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    said 3 years, 4 months ago

    Avatar Korra has become weak and frail, retiring from hero work. But since she has left, republic city has started a mission, a mission to the moon.
    All was going fine with their plan, but then everything changed when the Water Tribe attacked. Infuriated by the president’s plans to land a hunk of metal on their princess just to let a man walk over her, a war began to issue.
    The Air Nomads and Water Tribes teamed together. Likewise the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom joined with republic city, wanting to progress.


    One bending per person.
    Limit of three weapons.


    Animal companion:
    Scars and Burns:

  • YangChen

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    said 3 years, 4 months ago

    Name: Comet
    Element: water
    Look: she has long dark hair with silver streaks fading into blue, clear gray eyes, and contrary to most waterbenders skin is ghostly pale. She has large eyes framed with long lashes. She wears purple clothes
    Weapons: bow and arrows, water pouch, diamond knifes
    Gender: female
    Background: grew up in the southern water tribe raised by grandmother
    Animal companion: a wolf (yes just wolf) named Ithil (means moonlight) dark with some silver blue like her hair.
    Scars and Burns: a burn scar on her right hand, and a long cut scar from shoulder to shoulder.
    Personality: outgoing mischievous dreamer

    Keep Calm and Carry a Wand
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    said 3 years, 4 months ago

    Name: Sora
    Element: Air (I have characters with the other three kinds of bendings, might as well get an airbender.) A direct descendant of Jinora, has a strong spiritual connection.
    Look: Black hair that comes down to her ankles in bouncy curls. Shimmering, icy blue eyes. Wears a white, sleeveless, short dress, and sometimes a silver hooded cloak. All of her clothing is of light, airy materials. Normally is barefooted, but will occasionally were black boots.
    Weapons: Duel swords, daggers, and bow and arrows. Yet prefers bending and will more often than not have these items stashed away in a sack on her pet.
    Background: She lived her life peacefully in the Patola mountain range with her parents, but then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. She had been playing in the foothills of a mountain when Fire Nation bandits kidnapped her and sold her into slavery, she was only eleven at the time, not even old enough to earn her tattoos. Only recently has she escaped, only to find that her parents no longer abide at the southern air temple.
    Animal companion: A Deer Wolf named Yume.
    Scars and Burns: Her right leg is slightly crippled, burned horribly during her capture, she doubles her staff as a walking stick.

    “Leaves from the vine. falling so slow, like fragile, tiny shells drifting in the foam.
    Little soldier boy, come marching home. Brave soldier boy comes marching home.”


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