Korra digital episodes will be put online every Friday at noon Eastern time


We have more or less the last big detail about Korra’s switch to a digital release, that being what time the episodes would be uploaded online at.


Thanks to Nick on twitter we know that that will be Fridays at 12pm Eastern time which is Noon/Midday, yes 12pm/12am confuses me too. But it is 12 in the afternoon.

The time seems pretty good, fairly early in the day, so it gives people a big chance to see it day 1 and because it is digital, it means no scrambling to set dvrs or to get home in time to catch a live premiere.

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  1. Otaku Beifong Said: Comment by Otaku Beifong on July 26, 2014 at 2:04 pm | Permalink



    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I like the effort, but I think the explanation for the switch at comic con was good, digital is where everything is going, Korra was just ahead of the curve and so they made the decision.

    Nick.com not being accessible everywhere, is not quite true, there are so many very simple ways to access Nick.com outside of usa. Hola Better Internet, Tunnelbear etc. Not to mention it is not the best reasoning either as not everyone had the nick channel either, so it has always and still is the case that international fans don’t get Korra straight away.

    But at least with the switch to digital international fans can add to the viewer count on Nick.com easy enough. While before there was a reliance on livestreams which don’t add to tv ratings.



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