the planning of an attack, the attack happening and initial aftermath, it does manage to be very character and emotion focused. Think about the fights that happen. Lin and Suyin fight P’Li and Korra and Tonraq fight Zaheer. Two sisters fight for their lives just like father and daughter do the same. The issues between Lin and Suyin have been in the background for the most part since K306 Old Wounds, but I like that we get the final resolution here, with Lin telling her sister that she loves her just before she goes to distract P’Li. It continues the sense of dread that revolves around every fight towards the end of this Book, Lin knows she may not survive and Suyin knows she has to kill or be killed, the sisters have to put their lives on the line and kill to get out of this fight alive. With Korra and Tonraq we get a continuation from Book 2, initially Tonraq was over protective and wouldn’t let Korra make decisions like she makes here, this time he is still concerned, but trusts her so much more now. We get some nice scenes between the two as they separate before the trade, then when it goes wrong Tonraq is right there to fight beside his daughter against Zaheer who had already tried to kidnap her many years ago. Again the drama of the fight comes out as Tonraq is going for the kill on Zaheer and Zaheer returns the favour as he sends him flying off the mountain and Korra thinks her father is killed. We as the audience know he is alive even before we see him hanging from the metal wire, but to Korra in that moment it is real and full of emotion. These two groups fighting highlight that it is possible to have great fight scenes fail because there is no emotion involved, thankfully something that is never the case in Avatar and Korra, these scenes show the strength of emotion in fight scenes very well.

These moments are not confined to the heroes either, we get P’Li’s best moment of the Book when she goes to see Zaheer. The two have an honestly touching moment when they show how much they love each other and P’Li thanks Zaheer for showing her what true freedom means when he saved her from a warlord years ago. I will admit that given what happens to her later on, this scene highlights the severe amount of lost potential for her as a character, there is an interesting backstory there, one we may never get now and that is hugely disappointing. It is an interesting idea giving the villains a truly emotional moment showing a big connection. Which is why in the big fight it also gives the villains emotion in the fights, P’Li and Zaheer are fighting away from each other and when Lin distracts P’Li it gives Suyin the opportunity to pop out and wrap her armour around P’Li’s head just as she fires an explosion. P’Li is killed in the battle and we get a huge close up on Zaheer as he turns to see what has happened to his love. It is far and away the most gruesome death we have ever seen, they don’t show it all of course, but the implications are hard to stomach. It means Zaheer and Korra have both suffered a loss two scenes in a row which he brings up at the end of the episode to her.

It is after this that we get the reason the romance between Zaheer and P’Li has been highlighted at all, the reason Zaheer has not been able to Enter The Void is because he has always had one attachment left, his love for P’Li. So when she is killed, he is able to Enter The Void and become wind. It is fascinating to me that they effectively give Zaheer the same problem that Aang had in 219 The Guru, that to become more powerful you have to cut your attachment to the person you love. Aang refuses to and P’Li was killed, it really presents the ability of flight as a double edged sword. You gain an amazing ability, but at the cost of never being able to be close to anyone, an interesting concept. You don’t get much of this doubt with Zaheer, but there is a hint towards the end of the episode when Ming-Hua brings up P’Li, it is the one point in the episode after he gains the ability that he stops flying. The death has very much affected him.

On the other side of the episode we have Mako, Bolin and Asami go to the Northern Air Temple to collect the Airbenders as part of the trade. Naturally The Red Lotus set a trap and have only brought Tenzin to the trade, with Ming-Hua using waterbending to make puppets to represent the other airbenders. You are again invested in this fight scene, because Mako and Bolin were badly beaten by Ghazan and Ming-Hua before and they are protecting an injured Tenzin and Asami. In this episode it is not really a fight scene and more Ghazan putting them in a position where they may not survive, saving the full on fight for the next episode. It becomes Bolin vs Lava as the group flee downwards through secret passages. It is very intense as the Lava is just relentless melting through and flowing around all obstacles leading our heroes to a dead end. I thought the only way out was for them to jump down the mountain and maybe Oogi would return, but instead Bolin steps up in a very powerful moment and finds out that he can Lavabend. He is even more special than a metalbender, which makes him so much more interesting. Even just the contrast between Bolin’s funny character and the crazy destructive ability of Lavabending, you kind of ask yourself “What is he going to be doing with Lavabending after this book?”. I criticised the metalbending teases in previous episodes, but they managed to make them worth it as the payoff was so big.

Kai then arrives on his Bison, Leftie. And saves the group, I loved the subtle humour of the small Bison being able to carry so many of them with no problem until the last person got on and then Leftie was going down. The various groups minus Korra meet up and Kai reveals what he has been doing since the end of the last episode, he found out where the other airbenders are being held and the group has their goal. Small note has to be made about Kuvira, who introduces herself by name with a big close-up shot with music underscoring it, she may as well have said the words “I’m important now!”.

Finally we end in the secret Red Lotus cave where Korra is being held, suspended in the air by Platinum chains just about to be poisoned by the Red Lotus. It was a great way to end the episode, in that we still have not been told what their intentions are for Korra. They had multiple times to kill her before, so they do not want to simply kill her. It leaves you wondering if the poison will allow them to control her or something like that, a great way to be going into the final episode, still some stuff to learn, still mysteries to be revealed. On the otherhand because they are waiting until the very last episode to reveal their ultimate goal, it means that it has to be big and IMO it wasn’t as big or surprising as it could have been, but I will discuss K313 in my next review.

Overall this is an excellent episode, it does everything you want a second last episode to do. Venom Of The Red Lotus should thank Enter The Void for setting the stage so well for it. Amazing fights, huge emotion and lots of suspense, exactly what a finale needs.



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  1. jonathan Said: Comment by jonathan on August 26, 2014 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    I agree that the epicness and the world implications of season 3 has not been the same as season 2 given that only two out of the many world leaders are actually great leaders and most citizens would not act the same as they did in Ba-sing-se if their leader was taken out. However the character build up in season 3 is so great specially with the four villans.


  2. F.L.Z Said: Comment by F.L.Z on September 2, 2014 at 2:45 pm | Permalink

    I actually liked book 3 more than 2 because in book 2 Korra was depressed all the time and Mako’s reunion with Asami was out of place but in book 3 we had so many good character developments including Korra as an avatar which I appreciated that the most and fortunately no more Makorra or Makosami moments were in this book!Seriously Mike and Bryan better don’t bring back Mako and Korra together again cause that would be horrible.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    You say that, but technically Korra had no character development this book. She just continued as she was from the end of Book 2 into this book, the villain never challenged her in a way that required her to develop personally like Amon and Unalaq did.
    What they did do is put Korra in a position where she will have some development to do, but that will be Book 4 development.

    I loved Korra in this book, but as great as she was, the lack of the main character having a character arc meant Book 3 was a little lacking for me. Especially with how huge and strong her Book 2 development was especially at the end.

    For me Book 3’s biggest success is that it has set up Book 4 to be so interesting, 3 and 4 seem to be the most heavily linked of any books of Korra so far and Book 4 may enhance my views on Book 3, but right now Book 3 was very good on it’s own but for it to surpass Book 2 for me it needs to be enhanced by Book 4.


    Troy Reply:

    I would say most of the Korra Krew had CD this book. Mako learned what to do to be less nervous around the group. Bolin learned a new way to express himself. Asami became more of the group. Jinora meet her first love. I can’t tell which book I like more. Book 2 was more about becoming a stronger individual while book 3 had a wider range of topics.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I would agree with that general assessment of Book 2 and 3. For me Book 2 was very focused on its two themes of Family and Spirituality while Book 3 had a lot more going on, but the focus constantly changed for better and for worse, it means that its themes did not get explored in as detailed a fashion as Book 2 explored its themes.

    Atry Reply:

    Here we go again: “I don’t want depression in my stories quA qUA QUACK, MOM WHERE’S MY ENERGY DRINK!”


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    No need for that, if you disagree with the post explain why you think depression is a good idea for use in Korra.

    Personally I don’t think Korra was depressed in Book 2, the only moment I would say she was anywhere near it was when she lost Raava and was dealing with that at the start of Light In The Dark, but Tenzin helped to inspire her.

    Now the end of Book 3 on the other hand, I think Korra is the type of character who could become depressed if she is in a wheelchair for too long, so we may see her dealing with that in Book 4.


    F.L.Z Reply:

    How Korra wasn’t depressed?I mean I agree with you that this book didn’t have that much of character development but seriously Korra was depressed all the book 2.I mean she argued with Tenzin,his uncle,his father,Mako and Raiko just in 12 episodes!!!!And also she broke up with Mako.I mean if it were Aang,he wouldn’t have been this depressed and would have taken it easier and would have been more optimism.I know Korra is not Aang but at least she could deal with it way better.We saw her as a more energetic character in book 1 and then without any setup or anything we suddenly saw her so angry,sad and ridiculous with his father.

    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Woah, I think you need to look up what depression actually is. It does not mean being annoyed with people around you like Korra was in Book 2.
    Korra is not depressed because she is annoyed that her father and Tenzin lied to her about key aspects of her life and Tonraq also about his past.
    She is not depressed because she was annoyed that Raiko chose inaction in a time of war, she was just trying to do her job.
    How is she depressed for fighting her uncle when he was the villain of the book, the logic here is baffling.
    She is also not depressed for fighting with Mako, their relationship had issues and it ended.

    As I said above, Korra may have to deal with depression going into Book 4 and as we see her at the end of Book 3 she may be depressed.
    Book 2 Korra on the other hand is in no way depressed, you may not like her actions in Book 2, but that does not make her depressed. She is annoyed with many of the people around her for good reason in many cases, Tenzin admits to Korra that he needed to develop so her could be Korra’s mentor. Tonraq and Senna apologised to Korra for being overprotective, Raiko even at the end refused to help Korra and nearly got his city destroyed and himself killed. As much as Korra is hard to handle in the early episodes of Book 2, it should be noted that all of the characters she argues with are at fault also and apologise to her for their actions just as she apologises to them.
    The Makorra break up was a two sided thing also.

    Again, I think you are just misusing the term depression.

    F.L.Z Reply:

    Well,maybe I should use pessimist instead of depressed but anyway I don’t dislike book 2 or Korra or the plot and I actually agree with you on whole book 2 development thing and I also agree that in terms of action and amazing scenes and backgrounds there’s no doubt that book 2 is by far the most amazing one and book 2 finals are my favorite finals in whole avatar series!I’m just saying that I just got a little issue with Korra being energetic in book 1 and then suddenly turn out in a pessimist,that’s all.If you actually read my comment on episode 13 book 3 I actually got more problems with Korra’s book 3 finale than book 2.Then again thanks for answering my comments and arguing with me.You’re quit patient. πŸ˜‰

    Atry Reply:

    The word you’re looking for is: angry.

    F.L.Z Reply:

    Yeah,that’s it but in a much more extent like superb anger or such or very mad but any way thanks. πŸ˜€


    F.L.Z Reply:

    Yeah,that’s it but in much more extent like superb anger or very mad but any way thanks. πŸ˜€



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