Korra comic due out Fall 2016


While there was no additional news or art from the Korra comics revealed at New York Comic Con, we have got a release window for the first comic.

The actual art prints given out at the Brittney Williams signing say “Coming Fall 2016” in the bottom right corner. As shown here on tumblr user, Avatar-Caro’s image.


This is the time most fans predicted as soon as the series was announced. That puts it as roughly 1 year from now. Smoke and Shadow Part  3 is out in March and at the earliest it would be September for the first Korra comic. This seems like another potentially massive break, but we know there is another ATLA comic coming after Smoke and Shadow, we don’t know the details of that yet or what the plan is, but it could start before the Korra comics and they would then be released back to back.

A year from now does make sense given the lack of information known about the comic already, I get the feeling that Brittney Williams has only been on board for a couple of weeks, hence why the only art we see are these sketches. This puts the comic in very early production and we know it takes a long time for any artist to draw/colour 70+ pages. It just shows that we have found out about these Korra comics VERY early in production.

Thoughts on the release window?

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  1. Rec Said: Comment by Rec on October 14, 2015 at 1:15 am | Permalink

    was avatar the last airbender legacy book all ready in bookstores ?


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Release date was yesterday, I have not seen anyone talk about getting it. I am still waiting on my Review copy from the publisher, there have been postal delays here recently so I am expecting it any day now and will have reviews up as soon as possible.


    Liz Reply:

    I suspect that most thought it would be originally on 27 october


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I am beginning to think that that may be the case, it was a super late change to the 13th.

    Zet Reply:

    it would be good to inform some Avatar blogs and tumblrs that this book is now in stores

    Seth Reply:

    I don’t understand in general is now 5 days after the Avatar legacy book came out and no one ever noticed it yet. I would buy it but, unfortunately, I live on the other end of the world : (



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