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    said 3 years, 4 months ago

    Long after Avatar Korra, the world became modernized: Computers, cellphones, fast food restaurants, etc. But as the world changed so did the Avatar. Disgusted by the way the world was, the Avatar went into hiding, never to be seen again.
    After the Avatar vanished, a new man rose to power, bearing the name and mask of… AMON. Nobody feared him at first, until they realized that this man was not a bloodbender like the past Amon, this man could actually take your bending away for good using some form of spiritual bending, with no chance of repair. The man had a motto, “Ideas Never Die.” claiming that even after mortality claimed him, another would rise to carry on his job.

    One bending per person.
    Three weapons a person.
    No pets above waist height.

    (Plot given to me by my sister, @fullmoon0waterbender )


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  • Karis

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    said 3 years, 4 months ago

    Name: Elizabeth (nicknamed herself shadow because she was tired of being called Lizzy)
    Element: Fire (blue, in contrast to her red and black theme.)
    Look: Pale skin with dark shadows beneath her eyes. Choppy, long, black hair (that used to be wavy and brown.) Blood red eyes, with thick eyeliner. Tall, warrior like build, yet willowy. Wears one of those baggy black shirts with the claw mark tears over a red tank top. Dark blue, ragged jeans. Black, fingerless gloves. Frayed, worn, grey and tanish brown sneakers. Occasionally wears a torn trench coat, black with red accessories.
    Weapons: A scythe/gun like Ruby Red’s, and duel daggers.
    Gender: Female
    Background: She lived in an abusive home when little, until a fire burned down her house and family, leaving her with scars. Went from foster home to foster home, until she finally ran away to live on her own.
    Animal companion: A winged viper named Monsoon.
    Scars and Burns: Snake like, twisting, fiery scars that were once burns. They start at her palms and wind their way up to her jaw.

    “Leaves from the vine. falling so slow, like fragile, tiny shells drifting in the foam.
    Little soldier boy, come marching home. Brave soldier boy comes marching home.”
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    said 3 years, 4 months ago

    One of my favorite parts of roleplaying is designing the character so here we go again :)

    Name: Emma
    Element: air
    Look: curly blonde hair that’s always in a messy bun or pony tail. wears a yellow shirt with short sleeves and baggy light ripped jeans (she didn’t buy them that way:) ) covered in her own doodles. She has bracelets shaped like arrows that circle her wrists, and teal eyes. She’s a little taller than average.
    Weapons: she has an electric boost powered combat bow and with explosive arrows
    Gender: female
    Background: she grew up in an orphanage teaching herself airbending so that the orphanage leaders wouldn’t know she was an airbender and send her away to live with nuns. When she was 16 where she got a job as an airbending teacher and rented her own apartment in republic city. In her free time she practiced airbending, karate and archery and advanced self defense.
    Animal companion: a hawk owl hybrid named Azor
    Scars and Burns: urm she has a scar across her hand

    Keep Calm and Carry a Wand
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    said 3 years, 4 months ago

    Name: Natalie
    Element: Earth
    Look: Black sweat shirt with the Earth Kingdom sign on it; long, jet black hair; light blue Asian-like eyes; long, light blue jeans; black and white sneakers.
    Weapons: Crossbow, dagger, and a sword like Ichigo Kurosaki’s from Bleach
    Gender: Female
    Background: On the way home from the movers, when she was eleven, her parents were killed. She managed to escape but became an orphan soon after. Later on, she met another orphan who was few years older than she was. He was like a brother figure until they got closer. Until one day, he got shot in a gang fight and died.
    Animal companion: A saber-tooth Lynx named Alexus (Alex for short)
    Scars and Burns: A faint scar on the side of her neck

    Why be a salad when you can be the best broccoli ever.


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