K205 titled “Peacekeepers”

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NickandMore once again appear to have some new Korra info. This time they are saying the title of K205 is “Peacekeepers”.

Episode Titles

Note again like they said before the premiere will be K201 and K202

I will say it again, NickandMore have been reliable in the past, so it more than likely is true, but do not yet take it as 100% confirmed.

We should know by the end of this week if the Book 2 Premiere is indeed 2 episodes.

Peacekeepers makes sense as the next episode title after Civil Wars, a war ending with some form of peace agreement or attempt at peace.

So right now assuming NickandMore is correct we have the following episode titles

K201 – Rebel Spirit
K202 – The Southern Lights
K203 – Civil Wars Part 1
K204 – Civil Wars Part 2
K205 – Peacekeepers

Beginnings Part 1
Beginnings Part 2
These are speculated to be K207 and K208

So we basically know half of the Book’s episode titles.



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  1. AJ Said: Comment by AJ on September 9, 2013 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    Peacekeepers? Are they same with The Hunger Games’ peacekeepers or not?
    Oh right, this one is referring to the Avatar. But why is it peacekeeperS? More than one? Okay, just wait and see.



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