Korra Episode Review – K308 The Terror Within

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The switch to digital means just 1 episode from here on out until the Book 3 finale. Which is better for me as it means I am not struggling to cover 2 episodes for the site, especially these written reviews being doubled every week was tough, but now we are back to one it allows me to focus a lot more on each individual episode.

K308 The Terror Within


Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Animated By: Studio Mir

What I really enjoyed about this episode was that it was our first super action packed episode of the book. This was a quite simple episode in compared to previous character focused episodes, this one did not have many character moments, the tradeoff for a lot of action. In my opinion there is always time in a Book of Avatar/Korra for a very action focused episode. This episode also put the series in a good place going forward, giving us for the first time this book, a hint of where things are going with Team Avatar out on their own hunting Aiwei, Zaheer and co. I would not say it was the best episode of the book, as it did not have the big character moments that Korra always does so well.

There is only so much I can really say about the action, it is amazingly well animated as expected, but what I did appreciate was that this was the first fight between Zaheer and co against Korra and co. Korra was not involved in the fight at all, being taken out early in the kidnap attempt, then the fight itself was not focused on individuals that much, it was very much a group on group battle, rather than a bunch of 1 on 1 conflicts. What it does is that it keeps a lot of new fights open to do later on in the book. A perfect way to do a first conflict between the main good guys and main bad guys.

I also loved the various tactics involved in this small war. Ghazan using lavabending to create a moat to keep everyone way from them, the metalbenders creating cover using metal panels, it created a real war like moment with characters popping up firing off some shots and then getting down for cover. P’Li being the key player in the fight, just because of how powerful combustion bending is. It was a style of battle we have not really seen outside of the invasion in Book 3 fire. I enjoyed how the fight came to an end with Lin and Su dropping down from the roof of the dome,, tasking Bolin with stunning P’Li, he does it at the last second and Korra is rescued, a nice hero moment for Bolin, Su and Lin. The kidnap attempt failed and the red lotus members retreat. A super hot opening to the episode, which always works when done in episodes like 316 The Southern Air Temple and 218 The Earth King.

A small moment in the episode, but one I was happy to see was that Opal safely left Zaofu for the Northern Air Temple. When we found out this episode would involve a kidnapping attempt on Korra, I was worried that it would happen before Opal left to train in airbending and she would not make it there, but I am delighted she left before the attack took place, now there is so much potential with her arriving at the Northern Air Temple. How will she interact with Tenzin, Jinora, Kai and everyone else, I think she will add a lot to the dynamic at the temple, I can’t wait to see what is going on there.

Also the start of the episode further advances the new plot of Bolin and Korra learning metalbending. Korra is fast on her way to mastering the skill, while Bolin has yet to bend metal at all. I like that this has become Bolin’s story this book, we don’t know if he will ever metalbend, or if he will possibly learn Lavabending possibly after mentioning how cool it was, or if he will learn to accept that he is good enough with just his standard earthbending. I am not sure what way they will go, though I think my theory of him getting a Toph esque moment where he first metalbends is a good bet. For Korra it should be fun just to see her implement this new metalbending skill into her fighting repertoire, do Zaheer and co know she has this new skill, she could surprise them next time they fight. Though Aiwei probably told them.

Which leads into basically the whole second half of the episode, the episode turns from an action episode into a mystery/investigation episode as the story turns to how Zaheer and co got into such a safe city. Before I go to far in I just want to mention how much I loved the reference to shirshu spit darts, what was used to paralyse Naga and Korra, so cool that that is the go to poison in the Avatar World. Mako comes into his own in the second half of this episode, displaying his intelligence and detective skills multiple times as they search suspects houses and figures many things out. His deduction of how the young guard could not have been behind it was great, pointing out that the times do not line up, he is 18 years old while Zaheer and co have been in prison for 13 years, he was born in Zaofu so how could be possibly be involved with them which leads him to suspect Aiwei who directed the suspicion towards the guard. He has not been in focus as a character since the first episode of the book so getting to see him in his element here is great, he is Team Avatar’s detective.

What I enjoyed about this mystery section of the episode was that it really made you suspect Suyin a little bit. When Aiwei is revealed to be behind it all, you look back and wonder was he lying when he said Su was telling the truth. At the end of the episode she wants Korra to bring Aiwei back to her, she doesn’t say why, it is a little bit suspicious. Is she really just upset at a betrayal by someone so close to her, or is there something more at play here. This I think may be where the Red Lotus comes into play. The show has not mentioned the red lotus yet, and now with at least Aiwei sided with Zaheer and co, it suggests that they are more than just a gang of criminals and more of an organisation. How big that organisation is and who is part of it is the key question, I suspect we may get our first mention of The Red Lotus next episode.

The moment when they chase after Aiwei only to run into a bomb that goes off was crazy. The way it was shown with the fire seen in Korra’s eyes (As seen above) was amazing, plus her saving everyone with airbending was another moment to show how awesome Korra is.

Final thing to mention is just what the end of the episode does for this book. I love that we are going to be getting Team Avatar out exploring the Earth Kingdom searching for Aiwei, Zaheer and co. It is going to be so ATLA like, we have had Team Avatar in Korra for a while, but only a few minutes of them really doing their own thing without anyone else around, so the next few episodes should be great.

Overall, shorter review, but that comes with an episode with a near 10 minute action scene. This episode was very to the point, just one plot we follow through the episode. Lots of action and mystery made this a great episode, but its biggest success is the position is places the series in going forward. We have a hint of the mysteries and connection going on in the background and Team Avatar has an aim now. Business is about to pick up!!!

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  1. F.L.Z Said: Comment by F.L.Z on July 31, 2014 at 6:30 am | Permalink

    Interesting episode but I’m really suspect of Sue cause you know she’s just too good that made Lin look impatient and immature but it’s not true.Beside if this group are actually an organization then I suggest that with a good look at city of Zaofu you could see that it’s actually looks like a lotus that could be related with Red Lotus.



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