Epic New Japanese Last Airbender Trailer Features lots of new content

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There has been an epic new Last Airbender Trailer released in Japan, the trailer features a look at the intro to the movie and the world map, plus several new looks at what looks to be some awesome scenes.”  Check it out:

The Last Airbender World Map

The Last Airbender World Map

Aang Waterbending in Movie

Aang Learning some Waterbending

Katara and Aang

Katara and Aang in newly revealed scene

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  1. vacuum sealer unlimited Said: Comment by vacuum sealer unlimited on June 2, 2010 at 9:51 am | Permalink

    Im a big fan of the series and I hope that shamalyn can do them justice. I think it will be a hard adaptation, the trailer looks different than I thought it would but the effects still look sweet.



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